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Sadly, Stueve Egg ranch has shut its doors until further notice.


Stueve Organic chickens wander on pesticide free native ground. The chickens live and feed in a naturally organic environment cohabiting with our organic cows. In organic dairy farming, we move our cows to a fresh pasture every two days and our lucky chickens rotate with the cows, which gives the chickens a new, fresh area for grass, clover, fly larvae, grubs and other insects.

The chickens live, eat and lay eggs in a mobile chicken coop, which offers a safe place for them to shelter and sleep at night. We supplement their diet with high quality feed from a local custom grain milling facility. The feed is organic and methionine free, a synthetic added to most chicken feeds.

The Stueve family believes that producing the highest quality biodynamic eggs allows you to feed your family an amazing nutritional food, ethically raised in a perfect biodynamic environment. Buy our eggs – taste the difference.

For more information on Stueve Organic Farms please visit our farm's page.

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