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Recipe: Vegan Iced Coffee Frappe'

Serves: 2
Source: A Taste For Travel


1.5 cups oat milk frozen in an ice cube tray
1 cup coffee cold brew
7 dates Medjool
4 tbsp water hot


1) Freeze the oat milk (store-bought or home made) in an ice cube tray until frozen. 

2) Next, make your date caramel sweetener. Add the dates into a food processor or blender. Pulse until finely chopped.

3) Then, pour the warm water into the dales and blend until a caramel-like consistency forms.

4) Remove the date caramel paste from the blender.

5) Place your frozen oat milk cubes in the blender. Pour your coffee over and blend until smooth.

6) Add about 3 tablespoons of date caramel to your coffee and oat milk mixture (add more or less date caramel to taste).

7) Give it all one more good blend and pour into your glasses!

8) Serve immediately!

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