Corey is a little bit loco!

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It’s a good day when you can have your zucchini and eat your zucchini bread too!

We’re excited to announce Cherryvale Farms baking mixes are now available in your weekly box.

Corey is a little bit loco!

Taste the zucchini flavor! Ponder over my art!

If you ever have a craving for fresh baked breads or muffins with all natural organic ingredients then this is your chance to satisfy it! Now you have a convenient option of pairing our weekly selection of fresh organic fruits and veggies with your choice of bread and muffin mixes to make delicious home-baked treats without all the fuss and mess!

There is no freeze-dried or powdered fruits or veggies in these mixes. They know and we know what a good organic vegetable and fruit taste like and know that you do too! They encourage the use of only the freshest, best quality fruits and vegetables you can find and that is why Wayne and I think that this is a perfect fit for our customers!

My friend Lindsey Rosenberg and her family spent years perfecting these recipes and the results are spectacular! Their mixes help tie-in the fresh organic produce perfectly and are a wonder to be eaten.

Curious? Read all about them on their website or read about it on the Everything but the… Blog. HERE!

Thanks Lindsey!

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What a great looking spread of veggies and fruit this morning from the farms! Not to mention all the drivers are all out on their delivery routes ahead of schedule this morning.
It was a good morning unpacking the cases of produce, opening up those boxes, and smelling those delicious sunkist oranges at 5:06 am. It made me smile.There were giant heads red leaf lettuce, hulking bunches of bright orange carrots, and the cutest little bananas! It is quite a surprise from week to week to see how big (or small) the produce varies. The blueberries looked like small blue grapes and will make those of you who added them to your orders very happy! I forgot to order extra for myself! What was I thinking? My hopes and dreams of blueberry pancakes and mimosa’s this Saturday have been dashed.
All in all this weeks shipment of produce was great! Thank you to everyone who purchased a box this week! Your business is greatly appreciated especially as we inch closer and closer to our one year anniversary in July! Wow, it has almost been a year. Time flies.

Thanks again to all of you who make this possible for Wayne and I. Please spread the word about us and don’t forget to have your friends use you as a reference. Once they buy two boxes you get a $10 credit. Actually, I may change that to a free box. When I get a chance to update that I will make sure to mention it on our weekly email and on the website.
As always, I am standing by at to assist ‘yall and answer any questions you should have. You may also call me at 510-982-3026. I love to chat. Just ask Alka. We talked for about 30 mins when she called last week to get more information about our organic produce service.


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Tuesday- April 17th, 6:30pm – 9pm at Frog and Fiddle, Golden Gate Organics is partnering with Frey Vineyards, America’s oldest organic winery, and Soleil’s African Cuisine to bring you a night of wine tasting 7 entertainment.

Live music by Kim Kenny & the Otherlys. Tickets are $40, by reservation only. Call the Frog at 510-522-3764 to purchase, or you can purchase tickets as additional items with your order!

April 17th, at the Frog and Fiddle in Alameda

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It’s green, usually. It looks like a little tree. Normally I would only eat the top part of it, or the head, but the base is edible too. The word broccoli comes from the Italian word broccolo and originated in Italy over 2000 years ago. That is bueno. Currently, the United States produces over 1 million tons of broccolo a year with California as the primary state of production. Yay for living close to broccoli! Living closer means a lower carbon footprint.

Ever notice that broccoli looks like cauliflower? Of course you have. Most likely when you were in elementary school and you hated vegetables. Except for Carrots and Corn. Those were good, especially with butter! I suppose you could’ve been one of those weird kids that actually liked broccoli but that’s ok. You were weird. Some kids ate glue too but let us leave that in the past. Back then I would eat broccoli if you put enough cheese on it, and told me it was glue!

Nowadays things are different. I actually love broccoli. I eat it raw, cooked, steamed, baked. I put it in salads, soups, or just as a side dish. Sometimes I still put cheese on it. Yum! Those little green trees are very high in vitamin C, K, A and fiber. Did you know that broccoli is a cool-weather plant? It grows best in a climate with average temps from 64-73 °F. Maybe that’s why it does so good here in California?

Remember: Broccoli yellow is bad. Green and even Purple are good.

Happy Broccoli Friday!

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It’s mid-March, farmers and gardeners are readying their seeds for this summer’s growing season. Chilly rains have moved across the region preparing the ground for the reception of these baby plants into the soil. The days are getting longer and summer is just around the bend. This summer is already chalking up to be one of the best in years.

If you were ever thinking of starting your own garden then this is the time! All you need are some seeds from your local greenhouse and some potting soil. Start with a small flower pot and some herbs like Basil or go bigger and try tomatoes. Growing your own food can be fun. It gets you outside and is a great conversation starter when you have visitors over. Not to mention you get to eat it!!

Stay dry and eat healthily!


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On Tuesday I visited an organic vineyard hidden deep in Mendocino county. It is America’s oldest and quite possibly most charming organic vineyard- Frey Vineyards.

This pioneer in organic and biodynamic farming has a magical air surrounding it, small hobbit-like buildings constructed out of recycled material from long gone vineyards of the past, and knowing and welcoming smiles from the Frey family, owners and founders of the Frey vineyard.

We spent the drizzly overcast afternoon tasting exquisite organic wines and learning about the history of the Frey vineyard and their drive to craft organic wines and blaze new paths in biodynamic farming.

We ate fresh baked sourdough bread made from stone-ground wheat that was grown on their farm. It’s a new experiment for them, trying to get the maximum potentital out of their vineyards, they have begun growing wheat in between the rows and rows of grape vines.

And it was delicious.

They have attracted attention from all over the world, including other vineyards, organic farms, and even graduate students from Norway studying bio-dynamic farming.

Talking about what it means to be organic and the general state of food today combined with the breath of fresh air that is the Frey vineyard left me energized and more excited than ever to drive on with our mission of bringing you the best in organic fruits and veggies and making organic an easy choice for anyone to make.

More on Frey later, but keep your calender clear on April 17th- we’ll be doing an all-organic wine tasting in Alameda and we’ll keep you posted on how you can get your ticket.

ON TO THE MENU! I’ve rambled long enough, so I will just say the menu is ready for you! We have lemons from Sespe Creek (which we haven’t had in a long time) and spinach from our friends over at River Dog farm that we’re very excited about.

LOTS AND LOTS OF SUBS THIS WEEK! Log in to your account and click on anything on your personal menu to see what the subs are this week, we have tons of options so you can pick and choose to make sure your box is just perfect!

Check out the website for our additional items (blueberries, strawberries, and bananas, oh my!)

Have a great weekend and eat healthy!

Your friends,

Wayne (& Corey)

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Happy New Year!

PARSNIP you glad to see me? We’re in prime time Parsnip season right now and this close relative of the “Carrot” is mild enough to chop up for a salad yet sturdy enough to be boiled, broiled, baked or stewed.

Back in the medieval days there were no such things as orange carrots, so Parsnips and Carrots were often used interchangeably. Don’t worry, we are still getting a small quantity of carrots that are available for sub & purchase! Grab a bunch and you can do your own taste test, side by side with the Parsnip.

FACEBOOK – Just to let you know, we really like to use Facebook to get info out to everyone, so if you haven’t yet, head on over to our facebook page ( and hit that little “like” button. We don’t spam, sometimes write haiku’s or share recipes, but the coolest thing is we’re able to let you know:

  • when our drivers hit the road with your box
  • the weekly produce report! This is so cool, if there are any last minute changes to the menu or your box, you can find out the why and what.
  • when we might have a bit of something extra, sometimes we’ll just ask if anyone wants a free bonus item!

NEW YEAR DEAL! – OK, we’re not going crazy (maybe a little?), but here’s a deal for you, for this week only. Have a friend that made a resolution to eat healthier? Get them to try us out and we’ll give you $20 off your next box. Fine print: Limit of, oh, say 3 friends per person, and your friend has to sign up by… next Thursday. That’s a loooot of free produce you could get.
As Always, have a fantastic weekend, keep eating healthy, and REALLY, try a Parsnip if you haven’t. Thanks for being so good looking and awesome,
Your Friends,

Wayne & Corey

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Hey campers! Overall the boxes looked fantastic this morning. One of the highlights were the Bacon Avocados- these things must’ve weighed over 1/2 lb each, they were huge!

Organic Bacon Avocados & Organic Russet PotatoesChard- Word from the farm is the cows partied a little too much on New Year’s eve and ate all the Chard that we were supposed to get! We did our best and subbed in other veggies for it, but there were a few of you that might’ve received an extra head of lettuce. Hopefully you really like salad! Please remember, if you aren’t happy with the sub, CALL or EMAIL us and we’ll fix you right up with a credit or we’ll put extra produce in your next delivery.

We try our hardest when something doesn’t happen as planned and it usually turns out ok, but for those of you who were looking forward to the Chard, we’re sorry about that! I had planned on making some chard stuffed chicken again this week <sigh> guess I’ll have to wait until next week.

BANANAS- They came in ready to eat, and ready for you to eat now! Very yellow, make sure you don’t let them sit for too long unless you’re planning on making Banana Bread, in which case please leave a slice out for us next week. Maybe a glass of milk too. If only you could email banana bread…

GREEN LEAF LETTUCE- I had to dig out my Thesaurus to find the word to describe the green leaf for this week: WHOA! Let’s just put it this way- if I were walking down the street in a rough part of town, this green leaf will intimidate the daylights out of any of those thug conventional lettuces wandering around. Seriously, some of the greenest and biggest green leaf we’ve had yet. Can’t wait to make a big ol’ sandwhich with it.

Organic Cara Cara Oranges by Golden Gate OrganicsCara Cara- They looked so beautiful and tempting I half considered leaving Golden Gate Organics and running away to find an orange farm somewhere in the valley.

Russet Potatoes- I fed a potato to my pet elephant Charles, and he wasn’t able to finish the whole thing THAT’S HOW BIG THEY ARE. Really great looking new crop, I’m already imagining baking them up and putting some greek yogurt on instead of sour cream, because you know, that’s way healthier (hehe it’s actually surprisingly delicious, try it!)

OMG Organic Carrots
Rainbow Carrots- When our carrots came in
There are so many fruits and vegetables to thank, and if I didn’t mention you here, you are all awesome! Thank you so much, have a fantastic week! this morning, I had to ask them, “Why orange you rainbow?” The rainbow carrots had to be switched out for some orange carrots (blame the cows) but we’re not complaining.. they looked pretty darn amazing. We’ll try again for those rainbow carrots next week.

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Happy Friday Campers! Bust out of those weekday blues and get ready for the weekend, it’s time to relax. What’s new this week? Well we are getting some killer Pink Lady apples (our favorite) in that are going to be pretty large and will taste absolutely fantastic.

Quick, what’s considered the sweetest, juiciest pear in the world? Answer: the Comice Pear! It’s available for subbing and purchase, and also on the fruit box menu this week.

Keeping things rolling along, our weekly tribute to T&D Willey (all hail Willey! We love you!) comes by way of Bunched Carrots ($1.99/ea) and Asian White Junior Turnips. Now, if you don’t have these turnips on your menu this week, don’t worry- you can add them for $1.99 and also sub ’em in if there’s a match.

You might notice a little thing called Holiday Herbs Bunch for sale too ($1.99/bunch) and you just might ask yourself, what does one find in a holiday herbs bunch? It’s a surprise! You’ll have to just wait and see. Garlic, as always, is available in .25lb increments.
Alright, time to go log in to your account and make subs and buy a bunch of holiday herbs, or if you’re menu is already perfect, why don’t you go kick back and take your shoes off? Have a fantastic weekend, you deserve it!

Taylor, Wayne & Corey

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Hello all and Happy Friday!

I hope you had a very happy and filling Thanksgiving yesterday! If you received a delivery from us on Tuesday and used your items for your meal, we would love to hear how! Share your recipes on our Facebook page!

We are super excited about having artichokes this week. It has been a while and they are just so delicious! Not to mention, they are full of nutrients, especially California artichokes! One large artichoke contains only 25 calories, no fat, 170 milligrams of potassium, and is a good source of vitamin C, folate, magnesium and dietary fiber. The trick is to keep dressings, sauces and dips low in fat, too.

A little History: Artichokes are native to the Mediterranean region, an area of the world with one of the lowest rates of chronic disease and one of the highest life expectancies. Today’s health professionals continue to recommend a low fat diet with at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease, obesity and diabetes. This type of diet combined with daily physical activity promotes lifelong health.

How to Prepare: Artichokes rock because you can make them in so many ways! Eat them plain, add them to soup, make them into a salad, the ideas are endless! We found this awesome website with every way an artichoke could be cooked, including our recipe of the week!  Check it out here!

We are also very excited to have radishes this week! Radishes are great because they contain cancer-protective properties. Plus, they are super versatile for cooking!

A Little History: Throughout history radishes have been effective when used as a medicinal food for liver disorders.  They contain a variety of sulfur-based chemicals that increase the flow of bile.  Therefore, they help to maintain a healthy gallbladder and liver, and improve digestion.  Fresh radish roots contain a larger amount of vitamin C than cooked radish roots.  Radish greens, contain far more vitamin C, calcium, and protein than
the roots.

How to Prepare: Like artichokes, radishes are great additions to dishes. They are also delicious sliced raw and tossed with oil and vinegar for a quick salad. There are so many ways to use radishes and we found a great site with the best 20 recipes!

Do you have your own favorite radish recipe? Feel free to share on here or on our Facebook page!

Have a great weekend! Be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date with all things GGO and organic!