Cultivated Mix (Packaged)

Far West Fungi
$4.59/1 oz


Organic Cultivated Mix 1oz package.


Dried mushrooms are an excellent alternative to fresh mushrooms.  They last longer in your pantry and are more intense in flavor when added to your food.  With just a few pieces you can enhance any dish.


To Store:  It is best to keep your dried mushrooms in the freezer in a sealed plastic bag or container.  When kept dry and cool in an airtight container, dried mushrooms can last for over two years.


To Re-hydrate:  Place your dried mushrooms in a small bowl.  Cover with hot water, stock or even wine.  Let Soak for 15 - 30 minutes.  The soaking process not only softens your dried mushrooms so you can cook with them it also cleans them.  Stir your mushrooms around in the water to loosen any dirt.  When they are done let the dirt particles settle to the bottom and scoop your mushrooms off the top.  As you remove your mushrooms squeeze out any excess liquid.  If you would like to save your soaking liquid, strain it through a sieve or coffee filter.  This liquid adds a fabulous mushroom flavor to stocks or soups. 


Included in Mix:  Abalone, Brown Clamshell, Maitake, Cinnamon Cap, King Trumpet, Nameko, Pink Oyster, Shiitake, Tree Oyster, White Clamshell, Woodear.

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