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Raise your hand if you have issues sometimes with the wobbly shopping cart and cluttered aisles of simpletons wanting to get the good deals on canned tomatoes. Wow, lots of hands…. The thing is often times grocery shopping is, well, a chore. It takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of waiting in line. And it’s become so commercialized that you could be in front or behind of another stranger you obviously don’t know.

Seems a Bit Impersonal, If You Ask Me — And Not Something That Would Makecommunity farmer markets-1 Me Think of Community

Buying your groceries should be about community. And community’s all about togetherness and maybe even a little bit of fun! That’s why we can safely say that if you had to choose between a day out in the sun with family and farmers at the local Bay Area market, versus your average run-through at the grocery store aisles, fluorescent lights and boring elevator music, we’re willing to bet you’ll choose the former, and not the latter.

Shopping at the farmer markets is just plain fun. Not stressful. Or even difficult. The reason why regular grocery stores have lost that value is due to the “superstore” mentality. Bigger’s better. More of a hub, means more customers. Additional revenue. More profit.

We’re willing to bet you’ll find more farmer markets in the Bay Area than actual grocery stores, and there’s a reason for that: farmer markets are more local, hence you’ll know more of the people shopping there (and working there) than at a grocery store. That means more community. Which, yes, means more fun!

Shopping for Food Should Be Fun

It should be natural. Easy. And less about coupons and time and more about getting to chat with your friends you caught up at the farmers market for the latest batch of apples.

You’ll find that Golden Gate Organics is all about community, too. We support farmer markets wholeheartedly, so if you want that inside delivery convenience with a great dash of community love, definitely SIGN UP FOR SERVICE RIGHT NOW.

And let’s take the stress out of your shopping day.

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Don’t get us wrong, though: we know you love to cook. But not everyone the MASTER CHEF of the Bay Area (that is you) knows everything about the culinary arts, so it does help a ton to get some great advice and save you the time of research and testing in your kitchen. How’s that for convenience? Something you don’t get at the local grocery store chain.

It’s True: Many Grocery Stores Practically ASSUME You’re a Master Chefmaster chef frog

But you can’t blame them. After all, this is all about you and what you need for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their job is to just provide the supply. You are the demand. It’s convenient. It’s quick. And in some cases, it’s safe.

You might get lucky and find some recipe cards here and there at a grocery store, or even one of those samplers with their ideas to help promote a brand or ingredient. But nothing beats Bay Area farmer markets with actual culinary experience with what they grow and how they cook it. Yes, it’s true — your artisans and farmers and ranchers out there love to cook what they grow. After all…. That’s why they’re selling their product to you!

You’ll find those farmer markets out there will make you more of a master chef than you ever could be shopping in and out of the aisles of the local grocery store, plus if you really look, you can even attend free seasonal cooking demos at those farmer markets, witnessing the top Bay Area chefs do their thing.

You Can’t Buy That or Imitate That at a Supermarket, Folks

Golden Gate Organics loves real creativity, invention, communication, and togetherness. It’s about community. What’s more community than passing recipes, right? Why not get recipes from the growers themselves? The people who matter the most to you? That’s why you SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW and not only access their stuff, all the organic farmer markets we partner with, but can even get ideas directly from us, directly from the farmers you care about most.

Let’s get cookin’.


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How do you truly know where that meat in a box comes from at the grocery store? You don’t. For all you know, there could be more cardboard in there. And the words on the box don’t mean anything either. This is arguably the best advantage to those organic farmer markets is that there is no mystery — you practically see where your food comes from! You know exactly what you’re eating.

You Can, in Fact, Talk to the EXACT Person Who Grew the Food You Bought atorganic farmer markets-1 the Organic Farmer Markets!

Think about how valuable that really is! You’re the one eating those meals day in, day out — there’s security in safety knowing that someone, someone reputable, grew that food. Whether it’s milk, or cheese, or meat, or all sorts of crops.

Well-known CUESA actually highlights all organic farmer markets with profiles, articles and even maps for you to access and find those golden nuggets of truth in the culinary world, so don’t believe in the myth that it’s too hard to find them. Yes, it’s more convenience pulling your car up into the massive parking lot of your closest grocery store chain, but a few extra miles wouldn’t hurt to then pull up to your local organic farmer markets in the Bay Area, knowing exactly what you’re buying, and who you’re buying it from.

Instantly, Your Health Skyrockets

And who knew it was all because you’re well aware of what you’re putting into your body. Makes sense. There’s no better way to know than to actually hear it from the one who provided it. Right in person. Verbally.

Organic farmer markets are personalized. Real. Simple. And it’s all about people. Not boxes, brands or logos. That’s why Golden Gate Organics partners with all of them in the Bay Area, and you should SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW!

Be in the know.

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How happy those animals are directly affects how happy you are! Well, at least your belly. And your health. It’s true: farmer markets pride themselves in organically treating their animals the best possible way — this includes chickens as well as cows. The science is clear: healthier animals results in healthier meats and other products — like milk, eggs, cheese, and yes, beef.

Yes, It’s True: Farmer Markets Even Raise Their Animals to Be EATEN! (SHUDDER)

But here’s the thing — they’re treated humanely while raised on the farm. No hormones. No antibiotics. The cows graze on green grass, eating naturally. Their diets are organic. They’re free roaming, and so are their chickens. In essence…. These animals are beyond happy (and, of course, don’t realize that they’re going to be dinner one day).

farmer markets cows

For those who think that organic food has to be non-meat or all vegan, they’re sorely mistaken. Of course, Golden Gate Organics is all about the veggies and fruits, but did you know that you can even get cheese, milk and eggs from us? Only organically. That’s the key.

Why Does Traditional Farming Not Implement What Farmer Markets Do?

The answer’s pretty obvious when you think about it — convenience, supply, large quantities. The fact is the industry requires heavy loads of products, and in order for traditional farming establishments to provide just that, they have to resort to all those means of production — cages, lots, antibiotics to build up the value of their meats.

More means better. And farmer markets are the other way around: less is best.

This Is Why Golden Gate Organics Supports Farmer Markets Above All Else

SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT NOW, and you’ll see that ‘less is best’ in a big way. Technically, it’s not ‘less’, though. You get more. More quality. So just in case you’re not vegan, there’s still something for you at GGO. And know those animals had the opportunity to live like kings on the range!

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Options: that’s what it’s all about. Except when it comes to the Bay Area supermarket, the options have become commercialized. You’re not looking at ‘food’ anymore. You’re looking at boxesbrandslogosslogans. Instead you’re looking at a ‘product’ that happens to have some kind of ‘food’ in it that may or may not be directly from a farm wholeheartedly and passionately growing what our bellies love so much.

That’s What the Supermarket Lacks: Real Diversity

Or biodiversity is what it would be called from an organic foods standpoint. The reason why farmers markets stand out above the rest in conventional agriculture and a society built around brands and aisles at the local grocery chain is that real diversity is aplenty among those baskets:

  • Red Carrots
  • All Sorts of Rainbow Heirloom Tomatoesnot supermarket produce-1
  • Purple Cauliflower
  • Stinging Nettles
  • Green Garlic
  • Watermelon Radishes
  • Quail Eggs
  • Maitake Mushrooms

Some of this stuff you might not have heard of (I, personally, haven’t either), but we assure you: farmer markets have them. Supermarkets do not. And that’s a major disadvantage to those chains out there.

That’s what gives you the options — not brands or boxes. Diversity from am agricultural food aspect nourishes the body and mind, diversifies your diet, and treats you to something more than just nutrition. It’s fun! It’s fun exploring all the differences food — especially organic food — has to offer.

And You Can’t Get That From a Supermarket

Ask us at Golden Gate Organics about a lot of the rarities in farmer’s foods you’ll find. We’ll see what we can do! Organic groceries really is all about discovery. Food needs to excite us, honestly. After all: what we put in to ourselves ultimately will be what we are. We don’t want to be ‘branded’. We want to be DIVERSE and EXCITING.


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Aside from the fact that you have the best tasting and most natural stuff on the planet with organic produce from a farmer’s market, here’s the main reasons why we’re benefiting our bodies: not only are Bay Area farmer market foods made naturally, but without any added practices tainting those foods. The agricultural business is such that it practically requires certain methods to protect the food while it’s grown, while it’s packaged, while it’s distributed, and to ensure freshness. But in the long run, those methods most likely are a detriment to your own body!

 Here’s Why Bay Area Farmer Market Foods Maximize Your Health Beyond That of Your Natural Nutrients

Processing. Simply put, when you go to that grocery store in California, you’re buying processed food. At a farmer’s market, processing is kept to a bare minimum

farmer market foods not here-1

(if that). It’s numero uno when it comes to farmer market foods and organic produce when you think about it. What you’re getting when you buy and ingest those processed foods are:

  • Pesticides
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics
  • GMOs
  • Irradiation
  • Waxing
  • Gassing

And that’s actually seven reasons (not four)! The purposes for these practices are obvious — to protect the produce in their long journey from conventional agricultural harvesting to packaging to distribution and merchandising. We’re the losers in that process, though, and farmer market foods simplifies it all.

You get the food right from the ground.

Make It a Point to Always Support Those Bay Area Farmers When You Can

Because ultimately you’re benefiting your body in ways you haven’t thought of. Want the best picks for delivery from us? There’s no doubt: YOU CAN SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY RIGHT HERE. Golden Gate Organics supports your farmers as well. So don’t hesitate to not only get the goods you want for your body, but the bads you definitely don’t want as well.

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There’s been a lot of talk in the industry about some of the latest trends out there — namely genetically-grown meat, or “cultured meat.” Nothing against that at all, because there’s a lot of value to that agricultural technology, not to mention that hydroponics also presents similar benefits. The main value is obvious: we’re not using the actual land as much! Which is fine: to each their own. However, when it comes to the environment, however which way we present organic food that is sustainable here in the Bay Area of California, one thing’s for certain — supporting those organic farmer markets out there contributes to the environment, and here’s why:

When Buying From a Farmer’s Market, Logistics Plays a Big Role in the Environment

Think about distribution for a bit here. Just how much travel does produce have to make just to make it to the farmer’s market? Not much. This minimizes the impact on the environment in a lot of ways —

  • Less Use of Fossil Fuelsenvironment-1
  • Less Pollution
  • Minimal Trash for Extra Packaging
  • Less By-Product Development

On paper, it looks minimal at best, but in practice — this is huge. Conventional agriculture in the Bay Area typically results in some of those toxins producing pollution in water, land and air. Something the Earth doesn’t want. Because those farmers markets transport their produce in baskets, you’ll notice that in general there’s no packaging involved — less trash, less of a problem.

Of course, keep in mind that the major distribution industry of groceries and agriculture relies on some major trucking facilities and a lot of transport. Stores need their product. People deliver it. A lot of fossil fuel ends up in the atmosphere. It’s just the way it works. Want to know just how many miles the average truck travels to get food onto your plate? A hefty 1.5K miles on average. That’s just for you.

Multiply that figure with any number of people at any given time in any grocery store, and the number may make you faint.

Our Earth Deserves Better Than That

This is why it’s so important to support those family farmer markets out there. The impact on the environment is minimal even though without a doubt we’re working the land. We get it. The more we work the land, the more the environment is ‘affected’, but more often than not, it’s ‘affected’ positively.

This is why Golden Gate Organics does have specific routing for you and your deliveries. We don’t just care about you and your organic produce. We care about the Earth delivering that produce to you as well. SIGN UP TODAY AND GET STARTED WITH YOUR OWN DELIVERIES!

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Yes, we’re biased. Chances are pretty good you won’t find us in a grocery store chain. But here’s the thing — those Bay Area family farmers have a challenge on their hands! — the fact is large agribusiness dominates food production in the U.S. by a substantial margin, for good reason. Distribution, availability, lower prices, options, longevity. The list goes on and on. It’s just plain easier for families to shop at the big megastores with the aisles and the multiple payment options versus finding that hole in the wall or corner farmer’s market, right?

Food Service Establishments Currently Sit at Almost a $1 Trillion Industry

Stores out there aren’t too far off either, bringing in a healthy $600 billion+.

Now wouldn’t you like to know just where traditional agricultural farming sits at? Just under $200 billion.

We know, we know…. That’s still a massive amount of money. But when we’re talking about the local farmer in a market already inundated with other farmers, stores and services in an industry well over $1 trillion worth in the GDP, there’s quite a bit of competition there. Not to mention we’re localizing only a small portion of the United States in the Bay Area, a region relatively healthy with family farmers. So it’s pretty clear:

Supporting Those Bay Area Family Farmers Is a MUST

The obvious reasons being all the cuts and percentages. When you buy directly from a farm, all profit goes to those hardworking harvesters. Buy from a store, and a lot of markups account for the cost of distribution, packaging, storing, merchandising and selling of the product, leaving not much room for the farmer’s ROI. Sure, the deals are secure and an easy fit for a lot of farmers, but with little profit going to the work they do to bring the wholesome foods to society like they’ve done for generations.

Which is why when you SIGN UP FOR GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS DELIVERY, we only work with Bay Area family farmers and other organic establishments! Keeping it in the family, man….

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These days, seasonal foods sort of mesh together for obvious reasons — it’s so easy to get those foods thanks to preservatives, packaging, and other such factors. You can enjoy pumpkin recipes during the summer, for instance; asparagus can be enjoyed throughout winter without a problem. And while many like the convenience, something gets lost in the joy of food, and we’re willing to bet a lot of foodies of the Bay Area, CA, enjoy food more than the convenience!

The Best Part About Fresh Farmer Market Food Is That It’s SEASONAL

That means you only get those foods you love in the seasons which they’re known. We get it, though. You want all of itNowAll the time. And you can! But the glory and beauty of farmer market food, whole foods, organic foods, is that you get those foods during the season, and you can appreciate them best associated with that season. Think about it.

What’s hot apple cider best with? A cold autumn day. Fresh eggs, scallions and leeks? You think of Spring and morning dew. And don’t even get me started on avocados and cucumbers during the summer days. It just speaks of fresh by miles and miles.farmer market food seasons

Those foods you love evoke a passion for the season. And, truthfully, based on how those foods are prepared make sense in relation to that season. Keep that in mind.

So here’s a breakdown of each season and why fresh farmer market food’s best:

  • Spring — This is the turning point where cold meets warmth, breaking away from winter and echoing the sentimentality of that freshness of the rain, and the coolness of the skin…but without the burrs! That’s why veggies tend to be very popular in this season, like asparagus, onions, sweet peas, kale, rhubarb and shallots. You can often find a variety of ways to utilize these veggies, either hot or cold, without a problem. That’s really what Spring’s all about. It’s the transition. The new birth!
  • Summer — We’re now in the heat. The heart. We’re brining. or making salads, and nothing beats picnics or beach outings than with stuff like blueberries, hot peppers, cucumbers, avocados, arugula, and mushrooms. Think smoothies, man. Cold and refreshing going down. All sorts of fuzzy fruits, too! (Can you say peaches?). Fresh watermelon. Have I harnessed your attention, yet? Mouth watering, yet? If not, it will.
  • Autumn — Roasted pumpkin seeds, ginger pumpkin soup. Hot, spicy, cinnamon apple cider. Holy cow that just makes the sudden temp drop that much more bearable when you think about it. This is the season for Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, roasted cabbage, butternut squash stew, and roasted carrots, right? Preparing for the cold winter. Nothing’s better than that roasting oven heating up the home as the leaves fall from the trees and change color.

You enjoy all of the goodies throughout the year and not just when you have a hankering for them. But the best part? When you enjoy them when they’re best…you can taste the difference!

Hence Why There’s a Reason for Eating Those Seasonal Farmer Market Foods

You’re not thrilling at the favorites unless they’re at their best. That’s why those favorites of yours grow and get harvested at specific times. So take note: absence makes the heart grow fonder, so while you’re in any specific season, enjoy the season. And the farmer market foods that come with it. While you’re at it…SIGN UP FOR GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS DELIVERY AND MAKE IT EVEN EASIER ON YOURSELF!