Produce From Organic Farms

It all starts at the farm

What you eat and where it comes from is incredibly important. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply and how what we feed our families can affect us now, and 20 years down the road. Below are just a few of the farms that grow our wonderful produce.

All are 100% certified organic and follow the strict USDA standards. Organic is a unique label that can only be placed on a product that has been certified, unlike other labels you might see at your local supermarket.

This Week's Seasonal Availability

Onion - Green
Date Coconut Rolls
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Gala Apples
Granny Smith Apples
Black Mission Figs
Green Seedless Grapes
Bartlett Pears
Golden Bosc Pears
Keitt Mangos
Nantes Carrots
Cucumber MX
Red Potatoes
Heirloom Tomatoes
Butternut Squash
Kabocha Squash
Hass Avocado
Ruby Red Grapefruit
Valencia Oranges
Honeydew Melon
Asian Pears
Blue Lake Green Beans
French Green Beans
Gold Beets (Loose)
Brussels Sprouts
Bi-Color Corn
Globe Eggplant
Colossal White Garlic
Rainbow Chard
Lacinato Kale
Baby Spinach (Packaged)
Crimini Mushrooms
Red Onions NV
Yellow Onions NV
Green Onions
Green Bell Peppers
Red Radish
Sunburst Squash
Jewel Sweet Potatoes
Roma Tomatoes
Sugar Pie Pumpkin
Onion - White
Banana EC
Medjool Dates
Zahidi Dates
Coconut Date Rolls

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Homegrown Organic Farms

Location: Porterville, CA
Food Miles: 244 miles

Located in Porterville.  Homegrown Organics Farms is part of a family of companies operating in many areas of the agricultural industry.  Together, we represent over 80 different growers with a total of more than 4,000 acres in organic farming. 


HGO has been exclusively growing and marketing certified organic produce since 1998.  Founded on the pledge of stewardship to properly care for the land, we believe in returning what the soil abundantly provides. 




Forbidden Fruit Orchards

Location: Lompoc, CA
Food Miles: 279 miles

Our highbush blueberries produce off-season fruit from September through July. Large, crisp, flavorful berries that are sold throughout California. Our fall and winter production is very weather driven and our volumes vary. We sell to key wholesaler, Earl’s Organics, who distributes our fruit in the San Francisco area and Freshpoint who distributes in the Los Angeles area. Otherwise, we can be found at numerous farmer’s markets.

Cunningham Organic Farm

Location: Fallbrook, CA
Food Miles: 462 miles

Cunningham Organic Farm is located in a secluded valley next to the Cleveland National Forest and midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. George and Gale Cunningham moved with their family to the beautiful DeLuz Canyon, north of Fallbrook, in 1974. They set out to become farmers. Not being farm-savvy enough to grow with conventional methods of farming (using chemicals and pesticides), they decided to grow organically (before the time when that eco-friendly word was heavily used). It was their personal endeavor at that time, and remains so today, to grow the best-tasting, most nutritious food available anywhere and it’s all natural.

Drake Larson Farm

Location: Thermal, CA
Food Miles: 500 miles

Author, scientist, and “Grape grower too”, Drake is one of the early organic pioneers, cultivating over 100-acres of green, red and black seedless grapes in Thermal, California. Drake fondly remembers the passionate enthusiasm of the “Organic Originals”.

Drake married his wife and kindred spirit, Pam, fresh out of college to pursue their dream of bringing fresh produce with great flavor to neighbors and friends. Their daughters, Kerry and Annika, grew up on the farm. Kerry has gone on to a career as an interior designer, and Annika works for an Organic food distribution company.

Drake was born into farming, being the grandson of a cattleman from Colorado and the son of a cotton and grape grower. Drake and his family have continued the tradition and embrace the strong relationships to the community and the land that goes back over generations.

The Larson family invites you to enjoy their sweet and deliciously grown grapes!

Sundance Natural Foods Company

Location: Oceanside, CA
Food Miles: 449 miles

Sundance is the leading marketer of fresh organic citrus and avocados throughout the united states and around the world. As the "First Name" in California organic citrus, the company is one of the leading distributors.

Tomatero Organic Farm

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

Our farm’s name comes up often: Tomatero (we admit it is different) –  it means:  ’tomato picker’ in Spanish.  The name comes from  Adriana’s  Nicaraguan Grandmother. After 2 years of having a “no name” farm, and just “waiting to be inspired,” she gave Chris the nickname one day (almost as a sigh of uncertainty of  our life path) as we were sampling how certain tomatoes tasted with the several different growing methods we were trying at the time.  Whatever my grandmother meant that day is still a little unlclear.  For us however the name just seemed to match our farm’s spirit and what we were attempting to accomplish: to learn how to grow great flavored tomatoes. I believe we succeeded and bring that same spirit into everything we grow and do with our farm.

Click here to learn even more about Tomatero Farm.

Lakeside Organic Gardens

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

We started with 55 organic acres in California's Pajaro Valley and have expanded to over 1200 certified organic acres in the Watsonville area, 500 acres in the Holtville area, and 100 acres in Oxnard. Our growing practices are good for the Earth and the crops we produce are good for the consumer. We hope to see everyone eating more organic vegetables in the future and living longer healthier lives. Our goal is to be the quality leader in the organic produce industry and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Want to know more about Lakeside Organic Gardens? Click Here.

Tutti Frutti Farms

Location: Lompoc, CA
Food Miles: 279 miles

In 1988, fifth generation farmer Chris Cadwell took over his family's remaining undeveloped fourteen acres of hillside property overlooking the Pacific Ocean's Channel Islands in Carpinteria, California.

Since 1850, no Cadwell had a desire to work the steep piece of property until Chris, his wife Cornelia, and their five children began cultivating it for Organic Garlic. They decided on the farm's name, "Tutti Frutti", Italian for "All Fruits" and have continued growing organic produce for the coastal communities of Southern California since.

Heger Organic Farm

Location: El Centro, CA
Food Miles: 577 miles

Heger Farms produce winter vegetables; lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and greens, and a spring crop of corn, melons, onions and peppers.Owner of theoldest organic farm in Imperial Valley, Sue Heger grows 50 kinds of fruits and vegetables, certified by QAI, year round.

TD Willey Farms

Location: Madera, CA
Food Miles: 148 miles

We are proud and honored to be your family's farmers and to supply your table with food. We take seriously our responsibility to produce the highest quality fresh produce without the use of toxic chemistry. We invite you to 'tour' our farm and learn how we produce your food. We hope to answer most of your questions and invite you to drop us a message and let us know how we may better serve you.

We farm a 75 acre patch of the Central San Joaquin Valley in Madera, California. The San Joaquin is in the southern half of California's Great Central Valley. We have been farming since 1980 and certified organic by California Certified Organic Farmers since 1987.

We follow the four seasons of the mild Mediterranean climate to produce a year-round palette of bountiful vegetable production. Tom and a staff of ten grow everything from Artichokes to Rutabagas using the latest in biological fertility systems. Denesse manages the hand-harvest, sales and shipping with her permanent staff of 55 and sometimes the help of as many as 40 addtional people.

Most Sincerely,

Tom and denesse

Burkart Farm

Location: Dinuba, CA
Food Miles: 201 miles

Organic Since 1979 – Burkart Farms is located in Dinuba, California just south east of Fresno where the warm weather is well suited to the heat loving stone fruit trees which reside on the 65 acre family-run farm. The yellow peach Super Rich is available May 16th as the first of 20 varieties of white and yellow peaches and 15 varieties of white and yellow nectarine. Shipping through August, enjoy some of California’s finest!

Double D Farms

Location: Coalinga, CA
Food Miles: 167 miles

Double D Farms is owned and operated by partners Don Devine and Dave Wood.  In 1997 they realized the importance of all natural, chemical-free produce and became a certified organic farm by California Certified Organic Farmers.

Alba Organics

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

ALBA Organics sells locally grown and organic farm-fresh produce at competitive prices. Our inventory reflects the freshest ingredients found locally and in season. ALBA Organics has outgrown its on-farm cooler, warehouse, and delivery infrastructure at the ALBA Rural Development Center, near Salinas. The main office has moved to a warehouse and cooler in Watsonville. The new location is 35 minutes north to the Rural Development Center and will benefit farmers that have land north of Salinas or Prunedale or northeast of Watsonville. ALBA Organics will receive organic produce in both locations, but shipping for customers is only from the Watsonville facility.

Peri & Sons Farms

Location: Yerington, NV
Food Miles: 262 miles

At Peri & Sons Farms we believe the best customers are educated customers—especially when it comes to organics. Essentially organic farming is about getting back to basics and keeping things pure and simple. Unfortunately understanding the complex regulations, policies and procedures of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Organic Program (NOP) is anything but simple

Oh So Natural / Doreva Produce

Location: Livingston, CA
Food Miles: 100 miles

Joe S. Silva was born in Livingston CA in 1916. He was raised on his family's farm where he started a small dairy in his teen years in an effort to lend his financial help to his parents. The dairy business became successful after only a couple of years. Wanting to diversify his farming business Joe began experimenting with growing sweet potatoes on the family ranch. After discovering that sweet potatoes grew well in Livingston soil, he began to grow yams and sweet potatoes for local distribution. These were among the first yams and sweet potatoes grown in California.

Today, Doreva offers a full line of yams and sweet potatoes. Doreva grows garnet, red, beauegard and oriental yams as well as the hannah and golden sweets. Doreva Produce is certified free of chemicals and other harmful residues, and the organic yams and sweet potatoes are all natural. Doreva's seed program is worked very closely with UC Davis plant breeders and USDA to ensure our yams and sweet potatoes are free from any deformities, abnormalities and have good shape and color. This year we started our "greenhouse program" which we hope will bring new varities into the market and better, stronger, longer lasting potatoes.

Our success has come from hard work in the field and pride of tradition in bringing quality produce to our satisfied customers.

Twin Girls Farm

Location: Yettem, CA
Food Miles: 208 miles

Nacho Sanchez graduated from Fresno State with a B.S. in agriculture. In 1989, he bought a 6-acre orchard with his wife Casamira which they farmed in their spare time. By 1993, Nacho had acquired over 150 acres and was farming full time. Nacho and Casamira feel good knowing that workers can pick fruit and customers can enjoy it without worrying about pesticide residues. Any fruit the Sanchezes don’t sell is incorporated back into their soil.



Fun Fact

In 1991, Nacho and Casamira’s twin girls were born, inspiring the name Twin Girls Farm. Nacho has named some of his peach varieties after their third daughter, Savannah.


Deardorff Family Farms

Location: Oxnard, CA
Food Miles: 351 miles

Our great-grandfather started Deardorff- Jackson Company in Los Angeles, California  with a simple philosophy to provide customers with the freshest, best-tasting fruits and vegetables available. Along with our grand-father,  the two men remained true to this philosophy and built one of the most well respected family businesses on the West Coast.  The company’s produce in the 1930’s and 40’s came from Venice, Hollywood and Los Angeles, California.  In the 1950’s and 60’s, urbanization forced the company to move operations into Orange County (to the south of Los Angeles) and Ventura County (to the north of Los Angeles).  Bill and Tom Deardorff joined the company during these times and represented the third generation of Deardorff’s to join the family business.  Bill and Tom followed the same core philosophy of their ancestors while adding the commitment to always try to be on the leading edge of innovation in the produce industry.  This challenge resulted in the company making many key introductions in farming, packaging and cooling of fresh produce. 


Today, the family business is operated in Ventura County by the fourth generation of Deardorffs. We continue to follow the philosophies and chanlleges set forth by our ancestors.  We are doing this by, among many other things, engaging in what we call sustainable farming practices.

Dwelley Farms

Location: Oakley, CA
Food Miles: 50 miles

Growing in Brentwood since 1921, Dwelley Family Farms has taken great pride in offering a large variety of premium fruits and vegetables to its local and commercial customers.  Brentwood's unique microclimate of hot valley days combined with the cool coastal evening breezes creates a perfect condition for growing produce.  Just on the outskirts of the Metropolitan Bay Area, Dwelley Family Farms ideal location allows the ability to offer the freshest of produce to this continually growing population. 

Apples, Berries, Cherries, Apricots, Plums, Pluots, Peaches, Nectarines, White Peaches and White Nectarines, Squash, Onions, Green Beans, Wax Beans, Romano Beans, White and Yellow Sweet Corn, Black-eyed Peas, Tomatoes, Cukes, Dill, Basil, Peppers, Eggplant, Bell Peppers, Melons and other Fruits and Vegetables. Honey.


Picnic area, Groups must call in advance. Open Every Day in Season. Call in advance for availability and conditions.


Location: Various

Wholesum Harvest is the Crisantes Family of Sinaloa, Mexico, carrying on an 80-year tradition of growing wholesome, healthy food. Our family's farm started three generations ago when Miguel Crisantes Gatzionis came to Mexico from Greece. Don Miguel's son (Theojary Sr.) and his three sons-Theojary, Ricardo and Adrian-continue to grow and import some of the western hemisphere's finest fresh organic vegetables and fruit.

We welcome you to explore our history, discover our wholesome produce, meet our farmers, and examine our socially responsible programs. As you visit, you'll find how our whole family's business reflects Theojary Crisantes' philosophy of why we grow our produce organically:

"Good for the people that work the land, helps protect the health of the consumer, and helps provide a future environment better than the one we have today."

San Miguel Produce Inc

Location: Oxnard, CA
Food Miles: 351 miles

Today, San Miguel Produce provides fresh, nutritious and delicious leafy greens in fresh-cut packaged and bunch greens, in the labels of Cut ‘n Clean Greens and San Miguel Produce. In addition, the company offers a full line of organic, packaged and bunch greens, in the Cut ‘n Clean Greens Organic and in San Miguel Produce labels.

Recently, a new Asian line of vegetables, labeled Jade, was added to the company’s family of products. The convenience of healthy and traditional Asian greens in consumer friendly packages makes it easier to prepare authentic Asian dishes. The Jade line is a family partnership between Nishimori cousins, Roy and Steve. As a highly regarded grower of fresh Asian vegetables, Steve Nishimori of Channel Islands Farm, grows these Jade/Asian products year-round in California.

3 Sisters Organic

Location: Fresno, CA
Food Miles: 172 miles

About me: We sell organic grapes, raisins and nuts in california farmers markets, Los Gatos, Fresno, etc.

Sespe Creek Organics

Location: Fillmore, CA
Food Miles: 353 miles

John bought the orchard in 1987 with his father. It is still a family operated farm; his wife manages the on farm food safety and his 21 year-old daughter does some of the farming. They have been certified organic by CCOF since 1991.

Organica Fresh

Location: San Jose, CA
Food Miles: 37 miles

Organica Fresh is a sales and marketing company of organic fruits and vegetables. Our diverse selection of produce is farmed in the U.S. state of California, and Baja California Sur, Mexico. We work with growers, retailers and wholesale distributors to provide fresh, healthy, high quality organically grown produce.

Organica Fresh provides better-for-you organic products. We pride ourselves on marketing products grown using sustainable and socially responsible farming methods. We routinely visit local farms and personally select the finest crops from organic growers. We insist on environmental integrity in all phases of production from growing, picking, and packing, to the transportation of our produce. We constantly seek out best practices to move our produce quickly to market while reducing waste in fuel and packaging.

Organica Fresh intends on becoming the industry leader in growing, shipping, marketing, and selling of the finest organic fruits and vegetables available in the world.

Full Belly Farm

Location: Guinda, CA
Food Miles: 101 miles

Full Belly Farm is a 300-acre certified organic farm located in the beautiful Capay Valley of Northern California, an hour northwest of Sacramento. Full Belly has been farmed using organic practices since 1985 and is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers.

The farm owners are Andrew Brait, Judith Redmond, Paul Muller, and Dru Rivers. With help from about 45 to 55 employees, the farm produces an amazing diversity of vegetables, herbs, nuts, flowers, and fruits year-round. The farm also has a flock of chickens, a herd of sheep, a tribe of goats, and several cows.

Full Belly's system includes: growing and marketing over 80 different crops; providing year-round employment for farm labor; using cover crops that fix nitrogen and provide organic matter for the soil; developing innovative marketing strategies; and planting habitat areas for beneficial insects and wildlife. This set of strategies allows the farm to integrate farm production with longer-term environmental goals.

Riverdog Farm

Location: Guinda, CA
Food Miles: 97 miles

Our farm is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and is located in the beautiful Capay Valley where rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables. Our farm is certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and is located in the beautiful Capay Valley where rich creek-bottom soil, intense summer heat and winter frost make exceptionally tasty fruits and vegetables.


Our Philosophy is that by taking care of our employees, land, and animals, we are helping to create a food system that is better for everyone - and one that tastes better too.  As one of the frst organic farms to sell at the Berkeley Farmers markets, we have been helping to bring organic, seasonal, local food to the fore of the sustainable food movement for over 25 years.



Viva Tierra

Location: Collective of Farms throughout California, Oregon, and Washington


Viva Tierra is a leading brand of certified organic fresh fruits and vegetables. CF Fresh distributes Viva Tierra Organic produce to a diverse array of wholesalers, retailers and processors throughout North America and overseas.

As a certified organic produce marketer since 1994, we have a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the organic produce business. From certification to production to marketing, our experienced staff will help you make your organic program a success.


Christopher Ranch

Location: Gilroy, CA
Food Miles: 71 miles


In the early 1890's, Ole Christopher left Denmark for the long journey to America. He had heard stories about the dark, fertile soil of America's "salad bowl," and knew he'd found the ideal spot for his family to settle when he first set eyes on beautiful Santa Clara Valley.

For over 50 years the Christopher family has been growing superior California garlic from its privately owned farms in Gilroy. We take great pride in providing the highest quality, most flavorful, and healthy garlic available today. We invite you to enjoy Christopher Ranch brand garlic wherever California garlic products are sold.

Organic Girl

Location: Salinas, CA
Food Miles: 96 miles

Organic Girl is a small group of women and men in California's fertile Salinas Valley who want to offer the best organic produce ever offered.

We created the name organicgirl® because we wanted something that had a sense of youth and promise and freshness about it. And we wanted to make real sure you know we're an organic only company. And once we chose the name, something dawned on us: Who is organicgirl? Both men and women alike who enjoy healthy, fresh, sustainable produce grown in harmony with Mother Nature. We're all organicgirls. In fact, we have it on good authority that Mother Nature is an organicgirl, too.

Our desire is to always be seen as offering the very best quality produce done the right way. This means unique approaches to organic growing, it means rejecting produce that just isn't good enough, it means triple washing our salads, it means using earth-friendly 100% recycled plastic packaging, it means a real focus on getting our produce to your store as fast as possible, and it means offering products that are a bit different in some way that matters to you. Every day, we listen to the people who enjoy our produce, and offer products that meet your needs.

Del Cabo/ Jacobs Farm

Location: Pescadero, CA
Food Miles: 55 miles

At Jacobs Farm / Del Cabo, our mission is to grow great tasting, healthy food in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. 

We strive for a sustainable approach to agriculture, using sound business practices and organic farming methods. We are proud to have helped many individuals and communities prosper through an unwavering vision geared toward social change. 

Having already created Jacobs Farm, a successful organic farming operation, and with a knack for developing niche markets, longtime organic farmers Larry Jacobs and Sandra Belin were confident in their vision for their next venture. In 1985, they encountered a community of struggling, subsistence-level farmers in Mexico, and the Del Cabo cooperative was conceived. 

Earthbound Farm

Location: San Juan Batista, Ca
Food Miles: 88 miles

More than 25 years ago, we started a journey in a 2½-acre garden that has extended from our community to yours: local and national and international, rural and urban, kitchen tables and dining halls, supermarkets and corner stores.  Learn more about our story >>

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to producing the purest food possible, food that nourishes and delights.

We’re passionate about people and the planet, and we believe both deserve our respect and care.  Learn more about a healthy planet>>

We’ve been a pioneer since 1984, and we continue to blaze new trails in organic food and farming. We challenge conventional business practices and innovate across grocery aisles to inspire and nourish the people who buy our food.

Covilli Brand Organics

Location: Nogales, AZ
Food Miles: 915 miles

Covilli Brand Organics' roots are over twenty years old and are firmly intertwined with Circle Produce Co., Inc. Circle Produce is a small family owned operation that began as a grower/shipper of quality, conventional mixed vegetables. With organically certifiable land available to Circle Produce in Baja California and Sonora Mexico, our family ventured into the challenging sector of organic farming. We believed in the concept of incorporating an organic product line that mirrored our conventional program. In 1996 our family began growing organically for another shipper and shortly thereafter, Covilli Brand Organics Inc., was established as the marketing arm for the organic line of mixed vegetables and melons.

Monterey Mushrooms

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 79 miles

Monterey Mushrooms is proud to provide fresh, locally grown mushrooms to your favorite grocery stores, restaurants, food manufacturers, and institutions nationwide.  Founded in 1971, it became a family owned business when the company was purchased by Shah Kazemi who was an employee himself.  Today the 4,000 employees are proud to grow more than 200 million pounds of fresh mushrooms every year. 

Wong Potatoes

Location: Klamath Falls, OR
Food Miles: 351 miles

Wong Potatoes Inc. is a family owned business, which has been growing, packing, and shipping potatoes in the United States since 1930. We ship potatoes throughout the United States and the Pacific Rim counties. Owners are Dee Dee and Daniel Chin, third generation potato farmers in the Klamath Basin. The Klamath Basin is ideal for growing quality products, because of it's high elevation (4,100 ft) and short growing season (115 days). We grow and certify through Primus Labs and Oregon Department of Agriculture programs. We raise red, yellow, russet, and specialty potatoes along with a full line of organically grown potatoes, with the majority going to retail and foodservice fresh markets. We have a well established customer base, serving some for over forty-five years, and we ship out over 70 million pounds of potatoes during the months of September thru July.

Awe Sum Organics

Location: Capitola, CA
Food Miles: 69 miles

Awe Sum Organics is dedicated to furthering global sustainability through organic, non-GMO agriculture. Since 1985, we have remained devoted to providing the best tasting, freshest organic fruit through authentic farming that respects our soil, our water and our planet. In partnership with our extraordinary growers, we strive to minimize our carbon footprint and keep soils healthy for future generations. Our guiding principle is integrity, both in our products and our business practices. We are committed to ensuring fair, sustainable returns for our family of growers, and improving the quality of life in our global community.


Location: Los Angeles

Sunkist is a not-for-profit marketing cooperative entirely owned by and operated for the California and Arizona citrus growers who make up its membership.

Cooperatives give producers clout. In today's competitive international market, an independent grower stands alone against the competition. As a member of a cooperative, each individual grower joins with other growers to gain a mutually larger market share. A cooperative of growers together can do many things that a grower alone cannot afford to do — develop a worldwide market, promote a brand name, access a global transportation system, develop comprehensive research capabilities, and gain governmental access to overseas markets — to name a few.


Bananeros Organicos Solidarios

Location: Sullana, PE

Our Association, Bananeros Organicos Solidarios – BOS, was constituted in the year 2003 with the objective of promoting the development of small farmers of organic bananas located in the district of Salitral, Province of Sullana, in the Region of Piura, Peru.


Currently, there are 396 producers that integrate the association, which are distributed in 326 hectares, who have been strictly fulfilling the norms of organic quality and just commerce, creating a balance between the economical, social and environment aspects.

Good Farms / Limited Edition / Andrew Williamson Fresh Produce

Location: San Diego, CA
Food Miles: 487 miles

We started in 1986 as a family farming business.  Although we've grown significantly, we still run our business as if each team member is a part of that family.


We believe that by farming organically, we become better growers overall. We are currently farming organic roma tomatoes and organic strawberries.  Our plan is to expand our organic offerings across all of the commodities we grow.  


Our organic roma tomatoes are available year round.  We have organic farms in all of our growing regions to ensure a consistent supply 365 days a year.  Our organic roma tomatoes are available in 20 pound bulk boxes and are stickered with the organic PLU and country of origin.  We also sell organic roma tomatoes in a one pound clamshell.


Our organic strawberries are grown in Baja, Mexico and along the California coast.  We have year round production, but peak volumes will be during the spring and summer months. 

Frontier CO-OP

Location: Norway, IA

Frontier began as a two-person operation in 1976 in a cabin along the Cedar River in Eastern Iowa. We have grown steadily since then to become a major supplier in the booming natural products industry. This outstanding performance throughout the years reflects our close harmony with both industry trends and the values of natural products consumers.

Cuyama Orchards

Location: New Cuyama, CA
Food Miles: 302 miles

Howard and Jean Albano and their son Byron who are in charge of all growing, picking, packing and marketing of their 265 organic certified acres.  The Albano family has been growing apples for the past 25 years in the remote mountainous area of Cuyama, surrounded by the Los Padres National forest in Santa Barbara County.  As Earl traveled from Ojai to Cuyama along country highways 33 to 166 there was open farmland as far as the eye could see and not much else.

Cuyama is located at an elevation of 3200 feet which brings warm days and cool nights for the dormant/chill hours apples need.  In addition the abundant native water supply and rich mineral soil produce quality harvest organic apples.



Location: Temecula, CA
Food Miles: 448 miles

Steve Taft, President and CEO of Eco Farms, began growing, packing and selling produce from his family’s farm in the Pauma Valley area in the early 1970’s. His parents were strong advocates of natural farming, using biological fertilizers and avoiding the use of pesticides whenever possible and so were among the very earliest of “organic” avocado and citrus farmers. During the week, Steve would irrigate, hand weed and harvest his crops, then pack them into containers and drive this fruit to Los Angeles to be sold to various wholesale produce marketers.

Rainbow Valley Orchards

Location: Rainbow, CA
Food Miles: 455 miles

Since 1981, we have been directly involved with the promotion and development of organically grown citrus, avocados and sub-tropical fruits grown in Southern California.  It is with the belief that it is our responsibility to be respectful stewards of our created earth that we work and manage a company of dedicated people that lend support to the overall development of organic, sustainable agriculture and viable, responsible methods of recycling and usage of our cherished resources.

Stehly Farms

Location: Valley Center, CA
Food Miles: 470 miles

Noel Stehly is a third generation California farmer, and second generation in San Diego County. Noel is co-owner of Stehly Ranch and Stehly Farms Organics a citrus, avocado, berry, and vegetable operation in Valley Center. With a focus on organic growing and marketing, as well as educating the public on the value of local produce.

Quality Packing and Shipping

Location: Stockton, CA
Food Miles: 74 miles

Quality Packing and Shipping is a family owned growing and packing operation in Stockton, CA. The Bozzano family owns and operates a 54 acre organic cherry orchard and a 45 acre organic olive orchard. Although the trees were planted in 1980 when Jack Bozzano began farming, the orchard is only in its 5thseason of organic production.  Jack said it was his wife Nancy, who had a long standing interest in healthy and sustainable food systems, that inspired the transition to organic production 8 years ago.

Purity Organic

Location: San Francisco, CA

At Pacific Organic and Purity.Organic, we're dedicated to getting our delicious, organically grown fruit, juices and drinks into markets and corner stores where everybody can enjoy them. We have been partnering with select organic growers for over 15 years, getting their produce (and now their juice) out to the public. 

Jewel Date Company

Location: Thermal, CA
Food Miles: 501 miles

The Jewel Date Company started in 1995 as a dried fruit marketer. In 1997 we purchased the Covalda Date Company, which had been packing and selling fruit since 1935. We are one of the largest dried fruit grower/packers in the Coachella Valley. We still use many of the age-old processing secrets passed on to us from the Covalda Company. Nearly 1/2 of the original employees still help us every year. The Jewel Date Company is the parent company of Shields Date Garden and handles all wholesale orders for Shields Date Garden.

Ocean Mist Farms

Location: Castroville, CA
Food Miles: 92 miles

Since 1924, Ocean Mist Farms has pioneered the commercial planting and shipping of Artichokes in Castroville (a town that has become synonymous with the thorny, odd-looking little vegetable), and today it is recognized as the largest Artichoke operation in the United States. Through the Depression, labor strikes, wars, floods and freezes, Ocean Mist Farms' commitment to high quality and superior service has never wavered. Commitment to its customers has always dictated a continuous emphasis on quality assurance from soil to consumer.oceanMist

Coastal View Produce

Location: Gonzales, CA
Food Miles: 110 miles

Coastal View Produce is a family-owned farm that's been growing Asparagus in Gonzales (In between the Santa Lucia and Gabilan mountain ranges in the heart of the Salinas Valley.) for over 35 years.  The Mediterranean climate and fertile soil make it an ideal growing region for asparagus.  The weather is never too hot or too cold, staying around 65 to 75 degrees.

Farmer Brian Violini, who runs CVP with his brother, sums up their family's farming history fairly succinctly, "we've had this farm for three generations.  My grandfather came over from Switerland.  He started with a dairy, then moved into farming.  My dad and my uncle ran the farm after him, and now it's me and my brother.  Farming, it's all we know."

With over 170 acres of organic asparagus.  CVP is committed to growing the asparagus category. 

Terra Firma Farm

Location: Winters, CA
Food Miles: 67 miles

The seeds for Terra Firma Farm were planted in the late 1980s when Paul Holmes began farming a few acres in the hills west of Winters with a few friends under the name Sky High Farm. Paul developed a following for his garlic, tomatoes, and other vegetables as one of the founding members of both the Davis Farmers Market and Berkeley Farmers Market. Sky High Farm was also one of the original members of California Certified Organic Farmers, prior to official state and federal recognition of organics.

Terra Firma is located in beautiful Winters, CA, one of the oldest fruit and vegetable-growing regions in Northern California. Because of its high annual rainfall, rich soils, mild weather, year-round creek, and location just about 70 miles from San Francisco, Winters has provided urbanites in the Bay Area with fresh produce for over 100 years.

We farm a number of sites along the north and south banks of Putah Creek, totaling about 200 acres. Microclimates and different soil types allow us to produce almost 100 different crops each year, including spring, summer and winter vegetables as well as stone fruit, citrus and nuts (pistachios and walnuts). We have two distinct seasons here: dry and hot from May-October, and cool and wet from November-April. There are very few crops we can’t grow in Winters for at least part of the year, and the majority of the items in our boxes every week come from our own fields and orchards.

We are blessed with a reliable, clean, and sustainable water supply. The Blue Ridge Mountains to the west of Winters are the watershed for Lake Berryessa, the source of water for the Solano Irrigation District (SID) canal that supplies much of our irrigation water as well as drinking water for the cities of Fairfield and Vacaville. Since the Monticello Dam was built in the 1960s, SID has never run out of water. The lake is also the source of Putah Creek, which irrigates our fields located along its banks, and recharges our groundwater wells.


Bunny-Luv/Grimmway Farms

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Food Miles: 268 miles

Grimmway Farms is dedicated to providing good value, consistent quality and dependable service to fulfill our customers’ needs. Beginning with our founders’ farm stand in 1968, those guiding principles have enabled our company to conduct business with integrity for more than 40 years. At Grimmway Farms, our commitment to our customers is to continue to offer unsurpassed quality, innovative products and packaging; and to employ strict safety standards and extensive sustainability programs and practices. - See more at:

Riverbend Farm

Location: Jefferson, OR
Food Miles: 574 miles

Riverbend Organic Farms is located in Jefferson, Oregon. There are approximately 500 acres in total on the farm; about 400 acres are planted with blueberries and the remaining acres are empty grass fields. On the farm there is also a one-acre research block, where different varieties of blackberries, raspberries, black raspberries, blueberries, and currants are harvested for observing different variety characteristics. The whole farm was certified organic in June 2012.

Pomo Tierra Orchards/ Bernie's Apple Cider

Location: Yorkville, CA
Food Miles: 111 miles

We grow and sell organic apples and make apple juice. We have the finest organic Gravenstein apples in the county.When Bernie moved to Pomo Tierra, he had limited gardening experience, and zero experience managing an orchard or running a farm. As he says, “It’s not rocket science.” He was able to learn by doing, and over time he has built up a healthy, organic farm and a successful business. -

To order Bernie's apple cider in bulk for delivery within the Bay Area please contact us here.

For more info on Bernie's and his story go to The Berkeley Ecology Center website link here.

Items we carry:

10oz Gravenstein Apple Cider 

10oz Autumn Blend Apple Cider

Half Gallon Gravenstein Apple Cider

Bernie's Apple Sauce

Stemilt Growers

Location: Wenatchee, Washington
Food Miles: 934 miles

From southern California, to central Washington, clear to the Canadian border, Stemilt grows tree fruits in the very best sites to maximize the growing conditions for every variety. Stemilt's entire crop of apples, pears, stone fruits, and the majority of its cherries are grown throughout eastern Washington.

Three Star Farm

Location: Los Banos, CA
Food Miles: 106 miles

Three Star Farms has been growing melons in Los Banos for 95 years and Berj Moosekian is a 3rd generation farmer.  Three Star Farms has built their reputation on consistently growing/shipping melons of the highest quality and flavor.  Berj feels that the high quality and excellent flavor of Three Star melons is due, in part, to the farm's location in the west valley. The west valley (Firebaugh to Los Banos) is ideal for growing melons because of its rich soil and low water table. The hot, dry conditions also contribute to this being an excellent growing region for melons.  

Columbia Gorge Organic

Location: Hood River, OR
Food Miles: 624 miles

Originally from San Jose, California, Cheryl Stewart and husband Ron seemed unlikely candidates for organic farming given their ownership of several dry cleaning stores. However, according to Stewart, they always wanted to buy a farm, particularly a fruit orchard. So in 1975, the couple purchased a motor home, packed up their three young sons and began touring farming states throughout the West, including Washington, Idaho and Oregon. "We always wanted to get out into the country and raise some great tasting fruit," says Stewart. "We're a very adventurous family, so we moved on and never looked back."

Kaweah farms

Location: Fresno, CA
Food Miles: 168 miles


Currently Certified Products & Services:








Current Certification Statuses


Current status since: 05/01/2001

Total certified acreage: 102 acres

 More Info on Kaweah Farms here.

Sunview Vineyards

Location: Delano, CA
Food Miles: 244 miles

Over fifty years ago, Marko Zaninovich recognized that the hot, arid climate and long, sunny days of California's southern  San Joaquin Valley were ideal for growing quality table grapes.  It was in the heart of this valley that he established the roots of  Sunview.  Combining this solid foundation with the talents of the founding father's second generation, the company has grown to become one of California's largest family-owned and operated table grape operations.


Location: New Zealand

With their house nestled within their organic kiwifruit orchard, Dennis and Debbie’s home is “paradise.” Their commitment to Organic Kiwifruit production reflects their way of life and their connection with the land around them. Dennis is one of New Zealand’s many dairy farmers who have converted farmland to a commercial kiwifruit orchard. He has been growing ZESPRI® GREEN Kiwifruit now for over 30 years and ZESPRI® GREEN ORGANIC Kiwifruit for over 10 years. Dennis’s decision to transition to organic practices was driven by a desire to protect and nurture the environment that provides shelter and a livelihood for his family.

Rodoni Farms

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
Food Miles: 67 miles

We are third generation farmers transitioning into the organic markets over the last 10 years. We now have over 100 acres certified organic by CCOF. We currently grow brussels sprouts, leeks, artichokes, beets, peas, beans and pumpkins.

The first generation of farmers began in 1920 when Dante Rodoni came from Italy to the USA. He was 10 years old and attended local schools while living at the Younger Ranch. At age 16, he moved with his family to the Hoover Ranch on Waddell Creek and worked with his father in cattle.

Corona College Heights Orange & Lemon Association

Location: Riverside, CA
Food Miles: 421 miles

Over the years the Association grew, merging with other packing houses, and in March of 1939 when the Arlington Heights Fruit Company packing house and contents were completely destroyed by fire, the loss amounted to $166,826. The association survived another fire in December of 1945 which destroyed the packing house and equipment, and the freeze of 1953, when temperatures of 25º caused heavy losses to lemon growers.

In 1964, the Association moved to packing facilities on Indiana Street in Riverside, which had been the Victoria Packing House. In September of 1980, CCH terminated its marketing agreement with Sunkist Growers, Inc. (a relationship which spanned 80 years) and entered into an agreement with Sun World International. In November of 1990, the Association moved into the Arlington Heights Fruit Company plant (our current location).

In February of 1996 our marketing agreement with Sun World expired (a 16 year relationship) and we began marketing our fruit directly. Today our modern packing facilities packed 4.9 million cartons of fruit in the last fiscal year, carrying on the tradition of excellence that began over 100 years ago.

Heinke's Inc

Location: Paradise, CA
Food Miles: 170 miles

The Heinke Family pioneered the commercial kiwi fruit industry in the United States, setting out nine plants as an experiment for the State of California in 1960. Five years later their first commercial shipment of 166 pounds brought .80 per pound. Today, fifteen acres produce premium kiwi fruit that is handpicked and handpacked according to size for sale in the United States and overseas markets. John's and David's expertise in farming has proven to be a valuable asset in juice making. They have learned from the ground up that growing conditions, selecting the right varieties and proper handling of the fruit determines the quality of the finished product.

The Heinke's Family is very dedicated and takes great pride in being "America's Premier supplier of Organically grown Concord Table Grapes".

Rincon Farms

Location: Carpinteria, CA
Food Miles: 325 miles

Rincon Farms is located in Carpinteria, California. Our cool, coastal climate is ideal for growing and packing California avocados. Nestled in a valley amongst hundreds of acres of avocados, cherimoyas and other sub-tropical fruit, Rincon Farms is just minutes away from our avocado growers and Highway 101, Southern California's major coastal highway. 


Location: Eugene, OR
Food Miles: 527 miles

Honey Heaven was established in 1972 as a specialty honey shop in Eugene. The business was purchased by Eugene Scott in 1981 and he changed the business focus to wholesale after having trouble with employees eating the product inventory. In August of 2003, Charlie and Julie Tilt purchased the business from Eugene when he retired. We have grown in many ways since then, including selling a greater diversity of products. Consequently, we thought a name change that embodies our spirit would be appropriate. We chose the hummingbird because of its versatility -it flies in all directions- and its gentle nature- it sips the nectar of the flowers without harming the flowers. As of 2007, our name is Hummingbird Wholesale!

Hummingbird Wholesale remains a small, family owned and operated business focused on being a positive force for change in the food industry. 

Dole Organic

Location: Thousand Oaks, CA

Dole's dedication to quality is a commitment solidly backed by: stringent quality control measures, novel and state-of-the-art production and transportation technologies, continuous improvement through research and innovation, and dedication to the safety of our employees, communities and the environment.

DOLE Organic Bananas comply with the very same quality standards as the conventional bananas, with the difference that they have been grown organically.

Devine Organics

Location: Fresno, CA
Food Miles: 172 miles

Utilizing over 30 years of farming knowledge and grown on 350 acres of premium farmland, Devine Organics is the largest producer of organic asparagus in North America. More commodities are becoming available with an additional 150 acres being planted. Look for organic lettuce, organic broccoli, organic celery and more, all with the promise of being fresh and natural as you've come to rely on with Devine Organics.

Baia Pasta

Location: Jack London Square

Baia Pasta is an Oakland-based artisan food company founded by Renato Sardo with Dario Barbone. Both Renato and Dario were born and raised in Piemonte, a region in Northwestern Italy.
The seed for Baia Pasta started when Renato learned that most Italian pasta is made from American and Canadian wheat that is shipped to Italy, made into pasta, and then shipped back.
After a few years of study, Renato extracted enough wisdom from the Italian maestri to start extruding his own pastasciutta made from all sorts of grains from local farms.


Location: Oakland, CA
Food Miles: 3 miles

Have you ever tasted freshly made tofu? Or yuba, the thin sheets of soy that rise to the top of heated soymilk? Have you tasted the difference made by using the finest soybeans available?

At Hodo Soy, our mission is to craft the highest quality tofu and create innovative and delicious tofu-based artisan foods that will forever change the way you know tofu. Our hand-crafted tofu is made from organic, non-GMO, US-grown, whole soybeans. Hodo tofu reflects, in both taste and nutrition, the high quality ingredients we use. Taste the Difference!

Las Palmalitas Ranch

Location: Carpinteria, CA
Food Miles: 324 miles

Las Palmalitas Ranch has been owned by one family for over 150 years. In 1868 the Thurmond family came from North Carolina to settle in the Carpinteria Valley.

Carpinteria and the Central Coast have become the heart of the California avocado growing region. The fertile soil of California provides prime growing conditions for excellent and premium avocados.

Located 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean the Thurmond’s-Upson’s-Peters and finally Carleton’s came to own the family land (20 acres). Adjacent to Las Palmalitas Ranch, and part of the original ranch, is 50 acres of avocados owned by our other family members. Sharron Carleton comes from this long line of farmers and keeps a close eye on how her son (Billy) and husband (Will) run the ranch.


Josie's Organics

Location: Soledad, CA
Food Miles: 120 miles

Josie’s Organics products include broccoli, sweet baby broccoli, romaine hearts, celery, cilantro, Italian parsley, curly parsley, red & green kale, Lacinato kale, red & green chard, rainbow chard, collards, spinach, red & green leaf lettuce, red & gold beets and radishes.


Josie’s Organics are grown today in the same, fertile California valley where our grandparents, young Swiss immigrants Sebastian and Josie Braga, started farming in the 1920s. Now, keeping their high standards for quality, integrity and sustainability in mind, a third generation of Bragas runs the family business.

As a young boy, our president and CEO, Rod Braga, fondly remembers watching “Nonnie Josie” hand-clipping leaves of baby lettuce. She served only the best seasonal produce to her family then, and today we tend the farm with the same care.

Sebastian and Josie would be proud. Nearly a century ago, they started out growing beets, tomatoes, onions, hay and corn. Today, along with employees who have been with the company since our youngest cousin was born, we harvest more than 25 varieties of premium, USDA certified organic fresh vegetables, and deliver them to people all over the world.

Pasha Organics

Location: Mecca, CA
Food Miles: 507 miles

Pasha Organic Peppers, Eggplant and Green Beans are meticulously grown in the Coachella Valley. Our growers emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Our products are produced without using conventional pesticides or fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients.


Before our products can be labeled "Pasha Organic" our farms must pass a rigorous inspection by an accredited representative from the USDA that makes sure all the necessary rules are being followed to meet USDA organic standards.

John Givens Farm

Location: Goleta Valley, CA
Food Miles: 317 miles

We at John Givens Farm believe that diversity of crops creates a more sustainable farming ecosystem, while greater biological variety provides a healthier diet for its consumers. Our fertilizer program includes composting, cover cropping, and major and minor mineral additions that provide mineral and microbiological enhancement to the crops while providing you with tastier produce and better shelf life. We harvest daily to provide the freshest produce for your table.

B & J Ranch

Location: Thermal, CA
Food Miles: 501 miles

Established in 1966 in Therma, CA. Specializing in Citrus.

Naylor's Organic Farm

Location: Dinuba, CA
Food Miles: 199 miles

Mike is a third generation farmer with a knack for storytelling.  Both of Nori's grandparents were small family farmers, so she spent many days on the farm growing up.  Mike and Nori are high school sweethearts.  They took over the Naylor farm in 1979 and converted to organic practices in 1984.  Mike and Nori moved to the Naylor homestead in 2009 after remodeling it. They first opened their farm stay in 2011.

Rainier Fruit Company

Location: Selah, WA
Food Miles: 712 miles

Rainier Fruit Company is one of the largest growers of fresh apples, pears, cherries and blueberries in the United States. But we started with humble beginnings. The roots of our company date back to 1888 when our ancestors moved to Washington from Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and started growing apples on a small parcel in Selah. Since then, we have steadily grown with the dedication of their descendants whose commitment to quality is the rootstock for producing the finest apples, pears and cherries anywhere in the world.

Organics Unlimited

Location: San Diego, CA
Food Miles: 503 miles

When founders Mayra and Manuel Velazquez de Leon started Organics Unlimited in 2000, it was with a mission to provide the best quality organic tropical fruits to consumers in the US, Canada and Mexico. The mission also included not forgetting the social responsibilities of their backgrounds - to care for the workers who make this quality possible.

Foxy Organics

Location: Salinas, CA
Food Miles: 95 miles

Tom Nunes Sr. began farming California's Salinas Valley in the early 1930s. Today, the next three generations of family continue his legacy of pioneering spirit, innovation and commitment to provide top-quality produce for consumers worldwide.

Second-generation brothers Bob and Tom Nunes founded The Nunes Company, Inc. in 1976, and have worked to develop the Foxy brand and to expand distribution of quality produce throughout the United States and to other countries.

Aztlan Organics / Bridges Produce

Location: Mexico

Aztlan is one of the organic farms that grow for Bridges Produce, which was founded in 2002 with a goal of providing excellent customer service and maximizing each growers potential in the marketplace. They have a strong dedication to organic and sustainable farming, honesty, integrity, and charitable giving.


Organic growing methods are crucial for the health of Mexican farming families! Due to close proximity, people living on conventional farmland are exposed to the same toxic chemicals as the plants. In contrast, organic farmers cooperate with nature and utilize techniques that keep the food, the land, and the people clean and healthy.

Nature's Pride

Location: Livingston, CA

A.V. Thomas Produce sells sweet potatoes under the Nature's Pride brand.

Beginning with a small acreage in 1988, consumer interest in "organic" sweet potatoes has grown to the point that A.V. Thomas Produce is now the largest grower-packer-shipper of organic sweet potatoes in the United States

California ranks fourth in areas planted with sweet potatoes with about 11,500 acres, and third in production with about 4.5 million 40-lb. boxes. Over 80% of California sweet potato and yam production is in Merced County, geographically located in the center of the state in the most productive agricultural area in the world – the San Joaquin Valley. In Merced County, the crop has a farm gate value of more than $45 million.


California grows many types of sweet potatoes and yams, however, consumers can typically find three kinds in the supermarkets:

Golden Sweet or O'Henry...A dry flesh potato with a mild, nutty flavor, yellow to cream colored on the inside with light brown skin. Excellent in casseroles, side dishes or simply baked and served as an alternative to either sweet orange types or a plain Irish Potato.

Beauregard or Covington...This is the number one selling sweet potato in the California and United States. Bright orange, moist and sweet on the inside, copper colored on the outside. Excellent for baking, casseroles, roasting or simply by themselves.


Diane or Red Yams... Extra moist and flavorful, these potatoes are orange on the inside with red copper to plum colored skin. The Garnet is the premium red yam and well worth the extra money if it is available. Best baked in the skin and served with butter, these sweet potatoes also do well in pies, cakes and breads.

Ebby's Organic Farm

Location: Goleta, CA

Since 1980, Ebby’s Organic Farm has been a successful family-run business. Organic from the beginning, they were pioneers in pushing the organic movement in Santa Barbara. While much of their produce is shipped to Los Angeles and San Francisco, Ebby’s focus is to keep things local, by networking with restaurants, grocers, and organizations committed to sustainable agriculture.

Blossom Hill

Location: Patterson, CA
Food Miles: 71 miles

The Blossom Hill orchards are located in Patterson, CA which is considered to be the world's best Apricot growing grounds. Lucich Santos Farms has been family owned for more that 90 years with over 35 years growing and shipping apricots. The combined location and experience produces a sweet and juicy fruit that you have to taste to believe.

Pinnacle Organic

Location: San Juan Batista, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

Phil and Katherine Foster farm 250 acres of C.C.O.F. and I.F.O.A.M. certified organic fruit and vegetables on two ranches near San Juan Bautista and Hollister, California.  We have a diverse range of crops, marketing up to 60 produce items at the peak of the season. 

South Coast Farms

Location: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Food Miles: 420 miles

We have been farming certified organic fruits and vegetables in San Juan Capistrano for 10 years now.  When I first came back to Orange County in 1996, I had been away from the Orange County for a long time.  Now 2006, the change form rural to suburb to urban is final.  Orange County, a land of fertile vineyards, orchards and row crops is now The OC. Orange County is orange less.

Our farm is an anomaly.  In less than 10 years this could be the only farm left in Orange County. Not only is there soon to be nowhere to farm, there is really no one to left do the farming in Orange County.

Notice that we have a few new pages on our website. Please visit those pages to see what we are up too next.  I have expanded the scope of South Coast Farms.

Creekside Organics

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Food Miles: 268 miles

With several decades of experience in marketing organic produce, Brenda Haught and Dennis Maul are committed to aiding the planet and farmer alike.  In 1999, Brenda began marketing organic fruits and vegetables for Pavich Family Farms.  A couple years, later Brenda left Pavich Family Farms and brought with her a few of the vegetable growers that Pavich was no longer able to service and began working with Sierra Heights Marketing, now known as Homegrown Organic Farms. 

Herbert Family Organic Farm

Location: Hollister, CA
Food Miles: 82 miles

We are a 70-acre farm located in Hollister, California. Our family has been farming in San Benito County since the mid-1800's. We proudly grow several crops for wholesale as well as make compost which we use on our own land and sell to other growers, too.

Anthony Vineyards

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Food Miles: 268 miles

Anthony A. Bianco's business skills surfaced early in his life. As an 18-year-old Italian immigrant, he bought and sold fresh produce from a pushcart in the streets of New york City. His determination to succeed led him to open a marketing and distribution company on the New York Produce Market within only a few years.

24 years later, Anthony Bianco moved with his wife and 8 children to Fresno, California to be closer to the grapes and tree fruit that he would sell through his New York office. In 1950, he founded Bi-Mor Farms and Bianco Fruit Corporation to market his produce. By 1958, he had earned national prominence and was proclaimed, "Juice Grape King of the United States," by New Yorker Magazine.

KMK Organic Farm

Location: Kingsburg, CA
Food Miles: 189 miles

K.M.K. Organic Farms is a 70 acre organic family owned farm located in Kingsburg, Calif. We sell at local farmers markets, 2 CSA's and to local restaurants. We grow alittle of everything! 11 varieties of avocados, 8 of these varieties are thin skinned so you do not have to peel these! Really cool and they have a much better flavor than the store bought kind!

Tomorrow's Organics

Location: Monterey, CA
Food Miles: 107 miles

Tomorrow’s Organics is a producer, marketer and distributor of organic fruits and vegetables. The company produces its product in several regions, with the two primary ones being California and Colorado, and it serves a variety of customers.


Check out Tomorrow's Organics on Instagram here.

Synergy Organic Farm

Location: Goleta, CA
Food Miles: 317 miles

At the end of the 2012 growing season, we retired from market farming and have shut down our farming operation. Synergy Farm is now for sale.


CCOF Profile Link

Masumoto Family Farm

Location: Fresno, CA
Food Miles: 173 miles

On the Masumoto Family Farm we cultivate Certified Organic peaches, nectarines, and grapes (for raisins).  We do our best to sustainably farm our 80 acres south of Fresno and share our harvests through food, writing, and art. We love what we do.

All Seasons

Location: Langley, BC
Food Miles: 922 miles

Established in 1997 and locally-owned by Frank Moscone, All Seasons Mushrooms Inc. is one of the most prominent “certified organic” mushroom production and marketing companies on the West Coast of Canada in its vigilance towards a philosophy of…

“Service. Quality. Integrity”

Wild River California Fresh Organics

Location: Marysville, CA
Food Miles: 124 miles

The Wild River name was inspired by our farm’s location alongside the Yuba River which surges out of the rugged Sierra Nevada Mountains into the fertile Sacramento Valley in Northern California.  For more than a century, gold miners, politicians and farmers have tried to tame the 10-year flood cycle of the river’s south fork.  Our family took a different approach.  Led by our patriarch, Gordon Noland, we progressively changed our agricultural practices to adapt to the nuances and rhythm of the river.  As a result, Wild River’s orchards and vineyards thrive, naturally nourished by the highly fertile, nutrient-rich topsoil deposited by the river’s overflow.


Our family has farmed this land for over five decades.  Our hands have designed the state of the art irrigation system, planted, pruned and harvested the fruit.  Unlike large corporate farms, we know the provenance of each piece that carries the Wild River™ label and we proudly guarantee our product’s incomparable quality for you and your family to enjoy.


Welcome to Wild River. 


Bon Appétit!

The Noland Family

Top Brass Potatos

Location: Shafter, CA
Food Miles: 256 miles

Ted Vignolo, the son of an Italian immigrant, started growing cotton in 1938. Soon after, the family expanded the business to include conventional and organic table grapes, wine grapes, organic and conventional potatoes, pistachios, alfalfa, and almonds. To support demand for the growing business, an on-site marketing company, Top Brass Marketing, was established in 1999. Since that time, Top Brass Marketing has been honored to be the exclusive sales agent for Vignolo Farms, marketing our fine grapes and potatoes to retail, wholesale, and foodservice distribution accounts worldwide.

Glaum Egg Ranch

Location: Santa Cruz, Ca.
Food Miles: 71 miles

For over 80 years and three generations Glaum Egg Ranch has been
committed to humane, sustainable and environmentally sound family
farming practices. The number one goal of our ranch is to provide
above-standard conditions to protect the health and welfare of our

Our 28 acre ranch is nestled in the foothills of Santa Cruz County
surrounded by healthy organic fields and cooled by the natural air-
conditioning from ocean breezes off Monterey Bay. We are a 100% CAGE
FREE family farm. Our chickens, at anytime, have the luxury of roaming
free, dust bathing, perching, nesting, eating and drinking. Our chickens
drink fresh water daily from our own well and are fed vegetarian and
natural organic diets without animal proteins, hormones or antibiotics.

Order organic Glaum Eggs from Golden Gate Organics here.

Straus Family Creamery

Location: Marshall, Ca.
Food Miles: 55 miles

Straus Family Creamery was founded in 1994. We are a family-owned and operated business, dedicated to make the highest quality and minimally processed organic dairy products. With our dairy and creamery located in the small town of Marshall on the Northern California Coast, we were the first certified organic dairy west of the Mississippi River and the first 100% certified organic creamery in the United States.

Items we deliver from Strauss Family Creamery:

European Style Lightly Salted Butter

Cream Top Whole Milk

Sierra Nevada Cheese Company

Location: Willows, CA
Food Miles: 139 miles

Our cream cheese process exemplifies the artisan nature of our handcrafted methods. Rich flavor originates from vat-cultured milk, cream, and sea salt. Curds packed into muslin bags are individually hand-rotated and drained to create a remarkably light texture.


Items we carry from Sierra Nevada Cheese Company include:

Sierra Nevada Unsalted Butter

Sierra Nevada Salted Butter


Spicely Organics


SPICELY ORGANICS began in 2003 when our founders, John Chansari and Clara Bonner began selling spices out of their kitchen in Menlo Park, California. Since then, we have grown to a warehouse and adjoining offices located in Fremont, California. Worldwide, we have over 50 passionate employees and counting. In 2012, we opened our first ever Spicely Boutique, located in downtown San Francisco.

Items we carry from Spicely Organic include the following:

Whole Black Peppercorns

Cayenne Pepper

Chili Powder

Chinese Five Spices

Ground Cinnamon

Cinnamon Sticks

Curry Powder

Garlic Granulets

Ground Ginger

Ground Black Pepper

Ground Cumin

Italian Seasoning

Ground Nutmeg


Sesamee Seeds


Vanilla Extract

Organic Girl


organicgirl is a small group of women and men in California's fertile Salinas Valley who want to offer the best organic produce ever offered.



So…What if you weren’t afraid to read the ingredients on a hot dog package? Like me, you’d feel better about eating them, and serving them to your family. That simple idea has always been, and will continue to be, what drives Applegate. From our table to yours, thank you for joining the movement.

Spring Hill Jersey Cheese Family Brands

Location: Petaluma, CA
Food Miles: 47 miles

Larry Peter, owner of Spring Hill Jersey Cheese company and Petaluma Creamery, grew up in Sebastopol, CA. His father, Virgil Peter, worked for 40 years in lumberyards. His mother, Georgia Peter, grew gourmet potatoes and sold them at local farmer's markets where she eventually became known as the "Potato Queen." Virgil and Georgia always wished they could have raised their kids on a dairy farm.

In 2004, Larry risked it all when he bought aging Petaluma landmark - the nearly 100-year-old Petaluma Creamery to grow his brands and to support local dairy production. Larry’s dedication to the industry and the area has given new life and economic growth to the families in Sonoma and Marin counties. 

Items we carry from Sprin Hill:

Spring Hill Veggie Jack Cheese

Olive This Olive That

Location: San Francisco
Food Miles: 18 miles

Proprietor Janell says it best in her own words:

Our mission is to curate the most delicious olive oils and balsamic vinegars, educate you about the ones that are best for you, and help you create delicious dishes using our locally sourced ingredients.

We believe that you can taste the quality of our local, organic, sustainable oils and balsamics.

We believe that, like fine wine or high-end coffee, olive oils and balsamics should be smelled, sipped and savored—they should be experienced, not just swallowed. That’s why our shop doubles as a tasting room, a hands-on appreciation of oils and vinegars.

Items we carry:

CA Organic Mission Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nancy's Cultured Dairy and Soy

Location: Eugene, OR
Food Miles: 541 miles

Nancy’s career at Springfield Creamery has supported the growth of her own family, including her husband, Jerry, and two daughters, Emily and Meredith. “The neat thing about this creamery is that it’s not just work,” she says. “I’m the bookkeeper and the historian. I do research on new cultures, new ingredients; I taste every batch of yogurt we make. We are each deep banks of knowledge about many things, and what makes it so enjoyable is that we all fill in for each other in so many ways. It’s a culture of sharing.”

Items we carry:

Cream Cheese

Gourmet Mushrooms Inc.

Location: Sebastopol, CA
Food Miles: 64 miles

Gourmet Mushrooms Inc. grows more varieties of organic culinary and nutraceutical mushrooms than any farm in America. We harvest eight varieties of organic specialty mushrooms for America's finest restaurants, specialty food wholesalers and gourmet grocers.

En Divina Luz Avocado Grower

Location: Temecula, CA
Food Miles: 449 miles

The En Divina Luz avocado ranch encompasses 64 acres near Temecula, CA. Jason and Sheryl Kunkle farm the organic avocados to order. This means that their avocados are never more than 24hrs from being picked before heading towards your organic produce delivery from us here at Golden Gate Organics.

Look for En Divina Luz hass avocados in your box from May through July with the last pick of avocados usually happening by mid-August.


Location: Coliman, MX
Food Miles: 2 miles

Coliman is a family business that started working in the agricultural sector under the blue sky of Tecoman, Colima, Mexico in 1963. Their mission is to be a reliable producer & provider of high quality fruits and vegetables, with an excellent customer service; reaching our goals of growth and profitability, as well as social and environmental responsibility. 

In 2014 Coliman became the first Mexican grower to earn Organic Fair Trade certification. This ensures that their workers earn a decent and dignified livelihood.

Coliman bananas are certified USDA organic and grown using all-natural repellent techniques in order to protect the fruit and their customers.

JW Farms

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

JW Produce is a 100 acre farm located just outside of Watsonville, California. They started with little more than a garden, selling from a small farm stand by the roadside and from these humble beginnings, have become a favorite local supplier within their own community and abroad. At JW Produce they believe in eliminating toxic loads from our fruits, farms, and bodies. They want to build strong, healthy soil to help produce better, richer, more natural tasting food.

JW Produce is a major sponsor of Amatitenses LV, an organization in Jalisco, Mexico. Amatitense is a shelter that helps women seek an escape from violence and gives them shelter, food, guidance, and counseling. JW Produce donates funds on a monthly basis and are seeking new ways to create revenue to donate to the Amatitense shelter. You can also directly visit the Amatitense website at

Hyde Ranch

Location: Pauma Valley, CA
Food Miles: 469 miles

Hyde Ranch is located in Pauma Valley near Palomar State Park. Their growing season for grapefruit is most of the year. Lance Hyde, the farm's namesake, did not grow up on a farm or dream of working in agriculture.  He was a workaholic for 23 years in the real estate field until he fell sick for a few years. Lance decided it was time for a healthy and organic lifestyle. He became a vegetarian and wanted a new career where he was working in the outdoor air. In 2004 Lance bought an existing 82 acre organic citrus farm with grapefruits and oranges and added lemons and avocados to the mix. He work on the farm with his wife, parents and 5 kids ranging from 2 to 11 years old.

Lance grows Star ruby and Marsh Ruby grapefruits on his certified organic farm.

Crespo Organic

Location: El Rosario, Sinaloa, Mexico

El Grupo Crespo is deeply rooted in family and tradition, where traditional and modern worlds collide, creating organic, sustainable futures for many generations. Mango experts for over half a century.

Comanche Creek Farms

Location: Chico, CA
Food Miles: 163 miles

Comanche Creek Farms was founded 20 years ago.  It was originally located on a smaller piece of land.  Farmer and professional chef, Sean Mindrum, purchased Comanche and moved it to a larger 50 acre piece of land nestled against the riparian habitat of Comanche Creek in beautiful sunny Chico, CA.  The many varieties of fruits and vegetables are grown in the mineral rich soil of Butte Creek.  Crops are grown year round and rotated seasonally. 


Comanche grows a diverse lineup of 390 fruits and veggies.  With the biggest crops growing in the summer months.  Much of which is supplied to finer restaurant's in their local area and on the north coast.


Workers are provided year round employment.  They take care of the farm and Sean reciprocates the caring touch. 


"Out of respect for our environment, we have adopted a constructive organic approach to our farming. With the knowledge that soil is not simply a means for anchoring plant roots and holding artificial fertilizers to provide plant nutrients, we work with nature, recycling natural materials, and growing cover crops to maintain soil fertility. Of course we use only natural methods of pest control. These complex workings of creation have been successfully sustaining life for eons of time, our organic cultivation principals closely follow those found in the natural world."


Coke Farm

Location: San Juan Bautista, CA
Food Miles: 77 miles

Coke Farm has been certified organic since 1981. As one of the founding members of CCOF, Dale Coke has long been concerned with the environmental and social issues surrounding organic crop production. Coke Farm is dedicated to providing delicious, healthy, organic produce not only as a service to our customers, but also for the betterment of the environment and the health of our hard-working employees.

Stueve Organic Farms

Location: Oakdale, CA
Food Miles: 82 miles

The history of the Stueve family is deeply rooted in agriculture. Four generations ago, their ancestors arrived from Germany. They came as Germans but became American farmers, citizens, and Christian leaders in their communities.

Beginning in 1839, on a farm in Missouri, the Stueves learned to clear thick forests so they could cultivate, plant and raise cows, chickens and pigs, using plow horses to do much of the work. They retain their love and respect for horses today.

Some of the second generation, including Harold J.J. Stueve and his two uncles, Elmer and Ed migrated to Southern California to establish Alta Dena Dairy, which, in time, became one of the country’s largest family owned dairy farms.


Today the Stueve family continues their farming tradition in the Sierra Foothills in California’s Central Valley. They work hard to produce high quality, healthy, organic foods. The products produced on their Certified Organic farm include organic milk, beef, eggs, and olive oil. The cows, chickens and beef animals all graze on the pasture together to produce a perfect biodynamic environment for eggs. This farming style encourages high levels of Omega 3’s, CLA’s, and of course, is non-GMO.

We hope you will enjoy the taste and nutrition of their products but also that you appreciate the time, effort and passion that it takes to produce them.

Click here to shop for Stueve Bio-dynamic organic eggs from Golden Gate Organics.

Maywood Farms

Location: Corning, CA
Food Miles: 168 miles

Maywood Farms, owned by Bob and Karen, obtained C.C.O.F. Organic certification in 1990 for 25 acres of figs. This was so successful that we started the transition process on the remaining acreage in 1998.

Located in beautiful Northern California our family owned farm is less than three hours from the San Francsico Bay Area.

Unlike some farms the Maywood Farms' entire operation is located in one site. This includes the orchard, packing shed, cooler, and Bob and Karen's home. We live, work, and play here. This set up allows us to start cooling the figs within 20 minutes of picking. Our central location also allows us to carefully monitor production, and adjust our volume according to sales. This ensures that the figs are shipped immediately after being fully cooled. 

You are cordially invited to explore our site to learn more about our family, our farm and our figs. Please email us with any questions or comments you may have in regards to any aspect of our farm!

Leave them a message on their Facebook page.

Ellwood Canyon Farms

Location: Goleta, CA
Food Miles: 325 miles

Ellwood Canyon Farms is currently located on 75 acres of diverse organic farm ground located up Winchester Canyon Road in Goleta California.  Our soils and fields range from flat river bottom loams to heavier soils on south facing slopes.  Our ranch is coastal and enjoys a mild climate, which allows year around production of a wide variety of vegetables. Our two main crops our fresh market Tomatoes and Peas which we sell at local farmers markets, an on farm produce stand and a diversity of wholesale outlets. We implement organic methods of farming where we focus on building long term soil fertility through crop diversity, crop rotation, cover cropping and applying compost.  Only the finest varieties of vegetables are grown on our farm, often specialty or heirloom, chosen for their taste, nutrition, vigor and beauty.  We invite you to stop by our booth at the farmers market or send an email and request our wholesale offerings.

Jack Motter established Ellwood Canyon Farms in 2009, and Jeff Kramer has been on board since 2010.  We are very excited and feel blessed to be farming in the fertile Goleta Valley.  We are confident in the soil and climate of our current ranch and look forward to a bountiful future. Read about a farm tour that Earl's Organic Produce took of the farm back in 2016.

Daisy Girl Organics

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Food Miles: 820 miles

Orchards nestled amongst deep valleys are fed by the pristine, fresh waters of the mighty Columbia River in Washington State. Our fruit thrives in a perfectly balanced climate with warm, sunny days and crisp, cool evenings that produce fruit simply bursting with color, flavor and sweetness.

Traceland Organics

Location: Cayucos, CA
Food Miles: 215 miles

Ron and Gail Trace previously lived in the Chicago area for many years where they raised their four sons and owned a landscape design/build company. They migrated to the Central California Coast in 1998 and purchased an 80 acre ranch in a quiet canyon 3 miles inland from Cayucos. In 2005, they began to plant their existing 10 acre fruit tree orchard, which is now home to their Traceland Certified Organic Hass Avocados, and many other types of fruit.

Three Trees

Location: San Mateo, CA
Food Miles: 26 miles

Our mission is to build a healthier world where we grow, make, and eat more clean, plant-based, nourishing and delicious food.  It's about making and consuming food the way grandma used to; it's about nourishing whole food ingredients straight from nature.  That's our food philosophy and that's how we make almond milk that's closest to homemade.  


Enjoy Three Trees in your latté, smoothie, and in any recipe – its naturally high fat and protein content makes it a great substitute for dairy, and great when you're looking for healthy, clean energy.  

Purchase our almond milk here.

Wishnow Organic Teas

Location: Oakland, CA

Wishnow Tea was started out of the desire to offer a sustainable wholesale tea program to our customers.  For many years we have packaged tea bags for other companies which often involved attaching a string and tag as well as an over wrap on each tea bag, not to mention the tea box itself.  This unnecessary excess packaging, especially for wholesale use, and the waste we were aware it became never sat well with us.  So rather than sit on the sidelines any longer we decided to get in the game and create a responsible and sustainable wholesale tea program the way we always thought it should be done.  

Hodo Soy Beanery

Location: Oakland, CA
Food Miles: 1 miles

At  Hodo  Soy,  our  mission  is  to  craft  the  highest  quality tofu and create innovative and delicious tofu‐ based artisan foods that will forever change the way  you know tofu. Our hand‐crafted tofu is made from  organic,  non‐GMO,  US‐grown,  whole  soybeans.  Hodo  tofu  reflects, in both  taste and nutrition,  the  high quality ingredients we use.   All of Hodo Soy products are CCOF‐certified organic,  non‐GMO,  gluten‐free,  kosher,  and  plant‐based.  With clean ingredient lists, and a promise of healthy  convenience.

Goleta Blueberry Farms

Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Food Miles: 320 miles

Family owned farm near the Pacific coast. Perfect location for growing delicious blueberries all year long. Their blueberries are amazing.

Bee Sweet Citrus

Location: Fowler, CA
Food Miles: 187 miles

Behind every bag of Bee Sweet’s products is a story of a farmer and his grove. It’s a story of care, thought and countless hours of planning. The plotline touches on coordination with employees, researching market trends and planning for the future; it also incorporates communication with buyers, providing for the consumer and making sure that there are enough citrus commodities to provide for future generations.

Amongst all the things listed, however, is one crucial component to this story: the environment. Without the land we use to grow our citrus, our establishment would be nonexistent. From the soil we use to grow our citrus trees, to the water we use to irrigate our fields – Bee Sweet Citrus wouldn’t be able to be California’s one-stop-shop for citrus without proper care of the land we use.

Environmental stewardship is crucial, necessary and one of Bee Sweet’s main priorities. Read about our project(s) below to gain a better understanding of how we aim to protect the land we so heavily rely on.

Equal Exchange


In 1986, Equal Exchange was founded to challenge the existing trade model, which favors large plantations, agri-business, and multi-national corporations; support small farmers; and connect consumers and producers through information, education, and the exchange of products in the marketplace. With our founding, we joined a growing movement of small farmers, alternative traders (ATOs), religious organizations, and non-profits throughout the world with like-minded principles and objectives. Underlying our work is the belief that only through organization, can small farmers survive and thrive. The cooperative model has been essential for building this model of change.

Tule Specialty Packers

Location: Porterville, CA
Food Miles: 242 miles

Tule Specialty Packers is located in Porterville, California. This organization primarily operates in the Fruit (Fresh) Packing Services business / industry within the Agricultural Services sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 25 years. Tule Specialty Packers is estimated to generate $477,978 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 5 people at this single location. Homegrown Organic Farms ships lemons uner the Tule Specialty label.

First Fruits

Location: Yakima, WA
Food Miles: 708 miles

FirstFruits of Washington is a collaborative apple marketing company owned by the growers, Broetje and Congdon Orchards. These growers share a commitment to producing high quality fruit while balancing the demands of purpose, people, planet and profit so that a portion of profits can be donated to non-profit missions supporting the underserved.

Broetje Orchards and Congdon Orchards grow the best varieties and we provide a year-round supply of conventional and organic apples, as well as a diverse assortment of seasonal pears and sweet cherries.

Cal-Organic Farms

Location: Lamont, CA
Food Miles: 276 miles

Starting with a quarter acre of lettuce back in 1984 and an idea of doing things differently, Danny Duncan formed Cal-Organic Farms. It still remains family owned and operated, while promoting family values and integrity every day. Our headquarters are located in Lamont, California at the southern most end of the pristine San Joaquin Valley, 15 miles southeast of the city of Bakersfield. The San Joaquin Valley is known as one of the world’s premier agricultural growing regions. The bounty of sun and good weather in Lamont allows us to continue the tradition of quality that we are known for.

Click here to learn even more about Cal-O on our blog.

Del Rey Avocado Company

Location: Fallbrook, CA
Food Miles: 484 miles

Since 1969, Del Rey Avocado has been a family-owned business located in Fallbrook, CA.  Del Rey packs California avocados grown from San Diego to San Luis Obispo County. With over 40 years experience running a quality packing house operation, we continue to be both farmers at heart and in practice. 


Del Rey has farms in San Diego County and intimately understands the concerns of the California Grower. Given their deep roots in the California avocado industry, Del Rey has a personal stake in every piece of advice they give to their growers.

If it is delicious avocados you are looking for, Del Rey Avocado is here to deliver them. 

Sun Valley Farms

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

Sun Valley Berries, LLC. was established in 1993 by Rogelio Q. Ponce Sr. after acquiring the skills and knowledge to grow strawberries by working for various berry companies in Watsonville and also working alongside his father, Francisco Ponce, who was a strawberry share grower in the mid 1950’s.

After many years of successfully growing conventional strawberries, Rogelio Q. Ponce Sr. entrusted in his sons to help begin a new chapter for their family business. With the help of his two sons, Rogelio Ponce Jr. and Steven Ponce, Sun Valley Berries, LLC began to also grow Organic Strawberries, Organic Blackberries and Raspberries.

However, due to limited land availability in the Pajaro Valley, in particular, certified organic land, the Ponce’s realized that to remain viable in farming they would need to rotate crops within their current land holdings and diversify outside of berries and thus Sun Valley Farms began. Sun Valley Berries, LLC has continued farming conventional strawberries and raspberries, on a contract basis.

Spade & Plow Organics

Location: San Martin, CA
Food Miles: 61 miles

Spade & Plow is a owner operated family farm located in San Martin, CA. Mike and his two sons, Nick and Sam, operate the farm and CSA program. The three owners have many years of experience in the organic produce industry in many different facets. They started Spade & Plow to play a more hands on role in all aspects of the business and strive to provide the best produce possible from seed to plate.

Golden Gate Organics delivers Spade & Plow's fresh, delicious, and giant artichokes.

Marsalisi Organics

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 81 miles

Steve and Louis Marsalisi are brothers who retired to farm lemons, avocados, and limes. Their farm is located in Watsonville, California and they are certied organic with the CCOF. The brothers are known for allowing their fruits to ripen on the tree thus allowing the full flavor and sweetness to develop. The love and care that they give to their seasonal and local fruits is clear once you taste their delicious harvests.

Learn more about Marsalisi Organics.

Golden Gate Organics is proud to cary Meyer Lemons grown by Marsalisi Organics. For inquiries on bulk Meyer lemon purchases please contact us.

Mr. Grape Vineyards

Casablanca Organics

Location: Chile

Rockside Ranch

Location: Etna, CA
Food Miles: 336 miles

Our pastured egg-laying hens are raised on our farm from their second day of life.  We have a variety of heritage breeds including Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Buff Orpington, and Barred Rock. We move them multiple times each week throughout our pasture during the spring, summer, and fall months. When temperatures drop, we move our chickens into a truly cage-free, Clearspan hoop house where they have 24 hour access to the outdoors. We respect their natural laying cycle which decreases significantly in the cold months. We never use artificial lights or stressful practices to unnaturally boost production.

Click here to learn even more about Rockside Ranch.

Click here to purchase Rockside Ranch eggs.

Far West Fungi

Location: Monterey Bay
Food Miles: 85 miles

Far West Fungi started in 1982 as a mail order supply company.  Today the farm is a 60,000 square foot growing facility strategically located in the heart of Monterey Bay at Moss Landing. A steady ocean breeze and northern coastal fog makes it ideal for a consistent temperature throughout the year and a perfect location to grow mushrooms. 

Their goal is to provide a year round supply of high quality, organic mushrooms (Shiitake, Tree Oyster, Lions Mane, Maitake, and King Oyster) throughout the local San Francisco Bay Area. "Our family’s mission is to consistently produce quality mushrooms and provide customer service with a high level of commitment and dedication. Skilled care and attention are given to our mushrooms when growing, harvesting, grading and packing for freshness. The farm uses a balance of modern and traditional growing techniques in order to maintain high quality mushrooms while ensuring minimal impact on the environment."


Buy organic oyster mushrooms here.

Learn more about Far West Fungi and Oyster Mushrooms on our blog

Rancho Don Antonio

Location: Nipomo, CA
Food Miles: 250 miles

Rancho Don Antonio's berry farm is certfied organic by the CCOF since 2011. Located just south of San Luis Obispo they grow some of the best blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries in California. Their blackberries are split up into around 15 acres of uncovered and 8 acres of covered. This helps ensure they can grow yummy blackberries all year long! 

The owner, Antonio (Tony) Chavez worked with consultants from the USDA in 2007 to experiment with lower chill hours for his blackberries. This means that the berries needed less time to sleep and could spend more time growing.

Rancho Don Antonio berries are widely recognized at farmers markets in and around San Louis Obispo. We are very fortunate hear in the Bay Area to offer these wonderfully local berries from Rancho Don Antonio. 

Check the Golden Gate Organics website often for weekly updates on the seasonally local produce we offer from small farms like Rancho Don Antonio. 

Air Chief/ Sun Pacific

Location: Bakersfield, CA
Food Miles: 268 miles

When our founder and CEO, Berne Evans, purchased 72 acres of orange groves in the San Joaquin Valley in 1969, he had a vision – to cultivate the fertile California land and create specialty crops that would delight customers across North America and beyond.

This pioneering spirit led unprecedented innovation in the citrus category, resulting in the highest quality consumer and customer preferred brands in the marketplace. Our industry-leading produce includes Cuties® Clementines and Mandarins, Mighties™ Kiwi, Air Chief® Navel and Valencia Oranges, Lemons, Table Grapes and Vintage Sweets™ Heirloom Navel Oranges, among other delightful and healthy offerings.

West Pak Avocado Inc

Location: Murrieta, CA

At West Pak, being a family owned and operated company means, among other things, respect, integrity, support, and commitment to excellence. Our dedication starts with how we respect the land and the people who work it and carries over into the way in which we conduct all business. This same thoughtful care goes into how we handle our precious cargo. Our avocados are harvested at the peak of maturity, carefully processed, packed to perfection, and delivered fresh for enjoyment worldwide.

Goldie Farms

Location: El Centro, CA
Food Miles: 578 miles

Goldie Farms and The Goldie Label

Premium quality organically grown 

melons and vegetables.

Originally there were only Goldie melons, 

but in the last five years, an ever-increasing 

winter vegetable program has been added.

Goldie melons include:

Cantaloupe, Green and Orange Honeydew, Galia and Hami,

 Seedless Full Size and Mini, Red and Yellow Watermelon.

Goldie vegetables include:

Broccoli, Sweet Baby Broccoli, Green, Red and Savoy Cabbage, 

Cauliflower, Celery, Bunched Grilling Onions, and Romaine Hearts.

D. E. Boldt

Location: Parlier, CA
Food Miles: 196 miles

We are a small family farm in  California's Central Valley, growing organic peaches, plums and nectarines.   Our fruit is harvested daily at peak maturity,  and packed at our farm.  The D.E.Boldt label on your fruit lets you know that it came from our farm, and has been grown with your health in mind.


One of our goals as growers is to make the smallest impact possible on the environment. We allow native vegetation to grow year-round and abundant natural predators in our fields keep pest problems in check.   


Our crops are certified by CCOF, which means everything we do complies with the National Organic Program.


Location: Bakersfield, CA
Food Miles: 286 miles

The San Joaquin Valley was a lake thousands of years ago, resulting in soil, rich in essential nutrients for producing the sweetest produce in the nation. The region’s hot, arid climate and consistent temperature enables the growth of crops all year round.


We learned long ago that if you take good care of the soil, it will give back. Valpredo Farms maintains the vitality of the soil through scrupulous evaluation, testing and good farming practices. Over the three generations of farming, we have perfected a cultivation schedule that reinvigorates our land with necessary nutrients through crop rotation and deep tilling down to the aquifer.


We strive to cultivate our crops and maintain our land in the Bako region so that we can provide the best tasting produce for your family.

Del Bosque Farms

Location: Fresno, CA
Food Miles: 123 miles

We are a family-owned farm bringing you fresh, sustainably-grown produce from earth to table.

We are located on the west side of Fresno and Merced Counties in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Our primary business is growing organic crops which include cantaloupes, honeydew melons, mix melons, watermelons, and asparagus. 

Montecucco Farms

Location: Canby, OR
Food Miles: 621 miles

The grandfather of Ed Montecucco started farming in Oregon in 1926, shortly after he arrived from Italy. His first farm was in Parkrose, where he raised fresh vegetables for the city market. Needing room to expand after World War II, the farm moved down to the Canby area and has taken on family member partnerships through the years starting with Ed’s father and uncle, then his brother Paul and their cousin Steve. Currently, Ed’s sons Brian and Jason run the farm, representing the fourth generation at Montecucco Farms.

Apple Starr Orchard

Location: 1020 Julian Orchard Drive, Julian, CA 92036
Food Miles: 511 miles

Apple Starr Orchard parcels cover approximately 28 acres of which  8 acres are planted with apples and pears.There are approximately 1000 trees with their numbers balanced between apples and pears.  The trees range in age from 20 to 70 years and the majority have low branches that children can access.  We only use certified organic products and are inspected annually to maintain our certification. 

Durst Organic Growers

Location: Esparto, CA
Food Miles: 84 miles

To us, it's simple: We believe growing food should not come at the cost of hurting our workers or the ecological systems around us.

We believe farming should work in conjunction with the natural world, not against. With every decision we make on the farm, we keep in mind our long term goal of leaving the land better than how we found it. How do we do this? Generally speaking, we do so by returning to the soil equal or greater of that which we use from the soil to grow our crops. We look for innovative, organically-approved methods for treating our weed, pest, and nutrition problems. We plan ahead, and employ preventative practices whenever and wherever we can. We adopt methods that allow us to conserve resources when possible. We pay our employees fairly for their hard work and expect a high caliber of professionalism and care in return. Ultimately we work daily to create a farm and workplace that we not only can feel good about, but that provides real (tasty) results.

Ralph's Greenhouse

Location: Mount Vernon, WA
Food Miles: 868 miles

Ralph's Greenhouse is a family farm located on a bend of the Skagit River in northwestern Washington's Skagit Valley. The de Vries family moved from The Netherlands in the late 1950's, and from 1960-1980 Ralph had a dairy farm. When he retired in 1980 he started a garden next to the dairy farm called Ralph's Greenhouse where he grew leeks for the market and Dutch potatoes for his Dutch friends. Ralph didn’t use herbicides, pesticides, or artificial fertilizer because, he said, "We didn't use them in the Old Country!" In 1988 the retirement project got to be too much for him, and he asked his son Ray if he could help a little. This started Ray's involvement in the farming business. Since then the business has expanded a bit and today the farm grows kale, chard, collards, beets, carrots, fennel, parsnips, spinach, fingerling potatoes, and lots of leeks.

Wilgenburg Greenhouses

Location: Dinuba, CA
Food Miles: 203 miles

Hans Wilgenburg was born and raised on his family’s dairy farm near San Diego. While earning a degree at Cal Poly in Crop Science, Hans met his future wife, Sharon, who was studying Dietetics and Food Administration. They moved to Dinuba in 1987, and Hans founded Wilgenburg Greenhouses in 1989. Their son, Mathew, and daughters, Naomi, Carey, and Libby, were the first to enjoy his tomatoes and European cucumbers.

Handled with “Kid gloves” is how Wilgenburg’s tomatoes are harvested today. Each worker wears cotton gloves when picking and packing the fruit. Bumble bees pollinate the tomato flowers, searching and finding the flowers that need to be pollinated. They only work the flowers that have pollen available for them to store. Good pollination is essential to achieve the final result of a good, firm, tasty and juicy tomato.

Flavor and nutrition are intertwined in Hans’ philosophy and practice of farming. Compost for the fertilizer is made on the farm. Hans became a worm farmer, using the worm castings to further enhance the nutritional value of the soil medium, in which the tomatoes and cucumbers are grown. The good health of both the soil and plant has a direct correlation to the health and flavor of the fruit.

La Granjita Orgánica

Location: Gonzales, CA
Food Miles: 118 miles

We are Victor Cortez and Veronica Ceja from Capulin, Michoacan Mexico. We immigrated to Gonzales, California to form our family and in search of more opportunities to improve our livelihoods. Here in California, our three children, Noe, Emmanuel, and Mariana, were born. We found the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) in Salinas, CA. ALBA offers a farm education and business incubator program for family farmers like us. We graduated from the course in 2013 and began farming on 1-acre on ALBA’s land. We have since grown to 4-acres and sell our crops to licensed distributors and farmers markets.


Our biggest challenge owing our own land and equipment; however, this is also our goal for the next two years. As a family-run business, we hope to feed and educate around organic agriculture. Our biggest hope is to help fight diseases caused by pesticide-use by providing quality organic produce to people and contributing to their healthier lifestyles.

Fruit World

Location: Reedly, CA

Fruit World founders Bianca Kaprielian and C.J. Buxman grew up on opposite sides of the same small town, both on multigenerational stone fruit farms. Childhood on the farm in Reedley, California, was one of dusty rides in a pickup truck, surrounded by trees and the aroma of peaches, plums, and nectarines. They filed in the packing house to learn office operations and spent hours helping out in the field, soaking up harvesting lessons and the San Joaquin Valley sun.

In 2017, C.J. and Bianca founded Fruit World to celebrate and carry on their family legacy of sustainable farming practices and good stewardship of the land.

They now grow and sell organic and conventional citrus and organic grapes, apricots, pomegranates, and avocados.

Fruit World is all about peak-season pickings, flavor-packed produce, and keeping family farming thriving into future generations.





Cascade Crest / Chelan Fresh

Location: Yakima, WA
Food Miles: 718 miles

We are producers of premium, certified organic fruit from the foothills of the Cascade Mountain range in Washington State. Our growers have been farming fruit in central Washington since 1894.

Cascade Crest Organics has always stood for quality in the world of Organic Fruit production. And Chelan Fresh is proud to represent the growers who believe that growing fruit using USDA Organic approved standards is a benefit to both the land and the consumers who enjoy the fruit. Columbia Valley Fruit growers believe the same and chose to join our Cascade Crest Organics label to now bring our 2018 season offering to over 1.5 million boxes of 12 varieties of apples, 6 varieties of pears and consumer stone fruit favorites such as organic cherries, plums, pluots and nectarines. We and are poised for substantial growth with plantings of new varieties such as high color Honeycrisp, sport Fuji and Gala offerings.

Solana Gold Organics

Location: Sebastoppol

Since 1979, Solana Gold Organics has been dedicated to providing the very best organic apple juice, organic apple sauce, and organic apple cider vinegar products. We consistently maintain organic, sustainable farming and processing practices, and all of our apples are grown without the use of synthetically compounded fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

Sonoma County, CA, the location of Solana Gold Organics and our farming collective, Appleseed Orchards, is in the heart of what many know only as "wine country". True, our climate is famous today for growing exceptional wine grapes - but apples have always thrived here too! Once upon a time the many acres of apple orchards around our home town of Sebastopol stretched as far as the eye could see.

Today our orchards still support many thriving giant Gravenstein trees that have rewarded generations with world-renowned flavor since the first plantings in the late 1800's. These original trees, still healthy and in active production, tower with impressive gracefulness on our local hillsides. Many trunk circumferences are over 7 feet--a living tribute to our hearty pioneer ancestors who planted the seeds!

Following the inspiration of Sonoma County Calilfornia's determined growers of 100 years ago, Solana Gold Organics is committed to producing top quality organic apple products that we know you and your family will love. We hope you enjoy our organic products as much as we do!

Kabeela Inc

Location: Milipitas

A vendor called KaBeela is one of the few Certified Organic Farmers basein Milpitas. They’ve been attending the Milpitas Farmers’ Market for the last two years, and specialize in greens, vegetables, broccoli, and corn. They harvest the produce within 24 hours of the market to ensure freshness and flavor. 

Walla Walla River Sweet Onions

Location: Walla Walla, WA

The Hamadas have been involved in raising and packing Walla Walla River Sweet Onions for most of their lives. It all started in 1906 when Jikichi Hamada immigrated to the United States from Japan and started farming vegetables in the Seattle area. Jikichi and his family were relocated and confined to an internment camp during World War II. The farm was lost during the internment. After the war, the Jikichi settled in the Walla Walla Valley with his wife and seven sons and they began raising onion seed.


As the family grew, grandsons Randy & Barry learned how to raise Walla Walla River Sweet Onions from their father. Alan and Harry began their own farm in 1975. Brian, another grandson, has been raising Walla Walla River Sweet Onions since 1984.


It has been over sixty years since the Hamada family started a new life in the beautiful Walla Walla Valley, and their Walla Walla River Sweet Onion tradition continues today…


Valley Pride Ag Company

Location: Fresno, CA

I was born in Punjab, India. My parents came to the Golden State made a home for our family. Shortly after arriving in the U.S., they naturally gravitated to agriculture, as they had been farmers in India. Our family has found that tilling the soil is what makes us happy and productive. Earning a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering followed by a master's degree in Business Administration, I began my career sourcing and marketing petrochemical ingredients and paints in Western India. I then spent time with Olam sourcing coffee and cocoa beans in Ivory Coast, Africa where I learned French, and later in Canada, was trained in agricultural and investment banking. I went on to help Olam set up their North American marketing operations for Cashews, Peanuts, and Pecans. Eventually, I realized that “home is where the heart is,” and for me, that is California’s San Joaquin Valley. There, James Blocker and I built the Almond sourcing and marketing business for Olam, and ultimately founded Valley Pride. My work experience and appreciation for farming have given me to perfect skill set for marketing the products from California farms to companies around the globe.

Dosner Organic Farms

Location: Commerce, CA

DOSNER ORGANIC FARMS believe in Fair Trade, fair business practices, and in great team work that begins with our employees, our growers/partners, and extends to our customers

We partner with smaller growers, both locally and internationally. We provide our growers with resources and education on how to grow organically by using sustainable practices. We assist them in getting their fields and crops Food Safety and Organic Certified. We visit our fields throughout the year to oversee procedures and their crops. We take food safety and quality very seriously in all the produce we offer.

Harris Fresh

Location: Coalinga
Food Miles: 189 miles

Harris Fresh offers a full line of onions including the legendary Harris Ranch Sweet Onion, plus a selection of garlic products.  The Harris family’s commitment to agriculture spans over 100 years, four generations, and four states, from Mississippi, to Texas, to Arizona, and eventually into California.

Harris Fresh is the only onion and garlic packer in California able to ship our products by rail directly from our state-of-the-art packing facility to customers throughout the US.

Valliwide Organic Farms

Location: Reedley
Food Miles: 186 miles

Valliwide Organic Farms is family owned and operated since 2010.  Specializing in peaces, nectarines, plums, and mandarins.


The motto is "We grow to give". Valliwide donates profits to the non-profit charity, "When I Grow Up", an organization that's mission is to fight global poverty and to change futures for children. From the slums of Kenya Africa, to Zone 18, the most dangerous area of Guatemala City, to the most remote rural areas of Haiti.

Bouchey Nature's Finest Potatoes

Location: Wapato, WA
Food Miles: 869 miles

Located near Wapato, Wash., on the northeastern edge of the Yakima Indian Reservation, the Boucheys focus on speciality varieties. Colored potatoes, reds, golds, yellows, whites, purples, fingerlings and french fingerlings. The remaining acreage divided among wheat, alfalfa, mint and corn.  About 8 or 9 years ago their father grew about 10 acres of organic potatoes.  Now they have about 80 acres.

Ava's Mangos

Location: Coachella
Food Miles: 410 miles

Keitt mangos have virtually no stringy fibers and a thin pit which means more fruit to devour. This unique domestic mango does not have to travel far and is left on the tree until it has developed a high level of maturity and sweet flavor. California Keitts are grown in the Coachella Valley, which runs for about 45 miles in Riverside County from Palm Springs to the northern part of the Salton Sea.

Keitts are also extra special because they are not subjected to the stress of a hot water bath, as most imported mangos are, contributing to a delicious eating experience.  Almost all imported mangos are hot water treated to eliminate fruit flies and fruit fly larvae. The mangoes are put into a hot water bath (115-118 F) anywhere from 5-10 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 80-85 degrees.

Sumano's Organic Mushroom's

Location: San Juan Bautista
Food Miles: 72 miles

Certified Organic since 2008.  Ray Sumano purchased the mushroom farm in 2017.  "In Sumano’s Organic Mushrooms Farm our commitment is to provide high quality great tasting mushrooms at a fair price. In our farm we grow, shiitake, lion mane and various kinds of oyster mushrooms organically all year around."


"We're looking to expand our mushroom operations.  We've got 10 acres of greenhouses that we currently grow on, but only use about 25% of available capacity.  People want a local, organically grown product and we're delighted to be able to supply them with these tasty mushrooms."


Ken Kimes and Sandra Ward of New Natives are part owners in the mushroom operation.  They sell the tasty mushrooms with their sprouts at Monterey County farmers markets. 

Buy local Organic Oyster Mushrooms here.

Learn more about Sumano Organic Mushrooms on our blog

Rock Front Ranch Products, LLC

Location: Santa Maria
Food Miles: 242 miles

Just Jujubes from Rock Front Ranch are California Grown! Located just 40 miles from the Pacific Ocean, in Santa Barbara County near Santa Maria, Rock Front Jujubes are grown on 320-acres, which sits at the gateway of the Cuyama Valley, surrounded by miles of chaparral and oak forests. This unique landscape is strewn with wildflowers, coastal plants, and towering desert rock formations.

Famous for its rich soil, the Cuyama Valley is heated by the sun each day and cooled by the western sea breeze each evening. These swings in temperature are important for your taste buds, as they encourage the maximum production of sugars for optimum flavor of the tree-ripened fruit.  Rock Front Ranch jujubes are extremely drought resistant, sipping—rather than gulping—precious water. This zero-waste crop thrives in their sandy, loam soil, which is enhanced with their own compost deliberately cultivated to sequester carbon from the air and encourage the growth of good fungi and bacteria.

Ladybug / Organically Grown Company

Location: Eugene, Or
Food Miles: 537 miles

Our LADYBUG Brand represents the finest organic produce from a select group of family farmers who operate on the leading edge of environmentally responsible agriculture.

About 30 farms make up the brand. OGC (Organically Grown Company) works with growers to coordinate a selection of about 100 crops each year. All LADYBUG farms are:

in the Pacific Northwest

  • family owned and operated

  • certified organic

  • premiere quality

It’s a small group of down-to-earth people. We know them all personally. We can tell you that they all take great pride in growing the best organic produce available while taking good care of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us.

Tradition / Greene & Hemly

Location: Courtland, CA
Food Miles: 95 miles

Our farming business dates back to California’s Gold Rush era, when Josiah Greene purchased a plot of land from a discouraged settler. Believing he’d have more success farming the land than mining it, Josiah planted vegetables and grain, and our family’s farming legacy took root.

Today, Doug Hemly and Cathy Hemly represent the fifth generation to run the family business. The sixth generation is also actively involved, our daughter, Virginia, manages the packing facilities and son, Matt, manages the orchard operations.

We’re proud of our long farming heritage, but even more excited about our future as stewards of the land that enables us to grow, pack and ship the safest and most delicious produce possible

With hundreds of acres in production – including 160 acres of organic pears and apples – we put generations of farming experience to work every day, ensuring fruit of the highest quality, flavor and safety. Just as important, Greene & Hemly has emerged as a leader in stewardship and sustainable farming practices, ensuring that our land will remain healthy and productive for generations to come.

That philosophy led us to explore the emerging science of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in 1971, and we helped pioneer natural, chemical-free methods for fighting insects and disease. The more we learned about IPM, the more we realized how little information existed on growing pears and apples organically, so we decided to turn an orchard of Golden Delicious apples into an organic research project – a project that evolved over more than 20 years into the successful and highly acclaimed organic program for which Greene & Hemly is known today.

Fraserland Organics

Location: Delta, BC
Food Miles: 946 miles

When we first started to explore organic agriculture in the early 90s we assumed that we would have to find organic inputs to substitute for chemical inputs.   We soon learned that organic production was much more than that.   On our farms, organic agriculture means building a diverse ecosystem of healthy soils, beneficial insects, plants and micro-organisms.   We seek to use farming practices from before the advent of modern chemical agriculture and marry them with the latest equipment and technologies.

Fraserland farms produces white potatoes, fresh greens, purple potatoes, yellow potatoes, red potatoes, and russet potatoes

Del Mar Packing

Location: Patterson, CA
Food Miles: 64 miles

Del Mar Packing is a family-owned business located in the Central Valley of California. Our company is proud to be a packer and shipper of premium quality apricots, melons, and almonds.

We believe in giving our customers the highest quality produce year in and year out. Starting with our delicious Apricots in May and ending our produce season with Melons. Almonds are handled year round with new crop almond season starting each August. Our employees work hard to harvest a successful crop. Del Mar Packing handles Shelled Almonds, Fresh Market Apricots, Cantaloupes, and Honeydews. Del Mar Packing is a firm believer and follower of Sustainable Agriculture. We believe in preserving farm land and we are a certified grower of Sustainable Agriculture. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a top priority for Del Mar Packing as we strictly evaluate and supervise each pesticide,fungicide and herbicide application.

Stokes Purple / Frieda's Specialty Produce

Location: Los Alamitos, CA
Food Miles: 382 miles

Born in the U.S.A., Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes originated in Stokes County, North Carolina. They’re now grown commercially in the perfectly sandy soil of central California. Available year-round, these sweet potatoes have purple-tinted skin with a deep purple flesh that intensifies when cooked.

Exclusive to Frieda’s, these unique Stokes Purple® sweet potatoes have a somewhat moist, moderately starchy texture and are mildly sweet with slight floral notes. They are a good source of vitamin C and contain a high level of anthocyanins—the antioxidant compound also found in blueberries that gives this potato its purple hue.

Marasalisi Organics

Location: Watsonville, CA
Food Miles: 72 miles

Steve and Louis Marsalisi are brothers who retired to farm lemons, avocados, and limes. Their farm is located in Watsonville, California and they are certified organic with the CCOF. The brothers are known for allowing their fruits to ripen on the tree thus allowing the full flavor and sweetness to develop. This makes a huge difference in the quality and taste of their fruits. Since it is a quick drive to the Bay Area from Watsonville, the freshest and best local organic Meyer lemons come from them. The love and care that they give to their seasonal and local fruits is clear once you taste their delicious harvests.

Swift Subtropicals

Location: Los Osos, CA

This family owned 650 acre ranch upon which The Skyhouse is located, is situated between the Pacific Ocean of Los Osos and San Luis Obispo, (a 30 min. drive from SLO and a 20 minute drive from Los Osos) in the Irish foothills at the very end of Clark Valley road. The ranch is a rugged, oak covered, hilly piece of land, with pockets of organic sub-tropical fruit orchards and fields (including feijoas, passion fruit, African horned melons, and pepino melons). There are free roaming horses and Texas Longhorns and plenty of wildlife, including: red-tail hawk, quail, owl, bobcat, coyote, raccoon, fox, wild boar, deer, the illusive mountain lion and the very occasional black bear.

Mycological Natural Products, Ltd

Location: Willamette Valley, OR
Food Miles: 600 miles

Growing up playing and foraging in the woods of rural Michigan, founder Owen Rice acquired a taste for morels as a child. This passion for the distinctive flavors of locally available wild and specialty foods followed him to the mountains of Oregon, where he founded Mycological Natural Products, a company dedicated to bringing gourmet edible mushrooms and other fruits of the forest to consumers and chefs, in 1995.

Today, Mycological has expanded its product offerings to include dried chiles and additional wild and organically grown specialty food ingredients.

Owen's vision has always been to not only bring delicious foods to discerning palates, but also to support sustainable wildcrafting and farming practices.  Harvesting and marketing non-timber forest products (like gourmet mushrooms and other wild foods) actually creates a powerful economic incentive for conserving intact forest ecosystems. This means we can enjoy the bounty of the forests without needing to cut down trees in the process.

Plus, if you have ever experienced the delight of discovering edible mushrooms in the forest, you know that wild foods are tasty treasures that bring joy as well as flavor.

Scores of dedicated foragers gather our many varieties of seasonal wild mushrooms, seabeans, miner's lettuce, huckleberries and many other wonderfully unique products. Their efforts have contributed to this region's worldwide reputation as a favored source for edible gourmet wild mushrooms and other foods.

Our cultivated products, including organically farmed mushrooms and chiles, come from small, certified organic farms in the verdant Willamette Valley (where we are located), and other regions. We work with dozens of small farmers to source the highest quality products and are excited to play a role in supporting the growth of sustainable organic farming practices.

From shiitake to Lion's Mane mushrooms, from chipotle to Birds-eye chiles, from blackcap raspberries to gooseberries, our strong relationships with these foods and their growers and harvesters ensures that everything we sell is the very best available, and brings the same unforgettable experience Owen had hunting for mushrooms as a child.

Whether you are well versed in the delight of wild and organic specialty foods or are curious to try something new, we invite you to join us in experiencing the rich and complex flavors of our wild and organically grown specialty foods.

More info about Terra Dolce Peppers and Mycological Natural Products on our blog. 

Anderson Organics

Location: Othello, WA
Food Miles: 779 miles

Andersen Organics is a family farm producing 100% organic onions, asparagus, potatoes, and squash that are "grown healthier."

Brian and Denise Andersen established their organic family farm, Andersen Organics, in the heart of the sunny Columbia Basin. “Through diligent care for the soil we grow healthier, better tasting produce.” Our 100% organic produce operation exemplifies our core values of natural resource development and quality products. We ensure quality, and compliance with organic standards through inspection and certification by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA). Utilization of drip irrigation within our fields is an important tool facilitating the preservation of natural resources. It takes a village to care and produce our products, and we take pride in those who help us grow quality produce. We grow Sweet, Yellow, Red, and White Onions, Cippolini, Shallots, Asparagus, Potatoes, and a variety of Winter Squash.

AJM / Stellar Distributing, Inc. / A Catania Worldwide Co.

Location: Madera
Food Miles: 141 miles

Fruits: Papayas, Mangoes, Nectarines, Limes, Pears, Grapes, Kiwifruit, Plums, Blueberries, Cherries, Peaches, Figs, Blackberries, Avocados, Apple

Vegetables: Broccoli, Garlic

Patience Fruit & Co

Location: Villeroy, Quebec, Canada
Food Miles: 3 miles

Patience Fruit & Co makes healthy snacks from local (Quebec-grown) berries, raised slowly with the utmost care, taking time to savour them.

Patience Fruit & Co is a family business that has continued and cherished its values over generations.

We hold to the strong belief that it’s better to do things well than to do them fast. We move at nature’s own pace. We ask no more than what nature can give naturally, and we press our berries just enough to make them even tastier and juicier.


In the year 2000, the Le Moine family, as well as 2 other families chose to invest in organic cranberry farming in Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes, starting the Fruit d’Or Company. Even though at the time organic farming was not very common, and even almost non-existent, their desire for healthy, eco-friendly farming let them very quickly carve out a prime spot for themselves in the food industry.

Still, wanting more than anything to share their passion for organic cranberry farming with the world, in 2015, they decided to launch the Patience Fruit & Co. brand, an inspirational retail brand name that offers bigger, softer and juicier berries.

Allied Avocados & Citrus, Inc.

Location: Fillmore, Ca
Food Miles: 342 miles

As second generation growers with 40 years of experience, farming is at our core. We know how to properly care for the fruits we have all grown to love, and bring out the quality stemmed in hard work and un-compromised sustainable practices.


Allied operates an organically certified packing house in Fillmore, California; we pack our own certified organic fruit, but also custom pack for other growers too. Although we primarily handle organic produce, we are capable of packing & processing non-organic fruit as well. Whether it is organic or non-organic fruit being handled, the product always receives the same care and integrity as it does in our farms.

Farmer's Own / Charlie's Produce


Farmer’s Own Organic started in 1982 as a grower cooperative to serve the budding organic industry and to provide growers and their communities a reliable livelihood, by selling their products locally and nationally. In 1994, Charlie’s Produce purchased the label with a commitment to keeping the same traditions and values in place, propelling the organic movement forward. Farmer’s Own Organic represents the pride that growers have in providing a high quality source of organic produce to a new and rapidly growing market of organic consumers.


With the establishment of a grower liaison, we were able to create a system that maintains the benefit to the growers and to the consumer alike.

In the beginning we had 12 growers packing in the FO Brand and today we have over 30. These efforts have encouraged people to try farming to provide a solid income for growers who sell to us on a regular basis.

In addition to our staples like potatoes and onions we have many other unique organic items. Whether it is kiwi berries, cape gooseberries, melons, fingerling potatoes, blueberries or special pumpkins, we are the match maker between the customer and the grower.

Sierra Produce

Location: Orange, CA
Food Miles: 389 miles

Sierra Produce is an importer, marketer and shipper of fresh fruit products sourced nationally and globally.  With long standing and diverse grower/exporter relationships, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations by providing and abundant commodity assortment and the latest innovative varieties. 

Bay Area Herbs - organics and specialities

Location: San Francisco, CA
Food Miles: 27 miles

For nearly 20 years, we have supplied the US market with the finest specialty produce available. From fresh culinary herbs to baby vegetables, from edible flowers to specialty berries and fiddlehead ferns. We are privileged to work with the best growers in our industry. Unique packaging and efficient shipping methods have been perfected to ensure successful arrivals. Our team of produce professionals draws from the retail, foodservice, grower and wholesale sides of our industry. We take a team approach to customer service, aiming for perfection each and every day. Whether you cater to the consumer, chef or wholesaler, the specialty produce category will define your expertise in the eyes of your customer. Our mission is to partner with you as you strive to achieve your goals.

Mt. Hood Organic Farms

Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon
Food Miles: 631 miles

First and foremost, Mt. Hood Organic Farms is a family run farm, operated by Brady and John Jacobson, which just happens to be situated in a stunningly beautiful location at the base of Mt. Hood in the Upper Hood River Valley. The valley supplies about 30% of all the winter pears grown in America and is bookended by Mt. Hood to the south and Mt. Adams to the north. The mighty Columbia River and its Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area are 15 miles to the south as well.

Although the farm dates to the turn of the century (the main farmhouse was build in 1904), John and Brady began working the orchards in 1981. Inspired by European techniques and committed to sustainable land use, the Jacobsons undertook an extensive orchard renovation and transition to organic farming that resulted in full organic certification in 1989—the first farm in the valley to achieve this status.

As better reflects their view of the importance of the integration of natural landscape and wildlife into their farming practices, and returning to the deeper origins of the organic movement, Brady and John also became certified Biodynamic® growers.

Sunrise Organic Farm

Location: Lompoc, CA
Food Miles: 270 miles

Nestled in the heart of the Santa Rita Hills, Sunrise Organic Farms produces some of the highest quality organic produce in California. In 2015, head farmers, Jesus, Andrew, and Chuy decided to take their combined 52 years of organic growing experience and launch Sunrise Organic Farm. Starting with a small 12-acre parcel in Carpinteria, Sunrise has expanded to 7 different locations, consisting of more than 200 acres across beautiful Santa Barbara County.  Throughout the year we grow over 215 varieties of seasonal crop row vegetables, ranging from carrots, kales and herbs to peppers, tomatoes and strawberries. Sunrise’s continual addition of new and unique varietals keeps our team and our customers delighted.

Side Hill Citrus

Location: Lincoln, CA
Food Miles: 122 miles

I am Rich Ferreira, owner of Side Hill Citrus in Lincoln, California. I live on my Placer County mandarin ranch with my two beautiful daughters. The girls grew up on the ranch and are still very active in the business.

In 1975, I bought the original 17 acre ranch with only 100 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Organic since 1989.  Today Side Hill Citrus has grown to 48 acres and over 3,000 Satsuma mandarin orange trees. Together my ranch hand and I do everything needed to run the ranch and grow these sweet, seedless and easy to peel citrus fruit.


From my ranch manager, Danny, to the crew of pickers, we all work together to make mandarin season a success every year. Many of the same pickers have worked with me for decades. I truly appreciate their loyalty and believe in supporting them accordingly. From picking, packing, and farm maintenance, they are all an integral part of the Side Hill Citrus Team

Enza / T&G

Location: Torrance, CA
Food Miles: 372 miles

Enza is a global quality mark for apples & pears, and has been successfully growing and selling quality apples and pears all around the world for over 50 years.

Through fresh thinking and working with nature, Enza has two hero brands in Jazz and Envy, which are now enjoyed by apple lovers in more than 60 countries around the globe. Four other varieties; Braeburn, Fuji , Royal Gala, and Pacific Rose, all exciting varieties for their day, make up the majority of the rest of what Enza grows and markets along with an extensive range of more specialty varieties including Cox Orange Pippin, Taylor’s Gold pears, and Granny Smith, to name a few.

DOC'S Organics / P&T Enterprises

Location: Brawley, CA
Food Miles: 557 miles

Doc’s Organics LLC is an exclusively organic citrus facility opening in Brawley, California.

P&T Enterprises, our sister company, is the growing side of our operation. P&T Enterprises was started by Pat Dockstader in 1995 and has been growing and expanding their Organic Citrus acreage in the Imperial Valley since 2000. Presently, P&T farms 2,500 acres of Alfalfa and Bermuda Grass. In addition, we have 630 acres of Organic Citrus and 240 acres of Organic Medjool dates in Calipatria and Niland, California.

In 2016, the operation had grown so large that Pat decided to form a partnership with his nephew, Dusty Dockstader, who now oversees the farming. In this transition, Pat and Dusty decided to form Doc’s Organics to better service their organic crops by packing and shipping their own products.

The Doc’s Organics packing shed was constructed in July 2017 at 691 Boarts Rd, Brawley, which is just 1 mile east of the town of Westmorland, California. Our new certified Organic Only Packing Facility uses the most modern methods of washing, sorting, sizing and packing to ensure consistent quality and organic integrity of the product.

Nature's Bounty / Progressive Produce

Location: Edison, CA
Food Miles: 107 miles

In 1967, Nace Cohen and Charles Gilb, with a sales staff of one, an office staff of one, and a fleet consisting of one truck, founded Progressive Produce as a potato and onion company. In their first year they pioneered the theory of bringing bulk loads of potatoes to Los Angeles, thereby merging potato production—wholesaling, packing, refrigeration, transportation and sales—all under one roof.  In 2014 achieved organic certification at all Progressive operations. 


Progressive is a leader in the produce industry, and especially in organic produce. Not just with our Nature’s Bounty line, but with organic offerings across all our fresh produce commodities.

And now we’re accelerating our efforts to increase organic sales for our partners.

We’re unveiling a new look that is designed to really stand out in the produce department where over half of all organics are sold. It features fresh new graphics and modern attractive colors that will be highly visible to shoppers.

At Progressive Produce, we believe in the future of organics. And we’ll continue to offer you the latest innovations in organic produce.

Divine Flavor

Location: San Diego, CA
Food Miles: 504 miles

Divine Flavor is a family-built and family-run business with respect for our workers, our land, for the food we grow and for all lovers of fresh products. 

In 1989, Don Enrique Camou, Carlos Bon Sr. and Alan Aguirre started Viñedos Alta (now Grupo Alta), a small table grape vineyard powered by a business philosophy based on values taught at their respective family’s farms. Values such as treating everyone equally, the importance of keeping your word and caring for the Earth we’ve been fortunate to inherit.

Over the years, Grupo Alta went on to become one of Mexico’s largest agricultural companies, a leader in the food industry and most importantly, a pioneer in sustainable business and products. In 1995, it created the non-profit organization Alta Foundation to provide better working conditions for all its workers, including high-quality living quarters and facilities, healthcare services, and personal development opportunities.

In 2006, original founder Alan Aguirre and Carlos Bon Jr. teamed up with Pedro Batiz to build Divine Flavor, now part of the Grupo Alta portfolio. Today, Divine Flavor is a family-run and grower-owned distribution company based in Nogales, Arizona that believes in growing “Better Food for a Better World.”




Etter Orchards

Location: Redway, CA
Food Miles: 225 miles

Family Farms/Fantastic Produce

Location: Sacramento, CA
Food Miles: 97 miles

Goodlife Organic / Sweet King / Veg Fresh Farms

Location: Corona, CA

Veg-Fresh Farms partners with farmers in California and Mexico to provide year-round conventional and organic fresh fruits and vegetables to our customers. This includes our organic melon program out of Firebaugh, CA, strawberries out of Santa Maria, CA, and tomatoes in Ensenada, Culiacan, and Sayula, MX. These partnerships allow us to offer consistent year-round supply.

GreenBelle / SunBelle

Location: Oxnard, CA
Food Miles: 342 miles

For over 30 years, Sun Belle has brought the freshest and highest quality fruits and vegetables to consumers.  Dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Attention to freshness and quality, expert handling from grower to customer, innovative packaging, high standards of service and safety and a focus on our customers’ growth are keys to our success.


Sun Belle will use its excellent network of growers, distribution centers and logistic providers to ensure that Green Belle organic berries reach consumers in top condition and fresh.


Green Belle organic blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, pomegranate arils, strawberries and Biodynamic® blueberries.

LIV Organic

Location: Capistrano Beach, CA
Food Miles: 417 miles

Founded in 2018.  Anthony Innocenti is Co-founder and Managing partner.  


A majority of the growers LIV Organic partners with are within Riverside and San Diego County.  Working with small to medium sized growers helping their products reach the mainstream audience.   


By growing, packing, and shipping the fruit themselves allows for control needed to be able to react quickly and make the best decisions for the health of the company and our customers. 



Trout, Inc. / Chelan Fruit

Location: Chelan, WA
Food Miles: 855 miles

Trout Incorporated was incorporated in July 1921 as Lake Chelan Fruit Growers by eight growers. In 1921, fruit was hand sorted and packed, then shipped in one bushel wood boxes with labels glued on the ends identifying whose fruit was in the box.  The Trout label is now a collector’s item.  K.J. Hendershott was appointed manager of Trout, Inc. in 1921, and led the organization until 1966. 


Chelan Fruit Cooperative is a 300-member, grower-owned cooperative based in North Central Washington.  Its roots are in three former regional cooperatives: Trout, Inc, Blue Chelan, Inc, and MAGI, Inc.


Currently Chelan Fruit receives and produces bins of conventional and organic apples, pears, cherries, plums and pluots from 12,750 acres located from the Canadian border south to Central Washington.  They employ 600 employees, peaking at 1,200 employees during cherry season.


New Natives

Location: Corralitos, CA
Food Miles: 69 miles

Since 1980, Ken and Sandra have been growing organic microgreens, a “super-food” that comes in many textures and flavors. Microgreens are plants between seven and ten days old that have sprouted from seed, but don’t yet have true leaves. Despite their small size, ounce for ounce, microgreens provide more nutrients than any other natural food. They are delicious in salads and sandwiches.


"We begin with the seed. We use, literally, tons of seed annually, and it ALL has to be organic. The growth cycle is initiated with pure, clean, tested water from our deep well. The seed is planted in our mineral rich composted vegan soil. The plants enjoy the natural light from the sun and plenty of fresh air. Our farming practices are basic, simple and natural. It works very well for us and for the food we produce."


New Natives received their organic certification from CCOF way back in 1983. The farm, nestled in a valley on 5-acres off Hames Road in Corralitos, uses only certified organic seed. Sandra and Ken have developed partnerships with organic farmers to grow seeds for them for sprouting. Through these partnerships New Natives is helping other small family farmers to prosper.


Sunflower Greens is New Native’s most popular product. They supply microgreens to many area natural foods stores, juice bars and restaurants. Their farm produces several other microgreens including, arugula, broccoli, cilantro, daikon radish, pea shoots, wheatgrass, buckwheat lettuce, and a mixed variety of lentils and beans.


New Natives Offers sprouting workshops for people who wish to grow sprouts at home. “We love to teach people about sprouting. It’s a fun and easy thing to do at home with the kids,” said Sandra. Instructions for growing microgreens can be found at on their website at




Independent Brand / Washington Fruit & Produce Co.

Location: Yakima, WA
Food Miles: 718 miles

Near the turn of the 19th century, the Northern Pacific Railroad opened a depot in Yakima, Washington, giving the rest of the world a way to taste the fruits of Central Washington.  More than 100 years ago, three men saw the unlimited potential of this fertile region offering rich soil, sunny days and easy irrigation making it the perfect birthplace of a new ag industry. 


Fred B. Plath incorporated Washington Fruit in 1916 to grow, pack and ship quality tree fruit.  Washington Fruit has marketed apples, pears and cherries under the Independent label for over a century.  A partnership with Mt. Adams Fruit was formed in the 1940s.  Mt. Adams grows, packs and ships premium apples, pears and cherries from the scenic Columbia River Gorge.  The partnership has enabled Washington Fruit to provide customers with fresh fruit year-round.


Incorporating sustainable agricultural techniques for soil health will enable Washington Fruit to meet customer's needs without compromising the ability of future generations.  Soil is a mixture of minerals, air, water and organic materials.  We promote healthier soil life by planting cover crops to build soil biomass.  Our non-till practices include mowing, chipping, and recycling most plant matter.  Decomposing plant parts add organic matter to the soil which improves structure and helps retain water.  These natural inputs reduce the dependency on synthetic fertilizers which produces higher soil quality without a negative environmental impact. 

Mountain States Produce / 4Earth Farms

Location: Commerce, CA
Food Miles: 366 miles

4Earth Farms was founded in 1993 on a very simple ideal:  provide superior customer service and hight quality and consistent produce year-round. 


Over the years, our guiding principles have grown with us - rapid innovation that responds to our customer's needs, sustainable practices, and measureable stewardsship at every level. 


We see ourselves as sticklers for quality.  Ambassadors of efficiency.  Champions of the consumer.  Custodians of the Earth. 


4Earth Farms and its growing partners currently cultivate more than 2,000 acres in Baja Mexico, mainland Mexico, Northern California, Central California, Oregon, Utah, and Texas. 




NC Coconut Co., Ltd.

Location: Thailand

NC Coconut is USDA certified organic.  Produce almost 100,000 coconut products a day.  About 60 to70 percent of that is exported to China. 

Veg-Land, Inc. / JBJ Distributing

Location: Fullerton, CA
Food Miles: 383 miles

Founded in 1976 by brothers Jim & John Matiasevich for the purpose of consolidating all the mixed produce and floral products for Safeway stores throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Today Veg-Land operates out of a 105,000 sqft warehouse in Fullerton, Ca.  They grow, process, and distribute only the highest quality fruits and vegetables. 


JBJ Distributing was founded in 1980 for the purpose of servicing the needs of major supermarkets and foodservice establishments with a full line of specialty produce.  In 1988, JBJ added a full line of "Organic" produce to their produce offering. 


Santa Sweets

Location: Guaymas, Sonora MX
Food Miles: 1 miles

Santa Sweets is a family-run company and the growers behind the famous Authentic Grape Tomato & UglyRipe Heirloom Tomato.  The company was founded by Joseph Procacci, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Procacci Brothers, who started his produce wholesale busiess out of a pushcart in the streets of Camden, New Jersey in the 1940s. 


Joe founded Santa Sweets because he recognized that the tomato market lacked flavorful options and he wanted to provide customers with tomatoes that "didn't taste like cardboard." 


Santa Sweets stays authentic by handpicking tomatoes after they ripen on the vine.  The extra time that tomatoes spend on the vine makes all the difference in optimizing their flavor.  Also, each farm is fully integrated into a packing and distribution system that ensures both year-round availability and exacting quality control. 

Organic Treat / Mainas Farms, LLC.

Location: Holtville, CA
Food Miles: 579 miles

Has been in the business of Cantaloupe farming since 1978.

Secret Beach Organics

Location: Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii
Food Miles: 2 miles

Secret Beah Organics is a 'certified organic' farm located just above Secret Beach in Kilauea, Kauai.  It is completely family owned and operated.  In 2013 we moved away from our busy lives in California to do something extraordinary.  Once the land was acquired and the well was dug nice and deep, together my father and I started off by planting 700 fruit trees, consisting of 42 different varieties using only the purest most organic inputs available, many of whic came right from the land.  Fast forward several years, and we now specialize in growing the purest, most nutriet dense turmeric root available on the planet. 

Tasteful Selections

Location: Arvin, CA
Food Miles: 275 miles

Bob Bender "my father knew that these bite-size potatoes could inspire meals for more than just our own, so he started his venture of expanding the potato category.  Pairing with growers across the country and the world, he expanded his knowledge of planting, growing and harvesting.  Through this, he discovered our bite-size potatoes thrived in fields throughout the southwest and thus we moved to California to make our bite-size dreams, a big-time reality."


State of the art growing, production, and storage facilities are located in Arvin, CA in an area known for its rich farmland and year-round growing seasons.  Planting and harvesting more that 300 days of the year.


As a company, we have cut down water waste by transitioning 2,000 acres from a flood irrigation system to linear irrigation.  Linear irrigation uses 60 percent less water. 

HLB Specialties

Location: Mexico

HLB Specialties, formerly HLB Tropical Food, is a family business through and through.  HLB Tropical Food was founded by the Barros family, who emigrated from Brazil to Germany in 1989 to start a fruit importing company that would not only bring the delicious, exotic papaya to Europe but more importantly, would get Europeans excited about papayas. 


After successfully re-marketing papayas from an ultra-exotic item to an indispensable everyday fruit, the Barros family moved to Florida in 1998 to establish HLB Tropical Food USA.  The Barros family soon established a nationwide presence, positioning the Brazilian Caliman papaya brand with top retailers and wholesalers across the country.  Our German company currently supplies a variety of tropical fruits to over 10 European countries. 



Anjoy Organic Farms

Location: Guamúchil, Sinaloa, Mexico
Food Miles: 1 miles

Originating in 2016, Anjor Organic Farms was developed with a mission to produce and market organic products with the highest quality, and with the faithful principle of caring for the environment and human beings.  Following ethical principles, they strive to follow the guidelines known as "Empresa Socialmente Responsable" which translates to being a socially responsible company.  Their aim is to generate a positive footprint at the social, environmental and economic level in their community. 


They produce Certified Organic products such as Mini Watermelons, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers, Eggplants, Zucchini and Grape Tomatoes. 

Arroyo Grande Berry Farm / Ag Berry Farms

Location: Arroyo Grande, CA
Food Miles: 226 miles

La Conquista Organic Fruits

Location: Rio Negro, Argentina
Food Miles: 6 miles

La Conquista S.R.L. was founded in 2005 as a regional startup for the production of pome fruit, in order to meet market needs.  Located in the region around the Patagonian Rio Negro River.  Currently, it has 70 hectares in production and high performance packing.


We have 20 employees throughout the year, and more than 75 during high season.  La Conquista S.R.L. is a company dedicated exclusively to the production, packing and trading of organic pears and apples.  With a professional experienced staff, we are able to offer our clients an integrated quality assurance and the compliance with the strictest market standards at every stage of the process. 


Our specialized team of agronomists, technicians in cold-storage, administrators, manager and al our staff at the production and packing are devoted to producing excellent quality apples and pears and taking care of them during the whole process, so that our products reach consumers with all the nutrients and safe as when they were just harvested.

Brandt Farms

Location: Reedley, CA
Food Miles: 186 miles

Located in Reedley, CA, in the heart of the California San Joaquin Valley, Brandt Farms a distributor, packing shed and grower of Peaches, Plums, Nectarine, and Grapes.  Jack Brandt Sr. Started the business by growing and packing his Nectar variety peaches and hauling them to the San Francisco market.  The business grew when the neighbors asked him to handle their fruit as well.  Brandty Farms has over 77 years and three generations of experience in growing, packing, and marketing the best California Peaches, Nectarines, and Plums.

Rico Farms Organic Produce

Location: Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Food Miles: 1 miles

We own and operate 4 farms;  Carbo with 2 pecan farms with a total of 125 production hectares, Hermosillo & Guayamas with 1 farm each.  Hermosillo covers 2 seasons a year, Spring and Fall, with a total of 800 Hectares.  Guayamas covers our winter season with 210 hectares.  Our Hermosillo farm can be expanded to another 400 hectares in the future.  All farms are located in the State of Sonora, Mexico very close to the State of Arizona in the US.


The source of water is from two deep wells.  The water is low in sodium and the water table is stable due to the extremely large water shed adjacent to the farm.


The farm Campo San Luis is ran by Mr. Francisco Tapia, and his son Francisco Tapia junior.  Mr. Francisco is an agricultural engineer and his son graduated at the University of Monterrey, he majored in Industrial Process and Systems Engineering.  They have been blessed with a growing environment any organic producer can hope for.  The farm is located on the coast of Sonora.  A few miles away from Cortez Sea.  The sea moderated the extreme temperature experience in the dessert of Sonora creating the perfect environment. 



Signature Brand Organics / Frank's Distributing

Location: Guasave, Sinaloa, Mexico
Food Miles: 1 miles

Frank's Distributing of produce is a company founded by Mr. Francisco Echavarria Rojo under the name "Frank's Distributing" in 1971.  Since then, it has been owned by the Echavarria family who operates it under the highest industry standards and with a commitment to quality, sustainability. 


The Echavarria family has experience in agriculture dating back to 1927.  Additionally, they own more than 2,000 hectares of farmland in two locations in Mexico:  Guasave in SInaloa and Vizcaino in Baja California Sur. 


We are a grower, shipper and custom packer with produce distribution centers in San Diego, CA; Nogales, AZ, and Edinburg, TX.  We offer Mexico grown organic and conventional produce at competitive wholesale prices in the U.S. and Canada. 

Starr Ranch Growers

Location: Wenatchee, WA
Food Miles: 830 miles

It all starts with a good seed.  For Starr Ranch Growers, that good seed was our founder - the late Paul "Tommy" Thomas.  We're proudly rooted in the traditions he started back in 1934, when he founded our company in the heart of Washington's apple country.  Tommy started Starr Ranch as a business that would grow and nurture, not produce and monetize. 


Tommy believed in the power of hard work, honesty, and treating others with respect.  For more than three-quarters of a century, we've been using these values as our guide.  In all stages of our business, from growing to packing and shipping.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity. 


Initially, most of our fruit was grown on the original 300-acre Starr Ranch, south of Pateros on the beautiful Columbia River.  But in the 1960s, the orchard was flooded with the construction of Wells Dam.  Tommy and his fellow partners bought two more 100-acre ranches near Brewster and constructed the first packing plant, which still lives on as one of Starr Ranch Growers' warehouses today.  In the 1970s, after 40 years as a Washington fruit man, Tommy sold his interest in Starr Ranch Growers to his son Dalton.


Starr Ranch Growers began with just fifteen growers packing out of a single shed.  Today, there are more than 7,000 acres of orchards and multiple plant locations.

Buck Brand

Location: Terra Bella, CA
Food Miles: 246 miles

Buck Brand citrus is grown on the sunny hills of Deer Creek Heights Ranch in Terra Bella, California and other small plots of land in the foothills of the San Joaquin Valley. 


Lisle and Mary Babcock grow traditional, heirloom and varietal citrus on their organic farm.  The fruit is picked to order and delivered within days of harvest, not weeks

Linda Farms

Location: Los Reyes, Michoacan, Mexico
Food Miles: 2 miles


"My name is Rafael Álvarez Herrera and I am a Mexican grower of organic blackberry.


I am a father of four children, and my wife Anilu, who is also a grower, has been my life partner. Growing organic berries is our passion and it is something that we both share and work on together.


In 2007, with only 2 hectares, we started to grow organic blackberries in the valley of Los Reyes, Michoacán, México. We were pioneers of organic berries production in the region.


The first years were very difficult, however, we never gave up believing that organic agriculture was the future of the world. We kept placing our bets on organic production even in adverse times.


Today my wife and I we have a land surface of 53.2 hectares of organic blackberry with three varieties such as Tupy, Aketzally and Amelali, having a production around 5,000 boxes per hectare and 11 tons per hectare per harvest. Our production plan allows us to have 1 or 2 harvest per season depending on the weather.


In our orchards, additional to being 100% organic, we focus on good agricultural practices and prioritize food safety practices as per our Global GAP certificate.   


Our crew in the orchards constitutes of many men and women that are able to provide a better lifestyle to their families.   


Thank you and warm regards.”


Origin O / Oppy

Location: Victoria, BC
Food Miles: 1 miles

Oppenheimer Bros. & Co. opened in Victoria, BC in 1858 to supply thousands of fortune seekers drawn by the Fraser Canyon Gold Rush. 


Oppy grows and transports apples, apricots, avocados, berries, brussels sprouts, cherries, citrus, cucumbers, ginger root, grapes, kiwi, nectarines, peaches, pears, peppers, plums, pluots, and tomatoes. 




Desert West

Location: Salinas, CA
Food Miles: 85 miles

Berry People

Location: Holister, CA
Food Miles: 72 miles

Berry People started in 2017.  Their ownership, together with key alliance partners, hold important organic berry production assets in Mexico, California, and Peru.  The farm locations include Watsonville, Santa Maria, Baja, Jalisco, and Michoacan.     

They produce conventional and organic strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.  It is called the "four-berry footprint."  Berry People's operations are conducted year round. 


The three core values are complementarity, empathy, and stewardship. 

Silly Monkey/Morada Produce

Location: Stockton, CA
Food Miles: 59 miles

Morada Produce is owned by the Foppiano family.  Giovanni and Caterine Foppiano moved to the Waterloo area in the fertile San Joaquin County in 1849.  Giovanni planted one of the first orchards in the region.  Skip Foppiano now continues the family traditions.   


They pack and ship cherries, onions, and bell peppers.  Over 50% of their volume is company grown and owned. 


Bostock New Zealand

Location: Hastings, NZ
Food Miles: 6 miles

John and Vicki Bostock started out as conventional apple and squash growers in the 1980s.  They lived on an apple orchard with their three young boys and quickly became concerned with the industry's liberal use of pesticides and other artificial substances, so they started looking for healthier and safer alternatives. 


The couple started converting their Hawke's Bay apple orchards to organic in 1996.  They were the first growers to approach organic apple production on a commercial scale. 


In 1999 John purchased a minority shareholding in D M Palmer (DMP), a major exporter of primary products.  In the years following, the company increased exports to include a wider range of New Zealand grown fruit and vegetables.  In 2003 John bought 100% of DM Palmer.


After many years of positive growth, John decided to consolidate and simplify the various brands and relaunched as Bostock New Zealand in 2015.


Bostock New Zealand now exports to over 20 different countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Pete's Living Greens

Location: Carpinteria, CA
Food Miles: 315 miles

Pete Overgaag's grandparents founded "Pete's" in 1970.  They started working in greenhouses during the 1920's & 30's in Holland.  Pete has been working in the company most of his life.  


Growing in greenhouses has a few benefits.  It controls the elements and creates an ideal environment for the plants.  Compared to traditional field grown crops it saves 75% to 85% of water.  A quarter amount of space is needed to grow the same amount of crops. 


Pete's grows Living Butter Lettuce, Living Red Butter Lettuce, Living Spring Mix, and Wondercress. 

Frog Hollow Farm

Location: Brentwood, CA
Food Miles: 35 miles

Frog Hollow Farm is a 280-acre farm located in Brentwood, California. They grow legendary organic fruits.

Their farm is home to hundreds of trees which produce peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots, apriums, plums, pluots, pears, olives, persimmons, quince, apples, meyer lemons, blood oranges and more. They are certified organic with CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) and committed to regenerative practices. Sustainability is an important value that Farmer Al has embraced since choosing to go organic in 1989. 

Anna's Organics

Location: Chowchilla, CA

We first met with Anna’s Organics, a new grower partner located near Chowchilla, CA. With about 60 acres smack in the middle of conventional fruit groves, we were greeted by a hand-painted sign: “Organic farm, do not spray”, a necessary reminder as a blaring crop duster circled the fields next door. The plane made dramatic turns, drawing our attention as it drowned out our conversations with noise. When we asked, they ensured us that local patrols work to enforce buffer zones and protect the organic production from chemicals. But the scenario provided a palpable frame for what organic growers in the Valley can be up against.  

Outside of their small pack-shed we met Manuel, father and principal grower, Luis, his son who takes care of sales, Anna, his daughter in charge of business and organic compliance, and their mother: quality control, and operations. It’s a true family-run business!  

Peterson Family Fruit

Location: Central Valley

Carrying on the 100-year tradition, growing delicious stone fruit is natural to the Petersons. The family farm is located in the heart of the central valley, in a small Swedish town called Kingsburg. Vern grew up working alongside his father in the orchards. Now Vern, along with his son Erik, farm a variety of organic tree fruits including peaches, plums, and nectarines. A family tradition passed on to the next generation.

The Petersons farm below the soil to support maximum biodiversity and levels of organic matter. Healthy soil is the foundation of Regenerative Organic farming techniques. This includes promoting an environment where microorganisms can thrive, further enriching the soil on which Peterson trees stand. 

The family also raises organic chickens, using their waste for fertilizer on the farm. A symbiotic relationship that naturally boosts farming operations.

JAS Family Farms Organics

Location: Watsonville, CA

One of the smallest and most local farms in the Bay Area. Tony Serrano became a legal resident in 1986 under President Reagan's amnesty bill, advanced through a series of agricultural jobs and, in 2018, fulfilled his dream of owning his own farm company-JAS Family Farms Organic. In addition to strawberries and summer squash, Serrano raises tomatoes, artichokes and cabbages on about 100 acres.

Lapierre Farms

Location: Zillah, Washington


In 1985, Mark LaPierre bought a small piece of ground and planted his first cherry orchard in Granger, WA. Through hard work and ambitious vision, Mark mastered the art of organic farming. Together, Mark and Marni expanded LaPierre Farms by adding several new fruit varieties, an independent warehouse operation, and a signature collection of organically grown wines. LaPierre Farms has been family-owned and certified organic for over 20 years. Our method is simple–rooted in decades of mastery and appreciation for our land. Nestled in the Rattlesnake hills and surrounded by Washington’s peaks, we serve as nature’s second hand to grow the finest collection of fruit in the purest form.

100% certified organic for over 20's farming as it should be. We take pride in growing the freshest, most flavorful fruit through mindful and sustainable practices. From water usage to packaging materials, we strive for continuous improvement to reduce our footprint and keep our land hearty for generations to come. In 2022, they introduced an eco-friendly, 100% compostable cherry bag.

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