Bird's Eye Peppers, Dried (Packaged)

Mycological Natural Products, Ltd
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Terra Dolce .75 package of organic dried Bird's Eye chile peppers.  With a scoville heat unit range of 100,000 - 175,000.  The African Bird's Eye Chile, also known as the Piri Piri Chile, is a spicy, earthy chile that combines well with citrus and acid flavors.  Steep in vinegar for an easy condiment, add to marinades for meat, chicken, or shrimp, or use to make Portuguese piri piri sauce. 


To prepare Bird's Eye Chiles, remove and discard stems if present. Chiles may be crushed, chopped, or simply used whole.  During preparation chile oils will cling to fingers;  WEAR GLOVES or WASH HANDS thoroughly before touching sensitive areas such as eyes. 


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