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Things will get seriously serious up in here with this crazy organic food trend. We’re just sayin’. Ronald’s not going to be happy. We’re probably expecting that you’ve read this already, and you might’ve heard of a little organic fast-food chain called Elevation Burger, but here’s a little something that should scare the crap out of Mickey D’s just a little bit more:

We Might Be Seeing the Organic Food Trend Tackled by the BEST OF THE BEST in the Game, Wendysand Sadly It’s NOT Going to Be McDonald’s

A little something that should scare the iconic fast-food chain into some action. Here’s why:

It does turn out that organic food growth in the market is hitting the food service industry so hard that not only are new chains starting up with the primary focus being organic food, but even a Mickey D’s direct competitor will be leading the charge as well. Ever heard of Wendy’s? How about Honest Tea?

The two have joined together in an effort to serve Honest tea organic beverages in all establishments nationwide. You can walk into a Wendy’s an order one right now. To spell it out for you, Honest Yea sources about 800K lbs of organic raw materials, which makes it quite the heavy organic food establishment. The partnership Honest Tea has with Wendy’s will require a good 1MM lbs of that raw material.


We Can Only Imagine Just How Much the Organic Food Trend Will Go. It May Just Be the Beginning.

We’re thinking McDonald’s will need to try their hand in it somehow. Or else Wendy’s might be able to also compete with the many other establishments out there serving organic food and still remain in the game with the big names, like Burger King and the like. What do you think? Can Mickey D’s do it? Or are they going to be sunk? You be the judge!

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What’s this world coming to? The age of the Internet, or as many tech enthusiasts call, the Internet of Things. Not only can your phone be hooked up to cyberspace, but your microwave can, your TV can, your doorknob can, even you freakin’ pen can! Why not organic food? Sound too far-fetched. Be prepared to be wowed, because it turns out that soon you just might be a connected shopper someday soon.

We’re Not Joking. The Stats Are In, and the Convenient Connected Shopper Network May Be a Huge Force in the Organic Food Market


Here’s the thing — and we can attest to it, because we’re Golden Gate Organics (generally customers buy our stuff online) — organicconnected shopper-1 food purchases directly from the web in 2014 actually doubled — to 14%. That means in 2013, food purchases online only sat at a paltry 7%. Nothing to sniff at in a negative way, as at least some people are purchasing organics! But we repeat: that metric doubled in a year.

Let’s drive the point home a little more. A little study done in 2015 actually found that 51% of consumers use their phones to shop for merchandise. Why not groceries? This explains why many startups and tech companies out there are tapping into the untouched market of groceries given it happens to be the largest category out there. We’re seeing features right now, actually.

Of Course, Why Should We Care About the Connected Shopper Trend Anyway??

The tested method of getting into your car, going to the store, getting the cart, and shopping for your food still sweeps the nation. So why bother investigating any industry trends like this? There are plenty of reasons —

  • Price Comparisons Are Easier
  • Better Information and Access
  • Product Review Introductions
  • More Regulations
  • Direct Customer Service Help

Think about it. When in a store, you don’t get those options as easy. When all it takes is a simple swipe of your smartphone, the information you need, plus the purchase, and the delivery not only saves you the time, but earns you better products and choices in the long run.

More than worth it!

We Guess We Should Be Open With Welcome Arms to the Advent of the Internet

Well, we are. Other establishments should as well! The future of grocery shopping — nay, organic grocery shopping! — is looking pretty bright for organic food.

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They’ve been around for the longest time, making us sick to our stomachs but somehow alleviating the stress of the day and filling our bellies enough to keep us going. Nothing against fast food, honestly — it serves a valid purpose in today’s society. But think about just how long the fast food phenomenon has been around. After all, Michael Keaton recently starred in the breakout film “The Founder,” heralding the launch of arguably the most prolific and biggest fast food chain in history (*ahem* McDonald’s). Needless to say, the fast-food market’s an American institution, having swam overseas at length to populate the masses over there. It’s been around so long, too, that ultimately we’re seeing a massive change in the market, and here’s why:

In the Not-to-Distant Future, We May See Organic Food Quality Enter Into the Space of the Fast Food Market

And it would be unprecedented. Think about it: veggie burgers sold at Burger King, tofu tacos at Taco Bell. The concept blows minds (and not stomachs). The thing is we’re already seeing that happen right now  with some breakout branches potentially forcing the trend on the big heavy hitters, like Wendy’s and such. And it’s not just a fad. It’s a success. You can see why Golden Gate’s big on organic food and produce already, because it connects to everything —

  1. Grocery Stores
  2. Farmer’s Markets
  3. Restaurants

fast food-1Yes, definitely restaurants. Not just your standard fare, but the fast-food kind. This ups the value of everything organic in a big way, which is a big reason why you can subscribe and have successful organic food delivery with GGO and supercharge your food health. The occasional trip out to eat, though, can’t hurt. We welcome it. The fact that restaurants are buying into this organic food trend is a big deal, but the question is this:

Will the big guys see the writing on the wall?

Come on, Burger King. We love the Whopper, but we’ve got to transcend the grease and Calories and go for something seamlessly satisfying without sacrificing our midriffs. It would take quite a while as the big chains out there still control the majority of fast-food-eating society, but over time when you see that health declines, and the healthier propel, ultimately the whole survival of the fittest mentality comes into play.

People want to live longer. To live longer, you have to eat better. And you can’t eat better if you’re eating grease all the time. We saw it with the Subway Diet, and there are other casual eating dives promoting some form of healthy eating, but sooner or later, organic products will make their way into kitchens and promote the next big thing in culinary genius. Think about it: the only thing better than whole grain…is organic whole grain. And the benefits are clear.

As We Mentioned, There Are Seven Reasons Why Organic Food Will Change the Entire Industry

Something has to give, right? Here are seven reasons why the market will give in. Successful fast food chains with emphasis on green quality and organic excellence are the reasons, starting with….

  • Chipotle Mexican Grill — Surprising, right? To see this chain on the list? After all the food organic food-1safety scandals they’re dealing with, you really just have to read this and learn why organic food is number one with them.
  • Elevation Burger — Before you start thinking that this is just a local mom-and-pop burger joint, check this report out about what the latest trend is all over the East Coast and Midwest.
  • Veggie Grill — This should be a no-brainer given the name of the restaurant, but you won’t believe what else they do at their establishments. Let’s just say you can have “Happy Hour” there.
  • Dig Inn — Not just a play on words, or a pun, but this restaurant takes the idea of healthy eating and turns it into a buffet scarfing session unlike anything you’ve ever seen. See for yourself.
  • Native Foods — Another no-brainer, what with the name of the restaurant. Still, not only does this restaurant’s cuisine taste damn good, but it looks good — and, yes, you’re looking at a fast-food genre here as well.
  • LYFE Kitchen — If there’s any food service out there — organic food service, to be exact — capable of bringing about the newest trend in the fast food industry, it’s this restaurant. You’ll be blown away.
  • Sweetgreen Restaurant — Here’s a little disclaimer for you: this restaurant isn’t simply a “salad bar.” Actually, it’s nothing like a salad bar, as in there’s no bar. It’s just a big feast-fest, and here’s why.

Here’s the craziest part of this list: this is only a fraction of the number of fast-food chains breaking into the industry with a focus on organic food!

It’s Pretty Clear — People WANT to Eat Healthier, But Still Want the Convenience of Fast Food

And it will only be a process, okay? An arguably long process. Think about it. All the Mickey D’s, Burger King’s, and Taco Bell’s in the world have to either weather this storm, or join in on the maelstrom that is organic food! You be the judge — what’s going to happen? You think everyone from Wendy’s to Checkers can accomodate? We. Shall. See!

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Mince no words (only garlic and onion) when talking about Chipotle Mexican Grill. Yes, this chain’s arguably the largest chain of its ethnic cuisine, but also the one going through the most tumult given e.coli stuff and food safety concerns plaguing the establishment. It’s not stopping the Mexican juggernaut from touting the biggest USP its still pushing to this day, which may be one of the reasons why stock shares in the venue still are decent despite the negative reviews.

What’s That USP? Nothing But the Fact That Chipotle Mexican Grill Right on Chipotle Mexican GrillTheir Website Will Commit to Sustainably Raised Food

A major commercial chain — supporting sustainability — dare we say, organic quality? Who knew? In fact, their website states that all the meat from animals is ensured to be raised with no antibiotics or added hormones, hence organic meat. Additionally, organic and local produce is a big winner for them “when practicaly, so Chipotle has proven that a fast-food chain doesn’t even have to be die-hard organic to support it.

The company’s even placed solar panels on their buildings, using low-VOC paint and energy-efficient lighting. With all paper products made from unbleached material, you’re guaranteed a fully green restaurant with organic tendencies.

Granted…. It’s not a solely dedicated organic fast-food restaurant. But Chipotle Mexican Grill certainly can be named as the first fast-food restaurant to support and launch an initiative toward better health. We’re wondering if it had anything to do with the food safety scandals and claims. A blessing in disguise?

Today, Chipotle, Tomorrow, the World

It may seem like only a matter of time before organic food and groceries hit the mainstream (for some, it already has). Couldn’t come any sooner. To this day, the United States may still be the most obese nation in the country. With these kinds of initiatives, though, that may soon change.

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Talk about a major fast-food chain boasting burgers of a different kind and getting viral all over the place! Ever had a veggie burger taste like a steak burger? Elevation Burger is the place to be, having expanded all over the place. The level of growth is quite shocking:

Want to Know Where You’ll Find Elevation Burger?

Chances are pretty good if you’re in the East Coast or Midwest. Here’s why:

Elevation Burger Locations

  • Washington D.C.
  • MarylandElevation Burger
  • Maine
  • Pennsylvania
  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Michigan
  • Indiana
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Florida

Those are a lot of places to find just one real good veggie burger. Of course, Elevation Burger does so much more than just vegan cuisine. The burgers this restaurant serves happens to be 100% USDA certified organic. Grass-fed, and free range. Just in case you’re mum on what that means, it simply means the cows get to be in their natural habitat, making for the most natural — organic — beef on the market, no antibiotics, no preservatives, no hormones.

Listen, if you’re going to eat meat, eat the best, right? Even their veggie burgers are made with organic whole grains! Not processed, not packaged, not preserved. Completely natural. You can even work your way toward trying a veggie burger, just in case you’re a bit shy on penetrating that foodie market, by ordering what they call the half-the-guilt burger, a sandwich made with one organic beef patty and one veggie patty. So it’s like a double-quarter pounder — only much healthier.

Looks Like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s Has Some Competition

It may only be a matter of time before all fast-food restaurants go organic, people. Seriously. It’s in your best interest to check it out for yourself and see what you’re dealing with. You’ll know soon enough that you’re dealing with a whole lot of packed and punchy flavor — but with the health benefits only your imagination can conjure up. GGO approves heartily.

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Nothing but homemade goodness and with a lot of “free” in the mix to optimize the health. Clearly, the Veggie Grill, a unique restaurant chain for fast food, isn’t just about organics, and somehow they manage to make a grilled dish without killing a single cow, chicken or pig. And here’s how:

The Veggie Grill Packs the Veggies and Turns the Heat Up, UnafraidVeggie Grill Restaurant

We’re not joking. This is a restaurant totally free of meat, even dairy. No eggs, no saturated animal fat. They don’t even have cholesterol, antibiotics, trans fat, gluten and soy. You can’t get much more natural than that, and yet they pack a mean punch with their food, earning them the right to call themselves a grill.

What they do is pack their veggies into strip, breast or steak shapes made from the best organic or non-GMO soybeans, wheat and peas. The combination allows for a great grilling feast, capable of holding up to the fire and enjoying the sizzle of spices, dry rubs, or marinades. You’ll be fooled; trust us.

They don’t hold out on the supergrains either, featuring everything from millet, to buckwheat, quinoa (of course), and brown rice as excellent sides to these tasty dishes over the charcoal. We’re willing to bet you’ll want something to wash all of that down, which of course they do have that on the menu: homemade lemonade, organic teas — and get this, even beer and wine! Locally produced, of course, which believe it or not their products are all free of high-fructose corn syrup.

Sounds Too Good to Be True — But Just so You Know, the Veggie Grill’s Growing

You’ll find the chain heralding the organic fast-food market everywhere, from California, to Oregon, to Washington. So it’ll be only a matter of time before the Heartland sees it, the Midwest sees it, and then the East Coast sees it. Then you can imagine grill masters everywhere foregoing the wicked strip steak and opting for some hearty veggies to fire up on the grill. Can’t beat that.


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Typically when you think of a HERO sandwich, organic’s the last thing you think of. You definitely don’t think of veggies (unless they’re toppings. Somehow, though, this little dive called Dig Inn (get it?), a NYC restaurant chain, takes all sorts of meats and makes them as organic as possible, which we truly appreciate. Here’s one example:

Meet the “Natural Hero” Sandwich, Courtesy of Dig InnDig Inn Restaurant

Their mantra in this chain is local sourcing of ingredients. The hallmark of truly organic and even vegan sentimentality in cuisine. We honestly don’t have anything against beef, especially when it’s managed in the best possible, most organic way.

Their “Natural Hero” couldn’t be anymore natural, made from in-house spicy beef and chicken meatballs with grass-fed cheddar. Better cheddar than regular cheddar when you source your ingredients from organic farms designed to allow chickens free roam and cows real grass. That’s healthy.

Maybe you want more of the greens? Fair enough. Dig Inn even has what they call the Cluk’N’Kale, a dish made of free-roam, naturally-raised roasted teriyaki chicken with organic sweet potatoes, kale, and an apple salad with ginger dressing. Is it me, or does the writing of these dishes taste just as good as when you put the stuff in your mouth? And it always seems to be, the healthier the dishes are. After all, when did you ever get the feel-goods from reading “quarter-pound of beef with mayo, mustard, ketchup and bacon”? Never.

Make No Mistake: Dig Inn Lives Up to Its Name

You get to dig in with these goods, for sure. Just make sure you’re in the Big Apple if you’re interested, because at this moment, Dig Inn is an NYC affair, and who knows: they might just branch out one day to the rest of the states in the nation, heralding the turn of the organic fast-food era.

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Who knew that a vegan organic chef or foodie could go that much farther with healthy cuisine other than just packing in the veggies and making everything organic? Native Foods restaurant takes organic fast food to the NEXT LEVEL — the reason why the restaurant is called “Native Foods” is that the chefs there at this chain practically design their dishes completely from scratch.

Here’s How Native Foods Restaurant Works:

They make their own cheese, tempeh, nachos, chilis, soups, and salads. They don’t just utilize the ingredients; they actually Native Foods Restaurantmake the stuff the ‘hard way’. By hand. No processing. No canned goods. All naturale. Quite the undertaking after checking out their menu and realizing that it’s literally 100% plant-based. Not a single piece of meat. They, however, know how to rock the flavors with all sorts of seasonal dishes and kickers like the Rockin’ Moroccan Bowl, filled to the brim with tofu, grilled veggies, and quinoa.

Yep, they love to kick the tires and light the fires. If they had tires,
at least. This is a restaurant proving that while you can eat organic and even vegan, you don’t have to lose out on the wholesomeness of grilled food, stoked with smoke and oozing with spiked flavor. You just need to get creative, and one look at Native Foods’ menu, and there’s a plethora of creative for you to pull from and make your own creations.

Just in Case You’re Thinking About Seeing What Native Foods Has to Offer….

Just make sure you’re in these specific areas — California, Colorado, Oregon, Chicago, Washington D.C. You’ll find locations in all of these cities or states. The restaurant chain is definitely a CHAIN and just another reason to believe that the fast-food era will continue to merge with healthy, organic and vegan eating. Serve it up!


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Think of LYFE Kitchen as a viral trend, but utterly good for you, healthwise. After all, LYFE Kitchen is a restaurant chain with a fast-food mentality, only they serve as much organic as they possibly can while emphasizing sustainability and even vegan sensibilities.

Here’s a Question: Do You Know of Any Other Restaurant Out There Other Than the LYFE Kitchen Selling “Vegan Unfried Buffalo Strips”?

You won’t find many. That’s just one dish the restaurant boasts. And they don’t play — in other words, they do not mess with any kind of meat whatsoever. Everything they serve is essentially vegan, with a touch of Greek and a lot of local raised fruits and veggies to boot. To make it crazier, this is a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner if you’re in the mood.LYFE Kitchen

What’s for breakfast? Well, LYFE Kitchen can easily do tofu wraps, steel cut oats, dried cranberries and toasted almonds. That’s a fantastic way to start the day, all without having to eat a chicken or pig. Moreover, speaking of animals, those unfried buffalo strips are made with ‘chick’n’ strips (which are not made from chicken, believe it or not) get paired with some vegan antipasto or a quinoa crunch bowl, and you’re set for
the middle of the day.

But that crunch bowl isn’t for the timid. We’re talking about quinoa tabbouleh, some fresh crunchy veggies and fireman’s hot sauce drizzled over it, and you have a veritable stomach warmer of a dish without a single ounce of fat or meat. The key is the quinoa and other supergrains LYFE can get its hands on, because that’s how you get your protein fix, not by eating a hot dog.

And the Best Part? LYFE Is Sweeping the Nation….

Clear from California, to Nevada, then to Colorado and Texas — and then finally Chi-Town in Illinois. So it seems pretty clear: LYFE is trending toward the entire United States, and if the restaurant continues to turn heads, it’ll happen a lot sooner rather than later. It seems that for the first time, fast food will truly go organic in a big way, and the rest of the competitors out there will scramble to try and keep up.

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Organic food isn’t just trending in today’s culinary market — it’s the trend, particularly with fast food, believe it or not. In all honesty, we really can’t even call it “fast food” given the stigma; nevertheless, this is a restaurant serving food, well, ‘fast’ and with a bit of a moral kick to it beyond that of organic quality. That restaurant is a huge restaurant chain known as Sweetgreen, complete with 27 locations around and in Boston, NY, Philly, and even D.C..

So There’s No Doubt: This Restaurant Sweetgreen Is Growing (Like Plants)

But this is a restaurant that’s so much more than just organic food. Aside from the fact that literally all of their salad ingredients are local, and even their meats are hormone- and antibiotic-free, Sweetgreen prides itself in being a completely “green” restaurant from front to back. Not only are you eating healthy, you’re being healthy just by being in their restaurant! Let’s explain, shall we?

For starters, the restaurant utilizes 100% plant-based compostable packaging and reusable salad blaster bowls and bags. Sweetgreen RestaurantHow’s that for contributing to the environment. When you think about it, this takes the idea of organic food to a completely new level, because — guess what — you know where all healthy food comes from.

That’s right: the Earth. Hence that’s a major double whammy for a restaurant — a fast-food restaurant, no less — to not only serve the best organic dishes ever, but to also ensure the Earth can keep providing all the ingredients we love.

Since this is a restaurant chain, you get to wonder how they stay green when building new locations (remember: there are 27 locations and going strong). The fact is Sweetgreen upholds Reclaimed and Forest Stewardship Council-certified materials utilized for the construction of new restaurants to house their organic products. Additionally, this is a mantra held even with the design of their restaurants, incorporating low-VOC paint and LED/fluorescent lighting to cut down on energy costs.

Even the leftover scraps in the kitchens get tossed into recycling stations right on site, foregoing in general the need for trash
bins. Walk into the Burger King one more time and see those holes in the counters leading to trash bins filled with paper products and value meal containers, and you know you won’t miss what fast food was initially all about. This is the newest rage of fast food: contributing to the environment.

Sweetgreen doesn’t stop there, though, with their efforts to change the world, as the chain offsets all of their energy usage with additional wind energy credits. The darn buildings practically run themselves as if they were off grid (a bit of a hyperbole, but the chain might as well be completely self-sustaining with what they do as a whole!).

The Question Is This, Though: Is Any of the Food Good??

If you like plants! Obviously. Make no mistake, the restaurant pretty much is a “salad bar” but with all the fix-ins of a buffet on steroids. Somehow the restaurant takes the idea of eating greens and turns it into a smorgasbord, which is quite the feat already. Even their soups can enrich ySweetgreen Restaurant-2ou, what with some spicy and thick, a carrot-ginger able to put a rabbit into a coma, and a chickpea-lentil that’ll love your stomach for hours.

One thing’s for sure — you’re going to love kale (unless you already do). It’s their signature green, for obvious reasons, but what the dive does is turn kale into the new American cheeseburger that would make McDonald’s green (no pun intended) with envy. Part of why you’re in an organic smorgasbord of inundation is that the restaurant absolutely loves its dressings, one of them being a pretty wicked agave-dijon vinaigrette. And understand this: you get actual levels of just how much dressing you want on your salad. No drizzles. Only drenches. It helps when even their dressings are practically organic.

And what is a “sabzi” salad? You’ll find at Sweetgreen. It’s spicy. And all you need to know is that it’s cornerstone ingredients are kale and spinach (surprise), but with some spicy quinoa, broccoli, carrots, raw beets, basil, sprouts, tofu, carrot-chili vinaigrette and sriracha. Just writing those ingredients down here made my mouth hot. And everyone said that a salad can’t fill you up (unless it’s taco “salad,” obviously).

Sweetgreen, of course, does have its comfort food, obviously, particularly with bowls featuring some hearty supergrains. You heard correctly — dishes don’t have to be souped up with kale, lettuce, spinach and other green stuff. You can fill up a tummy with something like their Earth Bowl, complete with quinoa, faro, some roasted chicken, arugula, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes, spicy broccoli and corn. Like eating something out of a Mexican grill but without the major grease. Nothing fried here.

But You’ll Feel Like You’re Eating Fried Food — and Benefiting the Environment in the Process

As you can see, Sweetgreen really isn’t a simple “salad bar.” Although a lot of their ingredients typically go in a salad. It’s existential. Sublime. Insane. Even some of their “paper” bowls are made of food (technically, compostable sugarcane pulp). Whatever the case, whatever their “paper” plates, bowls, and utensils are made of, Golden Gate surely approves and enjoys the latest trend sweeping the fast-food nation.