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What is the future of genetically modified food? It’s obvious that right now, people aren’t buying into it. According to a CBS News/New York Times poll, 53 percent of Americans say they won’t buy food that has been genetically modified. What is it about this futuristic sounding agricultural trend that scares us?

Is it that we’re afraid of the way the phrase sounds? Almost as if it’s something out of a science fiction movie? For some, it triggers images of super-viruses ravaging the land and causing widespread famine. Many, including myself, are afraid of the unknown side effects.

Regardless of the reason for your fears, there are some known reasons why genetic engineering may not be as safe as it’s touted to be. A prime example of a situation where it could go awry has recently hit the news; Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack approved the use of RRA (Roundup Ready Alfalfa) in US crops. In this particular case, alfalfa is modified to withstand application of Roundup herbicide. It is supposed to allow for the herbicide to be freely spread, and result in a weed-free, wonderful alfalfa crop.

And here, the problem arises. As the Roundup Ready Alfalfa is grown, weeds will develop resistance. This is a high school biology concept, and it’s already been known to happen in other crops such as soybeans and cottons. Yes, we could develop more remedies to nullify the resistance, but that in turn would lead to the same situation over and over ad infinitum.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid genetically engineered products. This is because although most packaged and processed and foods do contain processed foods, the FDA does not require “disclosure of genetic engineering techniques…on the label,” and consider GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) to be the equivalent of conventional crops. According to a CBS article, more than 90 percent of the United States soybean crop and three-quarters of the corn crop is genetically modified. In order to abstain from these products completely, you’d either need a solely organic diet (which, let’s admit, is a very hard thing to do) or do lengthy research on websites to see which products contains certain ingredients.

So let me ask you, if genetically modified food is as safe as it’s touted to be then why are large food companies choosing not to include them on their product’s label? GMO’s may have potential for certain applications, but only in the future when we have a better understanding of the consequences and how the process affects our environment. As for right now, the risk of unleashing highly resistant, genetically strengthened bacteria upon our crops is simply too high. Organic food remains both the safest and healthiest choice, and it’s likely to remain that way for quite a while.

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Even though it’s April fool’s, don’t worry there are no jokes from us, we promise!!

We hope you all had a beautiful sunny week! It was such a great week to get outside and get some Vitamin D… and the waves weren’t too bad either.

The sun seems to be helping out the produce and everything is finally drying out. Sometimes too much rain can be a bad thing for growing (especially strawberries). For those of you who asked, we will get some avocados soon, but right now the supply is still suffering from that crazy freeze we had and prices are way high!

Let your friends know about Golden Gate Organics, and if they sign up we’ll give you a $10 credit towards your next order. Just our way of saying thanks.

Please remember to leave your box from your last delivery out on your delivery day so we can pick them up and reuse or recycle them. Same goes for the eco-bags we use (although we just recycle those).

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Have a great week everyone, hope you make it to the beach this weekend!

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It’s Friday!! What a rainy week it has been, but you know what they say. March Showers have to end sometime! Maybe that’s not quite the saying, but anyways, Spring is officially here and we have some really great menu’s this week.

The eggplant is looking fantastic, strawberries continue to be strong and delicious (hopefully the rain lets up and doesn’t drown them), and the green onions will be smelling especially fresh and delicious.

Lots of new friends joining us this week (don’t forget to tell yours about us!), so we want to remind you to save your boxes!! We re-use and recycle everything possible, so save your box! Then you can leave it out on your next delivery day and our drivers will pick them up.

Your order is ready for you to log in and make subs. Just sign into your account and if you see something you want to sub out, all you have to do is click on it and choose a replacement.

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Have a great week everyone, and always bring an umbrella (and a towel!)

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We have some really awesome Asparagus for this week, and the Strawberries have been absolutely amazing lately. This is a fun time of year for cooking as the season is changing (especially on cold rainy days like today), and we’ve put together a really great menu for you this week!

Please remember to leave out your box for your driver to pick up on your delivery day. We reuse and recycle everything possible.

We have a site of the week for you to visit:, it’s a site that enables you to help people in third world countries. Check it out, we’re big fans, and so is Oprah!

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Have a great week everyone, enjoy your organic produce, and always bring an umbrella!

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We’ve been watching the news all morning and our thoughts go out to all those in Japan. To all our friends living near the coast, please be safe out there! We’ll keep this week’s update short.

Your order is ready for you to log in and make subs! Just sign into your account and if you see something you want to sub out, all you have to do is click on it and choose a replacement.

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Have a great week everyone, don’t forget that this weekend is daylight savings time, and enjoy the produce!

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There are so many reasons to choose organic produce over ‘conventional’ produce and any number of them are worthy enough to be a deciding factor. Whether you care about the environment, your health, where your food comes from, or are simply a huge fan of actually tasting food, we have a new page you should check out on why you should eat organic.

Get a brush up on the basics of organic, learn why organic food rules, get the low-down on the healthy benefits of organic food, and keep on your toes by learning about GMO.

Take a look:

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Delicious Golden Gate Organics StrawberrysAs the tangy aftertaste of National Grapefruit Month leaves us, it becomes time for strawberry season to start. Valentine’s Day may have passed, but these delectable, tasty heart shaped fruits are sure to make their way onto your plates in the next few months.

But before I launch into all the benefits of this fruit, allow me to give you a brief background on it.  Strawberries were first mentioned by the ancient Greeks and Romans as “Alpine berries,” and were cultivated in the Middle Ages for their medicinal values. They were said to calm the nerves, soothe sunburn, and even possess antibacterial properties! Now, I’m not suggesting that you take a bath in strawberry juice or carry around a vial of crushed strawberry as an alternative to hand sanitizers, but those seem like some berry good health benefits!

Vitamin CIn addition to their delicious flavor and unique texture, strawberries are an excellent source of nutrients.  One cup provides 136% of your daily Vitamin C needs and a fair amount of manganese and dietary fiber. Because of its high Vitamin C content, the strawberry has even been shown to help protect against rheumatoid arthritis! Both your taste buds and your joints will be happy!

Did you know California produces nearly 83% of all the strawberries grown in the US? It seems as if there’s no better place to live when it comes to getting fresh fruits and vegetable!

Cooking tip: Try mixing strawberries with some balsamic vinegar and a touch of pepper for a unique snack! And if vinegar isn’t your thing, you can whip up some heavy cream and serve the strawberries with a dollop of your homemade whipped cream and some raw honey.

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And by that, I mean eat organic. While we’re home vegging out on our couches after watching the Academy Awards tonight, the celebrities over in Hollywood will be eating food that is exclusively organic and sustainable.

The dinner has been prepared for the past 17 years by chef Wolfgang Puck, and this year will be no different in its featuring of delicious dishes: spicy tuna tartar stuffed miso cones and a huge seafood buffet are only some of the options for these health-conscious stars. All the ingredients are listed on the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program, so the hungry will feel no guilt as they indulge themselves!

So why organic? One might guess that the wealthy attendees wish for an organic menu only for the “gourmet” value. We, of course, think the opposite. That viewpoint couldn’t be more wrong, and Wolfgang agrees with us! He said that “We try to be conscious, to be good to our environment. I think everybody these days knows organic vegetables and fruits are better for you and 99 percent better tasting.”

I’m sure the way he’ll prepare these organic fruits and vegetables will make them taste another 99 percent better! I, for one, was salivating at the prospect of trying his “’real California salad’ served with a puree base of celery, apples, lemons, and olive oil.” If only he would come over to San Francisco… But hey, if you’re feeling inspired, try and combine the produce in your next delivery box into a Governor’s Ball inspired delight!

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Golden Gate OrganicsWhat a crazy week it’s been in the produce world. While farmers in Southern California are still reeling from the unexpected freeze several weeks ago, the flurry of rain lately has slowed the opening of the California Strawberry season.

The first crops of Strawberries are arriving though, and will only get stronger, while California Blueberries are just around the corner.

The oranges are going to be awesome this week, and don’t forget, it’s National Grapefruit month so there are Grapefruit on the base menu for the mixed & fruit boxes.

Have a great week everyone and enjoy the produce!

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National Grapefruit MonthIt’s National Grapefruit month! The end of February is almost here, so the time to celebrate grapefruit is now. Bursting with vitamin C, Grapefruit is a perfect low sodium snack and can help lower your cholesterol.

Did you know you can grow a grapefruit plant indoors or on your balcony? Dwarf citrus trees can be kept to a very manageable size, reaching only 6 to 8 feet, much smaller then a normal citrus tree (Citrus Trees- LA Times)

A perfect way to start the day is with a nice organic grapefruit. It’s great for breakfast, try cutting one in half and sprinkling just a little bit of sugar over the top. Those are some very different ways to use a grapefruit, but they sure are awesome.

Cooking tip: try slices of grapefruit on your next chicken salad or as a garnish for cheesecake. Uncommon ideas that are surprisingly delicious!