How Our Service Works

Our goal is to make eating organic affordable!

Our mission is to make organic fruits and veggies something everyone can enjoy and benefit from. To do that, each week we search high and low for produce that is in-season, local when possible, delicious, fresh, and always with no exceptions: 100% USDA certified organic.

You'll get a menu each week customized to your tastes and preferences. Don't like garlic or celery? We'll find something else on our menu to put in it's place. You'll never have to throw produce out because it's something you don't like.

We make it easy to add extra stuff to your box, and even make a few last minute changes to your menu!

The rest is easy, just sit back and relax, and on your delivery day, we'll be whistling while we work and deliver your personal box of produce right to you, wherever you need it. Maybe your treehouse, maybe your office, maybe just to the side door where it's nice and shady.

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