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Recipe: Quick Sweet Baby Broccoli Stir Fry

Serves: 2
Source: Ocean Mist Farms


1 bunch Ocean Mist Farms sweet baby broccoli, chopped
16 oz. sliced orgnaic crimini mushrooms, chopped
1/2 cup diced organic onion
1 bulb Ocean Mist Farms fennel, chopped
1 bag (10 oz.) microwavable rice, cooked
Teriyaki sauce (Trader Joe's "Island Soyaki")
Fresh chicken breast tenders, thinly sliced (Optional)
Sliced almonds (Optional)


1. In a preheated skillet with virgin olive oil, saute the chopped fennel and onion on the stove top. Once softened, add the chopped mushrooms and sweet baby broccoli. Let soften, stirring occasionally. This should cook quickly - set aside once all ingredients are cooked to your preferred tenderness (10 minutes)
2. Meanwhile, microwave one bag of precooked rice (90 seconds). While cooking veggies on stove top,  BBQ thinly-sliced chicken breast tenders.
3. Once all is cooked serve sauteed veggies over rice. Drizzle teriyaki sauce for additional flavor & add sliced chicken breasts (optional). Sprinkle sliced almonds over dish for more flavor and "crunch" (optional).

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