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The Weekly Thought

What are you going to do to make the world better tomorrow?

Two years from now will be the second decade of the New Millennium. Therefore, for perspective, contrast this fact with the “Roaring Twenties” of the last century. I already feel the change beginning to happen. Like oil slowly being poured into water, there is a new wave of energy already beginning to form the new decade. Right now new-wave ideals are beginning to manifest around an evolved respect within society. Respect for ourselves that will result in healthier experiences and longer lives. Respect for others resulting in ever closer and complete equality. Respect for the environment resulting in more awareness and care towards sustainability. These shared social ideals have already began to manifest themselves in all of us and our culture. It’s  obvious in the media and internet. Together you, me, Golden Gate Organics, and the values & ideas we share will do our part within society to usher in an ideal future that we create for ourselves, even if we haven’t realized it yet.


This Week’s Awesome Organic Produce Update

The California citrus season is in full swing right now. It is really hard to not just have six different citrus varieties, and bananas, on the fruit menu this week. Our rep, Carson, at Earl’s Organic Produce said he bought an entire case of Cara Cara oranges to give away to his friends because they are the best oranges he’s ever had. So I got them for you this week too! And though they may look imperfect on the outside, look past the superficially scarred peel to be delightfully rewarded with the most beautiful and sweetest flavor a California Cara Cara orange could possibly be. On the vegetable side we have loose-leaf arugula sold by the ounce and the ever venerable cauliflower. Jen made a broccoli and cauliflower soup a few weeks back and I want it again! Its sooooo good I wanted to share it with you this week. Click here for that recipe, add any ingredients you need, like onions, and enjoy a delicious meal for dinner, and again the next day for lunch!

With Great Care,

Corey (Loves Avocados) Tufts, and the Team at Golden Gate Organics

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I am excited for what the New Year will usher in less than a month from now. As it is true that we nourish and sustain ourselves with local organic produce, it is also true that we nourish and sustain our realities by the actions we create.

Each choice we make is one of infinite possibilities. Your choice of Golden Gate Organics supports local organic farms and influences the realities of you and those around you. By your thoughtful decision of love you manifest a progression of collective reality and, consequently, become a leader by example that inspires others. Also, you get some pretty delicious and awesome fruits and veggies delivered to your doorstep!

Citrus Season Has Began

Speaking of awesome fruits and veggies: Citrus season has began! This week we have the first Cara Cara oranges of the season. This orange is an early season navel with red flesh. But much sweeter than a Blood orange in my opinion. We also have more Satsumas from Side Hill orchard, Rio Red Grapefruits from CCH, and some delicious limes, lemons, and kiwis! Wait, are kiwis citrus? You can think about that as you are eating one. On the veggie side we have some of the most delicious leeks of the year just in time to make some leeks and potato soup. Check out my easy go-to leek recipe on our recipe page. Yum!



We recently rolled out Oakland’s Hodo Soy Beanery tofu and veggie burgers to our dairy and tofu section. So far you’ve been loving them. This is important because as we move into the New Year we are looking to add more local, organic, and artisan options to meet your sustainable and discerning cooking tastes. We welcome your ideas and insights pertaining to how we can be our best, together.

Our goal is excellence in everything we do and your comments help us achieve excellence together.

Please enjoy this week’s produce and don’t forget to let us know if you can’t quite find the substitution you are looking for. We are always happy to make some manual subs to make your order perfect.

With great care,
Corey (Superfood) Tufts, and the Team at Golden Gate Organics

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This week was interesting for us all as we returned to the normalcy of post-Thanksgiving. Although for me, finding out today that we can get California blueberries and limes for next week doesn’t seem normal and I love it. Additionally, last week was the end of a bountiful and unseasonably long California Kiet mango season. Perhaps the seasonality of these items are not new but are only new to me?

Regardless, I’ve been doing this for almost eight years and this is the first time I’ve seen organic California limes available in December and the first time I can remember organic California blueberries available in December too. Please reply to this email with your perspective and let me know what you think.

In the meantime, there are so many yummy items available this week! The tiny little Seckle pears are back. These, I think, are the best tasting pears we’ve had in a while and, I was told, should be optimally ready to eat when they arrive at your doorstep next week. We also have some D’anjou pears and, just like the last few weeks of pears, these will need to sit out for a couple days to soften up. Your patience will be rewarded.

Also, the mandarins coming in from Corona-College Heights Orange & Lemon Association (CCH) near Riverside are excellent and even have seeds. So make sure you take that into consideration to sub them out, or to sub even more into your order! Finally, the Early Girl tomatoes from Ellwood Canyon Farms are very supple and bursting with flavor. Ellwood Canyon is a super tiny farm near Goleta and I always keep an eye out for their items because everything we receive from their farm is just perfection. For more information on Ellwood Canyon Farms and the many other organic farms we support please head over to our organic farms page.

Ok back to work for you and me. Stay tuned for more info next week. In the meantime, please click over to our proud partner The Organic Media Network. Over at OMN you will find even more love for sustainability, practical tips for your organic veggies, and so much more. My favorite was their story on sugar addiction. Check it out and let me know what you think.

Have a great week full of healthy love!

With great care,
Corey Tufts and the Team at Golden Gate Organics

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As the days shrink; the nights become longer, earlier. At sunset Mother Earth comforts us in her shadow and lulls us to sleep. The rays of light from our closest star, the sun, now approach the axis of our planet at a steeper angle. We people feel this imperceptible effect on our circadian rhythm as do the fruit, vegetables, and all plants and animals. Winter is coming and so is our seasonal precipitation.

As the weather changes with the seasons, our seasonal offerings of fresh organic produce adjust naturally. We are fortunate here in California for temperatures that, generally, do not dip below freezing too much. Here is where the bulk of our organic farms have found their niche in our state. Near where we live and eat locally; just a drive away.


Seasonal Fall Squash

Mixed Fall Squash Harvest Golden Gate Organics


This week we are delighted to share wil you delicious Satsuma mandarins. This winter citrus staple delights sustainable foodies here in the Bay Area foodshed. Last week was the first harvest of the season, and not as sweet as I like, but Jen loved the flavorful sour taste. As we received fresher and fresher satsumas throughout last week I could taste them getting sweeter every new day they came in. This week I am optimistic that they will be even more full of sweetness.

On the savory side we have another fall staple: spaghetti squash. Its a vegetable and its spaghetti. Its a miracle of culinary concepts and we have them in most boxes this week to nourish your body and mind. Roast your squash, add some tomato sauce, garlic, and some other veggies, (or use this recipe) then enjoy the early evening meal with your loved one. Finally, after dinner is cleaned up and the dishes are done, curl up, be cozy, full, and happy. That is what good, healthy, organic food does for you. We should all feel fortunate for what we have.

With great care,

Corey Tufts and the Team at Golden Gate Organics



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To Our Dear Members,

Tuesday is Halloween and with this festive holiday we move further into the long nights of Fall. Soon our neighborhoods will be full of little costumed super heroes, dinosaurs, and more all seeking sweet treats, or tricks. Yet, last weekend while at a the local pumpkin patch in Piedmont with my family I paused to take in the scene. There was the smell of sunlit hay strewn about rows of oddly sized pumpkins and happily ghoulish decorations.

Family sitting with pumpkins.

And now the Fall bounty is arriving from local organic farms all around the area. Sugar pie pumpkins, pomegranates, Fuyu persimmons, Asian pears, and the first local kiwi’s of the season are all available to warm your tummies, and your hearts, this week. The persimmons appeared early this fall. Their appearance firm and more yellow than the orange color we are accustomed too. However, they taste exceptional and will only get sweeter and softer as the season grows. We have so much to be thankful for.

In addition, the Honey Crisp & Jazz apples this week, along with the Asian & Bartlett pears are really among the absolute best fruits or vegetables we’ve had this season. They are so delicious that I tried to put a couple of each into every order this week so we can all appreciate together how blessed we really are with the local organic items available to us here in the Bay Area.

No matter what amazing produce you are fortunate enough to enjoy this week, all of our fruits and veggies will bring a happy, healthy experience to you and your loved ones. I can’t imagine anything more precious than the eyes of my loved ones lighting up with amazing excitement as they taste some of the most amazing fruits and veggies we will have all year long.

With great care,
Corey Tufts and the Team at Golden Gate Organics

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Can candy be organic? It most definitely can! Golden Gate Organics certifies that with the changing pace of sustainability, farm to table dynamics, and an emphasis on whole organic foods. This is a trend reaching just about every aspect of culinary delight. Including chocolate, and particularly in the Bay Area. How so? Try the nationally-known Mars. And given how it seems the big brands out there are cashing in on the benefit that is the local craftsmen of artisanal food, and organic farms, you begin to wonder:

Will Mars Buy Tcho? It’s Entirely Possible. After All….

Hershey’s acquired Berkely’s Scharffen Berger. It’s quite probable as many local brands in the Bay Area are getting picked up by the national brands given the value those local establishments are bringing to the public:Mars-1

  • Sustainability
  • Craftsmanship
  • Whole Foods
  • No Preservatives
  • Nutrition
  • Toxin-Free
  • No GMOs

Specialty foods are bigger and bigger these days. And with the recent news that the local culinary and wine producers of our Bay Area are turning the heads of the major players in the grocery game, there’s no doubt that we’re part of a massive trend (and you can be part of it as well if you sign up).

The question, though, is can you get those organic foods conveniently? Can you get the best kind of chocolate conveniently and with the same wholesomeness, organic quality you’d expect from Golden Gate Organics?

It’s Only a Matter of Time Before the Trend Continues to Evolve

The big brands like Mars will cash in on the organic candy craze, no doubt. Nothing beats wholesome food delivered immediately to your door. Maintains the freshness. No preservatives. Just pure wholesomeness of the Bay Area right at your fingertips.

Did we mention we also deliver organic chocolate? Want to see? JUST SIGN UP FOR GOLDEN GATE ORGANICS AND FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!


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We know what some people are thinking: Amazon just caved. Instead of trying to develop their own ‘brand’ of retail, they basically ‘gave up’ and sought to buy out a brick-and-mortar brand, because they think they can’t compete with the local lifestyle, and maybe even the organic quality and sustainability of real whole foods. It seems Amazon has Whole Foods Market dead to rights, but here’s the thing — it’s not just about owning the brand….

The Truth Is There’s SO Much Potential in Grocery Retail, and Amazon Sees It

So do we. After all, retail’s rough. You’ve got so many variables going into retail, plus there’s built-in risk right off the bat. Why do grocery retail Whole Foods Marketyou think just about every department store as a risk/loss prevention team? And we’re not even talking about grocery retail, a type of product that can easily go ‘bad’ just like that. You’ve got perishables, weather patterns, distribution problems, location issues, inventory agendas. Retailers struggle to get the right balance to achieve optimum ROI, and it’s not as easy as it looks.

So the name of the game is change. Grocery retail needs to evolve, and Amazon saw the writing on the wall. They didn’t want to just simply buy out the brand and own the name for themselves. No. They want to revolutionize grocery retail for the next generation.

We’re talking about big data, of course, approaching this from an online personalized perspective. What Amazon does so well is that every transaction has a digital paper trail. It’s seamless. Effortless. Every buyer is practically remembered! Inventory is at its absolute accuracy to the tenth power. Remember working at the retail store and inventory involved scanning every single item in the store? Painstaking. And annoying. With Amazon, all of those frustrations go out the window.

The industry of retail is now changing drastically, and Golden Gate Organics holds up to one of the best conveniences you’ll ever find that the industry will have to evolve toward. Here’s the good news: we’re already there. We’re all about the artisan-style food atmosphere relishing in family, focusing on the local side of the Bay Area. So just look at the writing on the wall:

Amazon Has Made the Change for the Industry as a Whole!

But you can start getting in on it right now by just SIGNING UP FOR Golden Gate Organics! You circumvent the whole retail process, and you don’t even have to go through Amazon. You get easy online purchase and delivery. It’s simple. For those who thought grocery retail would never work out with that online model, guess what: Amazon may just prove you wrong.

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What a great gift it truly is for Golden Gate Organics — as you may already know, Amazon’s in line to have purchased one of the biggest grocery retailers for whole foods in America: Whole Foods Market. A big move from the e-commerce mogul, but one that has actually sent a lot of grocery stocks plummeting and more of the artisan brands, the local lifestyle, and sustainability of our organic foods industry skyrocketing.

Just How Much Has the Big Brands Dropped in Their Value? Here Are the Figures:

  • Kroger Went Down by Almost 11%GGO good stuff-1
  • Supervalu? They crashed by 13%.
  • Costco Lost Only 5.8%
  • And Sprouts Farmers Dropped Just 5.2%

This was only a recent development, too. Who knows what else will happen in the market as a whole, but Amazon pushing for a major shift in the change in society over how people shop for their groceries means big earthquakes in the retail world. Brick-and-mortar, undoubtedly, is dying.

Not only are now these struggling brick-and-mortar chains competing for a lot of the customer-base, but they also face major heavy hitters like Target and Wal-Mart. But not even Target and Wal-Mart may contend with the aggressive pricing Amazon will push for Whole Foods Market brand products.

Consolidation. The grocery retail space will get smaller and smaller. That’s what’s going to happen. The supply location brands out there will thin out. And convenience, farm-to-table, organic, small-scale establishments will win out.

This Means That Organic Food Delivery Will Climb Even MORE

Who knows: we might even be able to compete with Amazon! It’s lofty…. But conceivable! Golden Gate Organics has been poised to deliver the unique service, focused on organic quality. We’re local. This, though, is just one sign of a shift of things to come, and it’ll be a process of growth. Undoubtedly, whole foods and convenience is skyrocketing. Now it’s our job to position ourselves right at the top.

Now’s a good time to SIGN UP FOR DELIVERY! Golden Gate Organic is ready. Are you?

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The one thing Amazon could never really do well was this: groceries. They nailed the rest of retail into the proverbial digital wall — except for this unchecked, unmarked, and virtually wild world of grocery shopping. Dealing with perishables. Risky business, don’t you think? So you have to wonder what kind of gamble Amazon will be taking as they seek to buy out arguably the biggest whole foods retailer in the entire United States, Whole Foods Market. Amazon has one ace up the sleeve: millennials. That millennials-1group of people is the key to their success given the propensity to focus more on sustainability, organics, paleo, gluten free, and artisanal foods a true artist would love

But Why Do Millennials Matter in the Business of Online Grocery Shopping?

You can simply look at the metrics and be wowed by the fact that this isn’t just a convenience. It’s an unmistakable trend. An unstoppable trend. So Amazon sees the writing on the wall and wants to capitalize on it by acquiring Whole Foods Market, because according to the research, millennials have the majority for online grocery spending more than anyone else in the USA.

The fact is only 12% of all consumers bought their groceries online back in 2016. But the trend is growing; more people are seeing the convenience and the quality, leaving behind the brick-and-mortar, and it makes perfect sense. Millennials live in a fast-paced world —

So Millennials Aren’t Going to Want to Constantly Wait in Line at the Grocery Retail Store Every Week to Two Weeks!

You can bet that here at Golden Gate Organics, generally speaking, millennials are the biggest draw, not only for the convenience, but the organic food factor. They want the convenience, no doubt, but not at the expense of their health and wellbeing. They want the easy order on the phone, and the delivery, but with the wholesomeness of a family farm feel right to their table. This is the way the trend is going, and in the lead of the pack are millennials paving the way. Better start now and get in on that convenience by SIGNING UP FOR GOLDEN GATE RIGHT NOW!


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While The Family Was Out Of Town

Last week Jen and Charlie were in Toledo at Jen’s Father’s house. You might’ve seen the picture she posted to the GGO Facebook page of Charlie eating broccoli in the front yard there. If you missed it but are curious then you can see it here. While Charlie was visiting Pop-Pop and Nana, that meant that I had the whole house to myself for the entire week. It was very quiet and I enthusiastically worked many more hours than I would’ve if my family were in town. There was time for running through the neighborhood, hanging out with friends, and, of course, playing video games.

While all the extra time was nice and I did get a ton of work done; By the end of the week I was bored and ready to have my family back in my arms. The last week was indeed quiet and productive. But most of my weeks are productive anyway. While I do appreciate me-time, I don’t quite appreciate it at the expense of missing my Jen and Charlie for an extended period. It was actually really fun having Charlie help me out in the warehouse this morning until Jen could pick him up when she got out of work.

It was nice to hear Charlie count to 10 on his own for the first time this morning too!

Charlie riding along with me to make a delivery of fresh organic fruit to a small office.

This Week’s Produce Details

But enough about me. This email is about You! This Friday it looks like you will have the first apricots from Blossom Hill and pluots from Wild River available this season. There are even fresh artichokes coming in too. Other noteworthy items include green bell peppersgarlic, and broccoli. I think all of those items are from farms within 150 miles of Oakland too. If you have any requests for anything you would like on the menu please reply to this email and I will keep an eye out from our different farmers to see if they have it. If you want something then chances are 25 other foodies would like it too and you guys are much bigger foodies than me! I was raised as a simple meat and potatoes kind of guy and who appreciates having food farmed in harmony with nature.

Finally, a couple weeks ago we had some quality issues with a few items we received. Last week I adjusted our ordering and was very happy with the quality and freshness of just about everything. We are a perfect produce company that sources from local farms and that is what we expect for you and the rest of our Golden Gate Organics Community. Please don’t be afraid to reply to this email if your order isn’t perfect. I can’t personally inspect every order, even if I try to, but there is no excuse for your produce to not be as fresh as if you picked it yourself at the farm and drove it to your house.

Thats it for now. Eat up those peaches and plums because you got apricots and pluots coming Friday!

Your friend,
Corey (Produce Philosopher) Tufts, Founder