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As we reluctantly say goodbye to the apples of fall harvest Mother Nature’s harmony ensures new lovely choices for our seasonal wellness.

Next week we have for you California’s current seasonal star: The Naval Orange. Your Naval oranges are coming from Twin Girls farm near Fresno. The farm is named after the red-haired twin daughters of the farm’s owners: Nacho and Casamira. I love that the fruit they can’t sell is used to fertilize their fields for the next harvest. Thus, returning their love and care back to our life giving earth.

Other California citrus are having a strong harvest right now too. These include kiwiminneolasMeyer lemonsFremont mandarins, and huge (the biggest I can find) Star Ruby grapefruits from Rainbow Valley Orchards.

Did you know: that Cara Cara oranges are a hybrid of two different varieties of Naval orange? Cara Cara’s are my favorite orange because they are generally sweeter than Navals.

Also for next week we have California blueberries which taste as divine as any other time of the year. They come to you from Forbidden Fruit orchard near San Louis Obispo

Your Bartlett pears for next week will are coming from Cascade Orchard just in time for your order. Keep in mind that pear varieties are limited from now until the end of the season. Which isn’t too far away.

To add some variety to our overwhelmingly abundant local citrus season we have limited fair trade avocados and bananas both from Mexico. Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. 


As the season changed from fall our local growing region is blessed with needed winter rains. These rains replenish resevoirs and cover the Sierra’s with snow. In the spring this snow-melt will rejuvaniate the central valley soil and, with it, the fruits and vegetables we love so much from our local farms. 

In the meantime, cold, heavy rains, limit the availability of some vegetables. Most abundant, however, are the root vegetables. Protected by the nutrient-giving soil they continue to grow despite occasional freezes. For you, next week Golden Gate Organics offers local: rutabagaparsnipsbunched red beetscarrots, and red potatoes

For the above ground veggies we have green leaf lettuce, broccoli, and cilantro from Josie’s Organic near Santa Cruz, frost-kissed artichokes from Ocean Mist farms, and Lacinato kale from Tomatero Farm

As the temperatures and rain become more mild we will see this reflected in our local organic produce availability. Generally, the better the weather, the better the selection. 

Did You Know: Our values are to support the smallest, seasonal, most local organic farms, and, above all, offer an exceptional produce experience. 

Thank you for making your wellness and the wellness of our local Bay Area foodshed a priority with Golden Gate Organics. We appreciate you.

With Great Care,

Corey Tufts, and the Team at Golden Gate Organics

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A good night’s sleep is the key to feeling refreshed, having a clear mind, being productive and generally feeling better. We tend to feel lucky when waking up rested, because, unfortunately, it doesn’t happen very often. It is the modern persons’s normality to sleep whenever they can squeeze a nap into their schedule, wake up early for different activities and stay up late, relaxing in front of a screen or going out to exciting places.


Sleep is not exactly something we prioritize. However, study after study shows that sleep deprivation is the underlying cause of numerous health issues as well as poor cognitive performance. It is imperative that you start practicing good sleep hygiene before it damages your health and brain’s performance.


Here are some natural ways that can aid in establishing a regular, healthy sleep rhythm. You should adapt these suggestions to your lifestyle and decide how you’re going to implement them in your routine. But, taking action is paramount if you want your body to truly recover and support the great things you are aiming for in your awake state.



Going to Bed and Waking up at the Same Hour, Every Day


Something probably all of us are guilty of is lingering a little bit longer in bed during the weekend. Especially after going out the night before, we consider sleeping in a well-deserved reward after a busy week at work.


But, if you want to implement a healthy sleep schedule, then this habit needs to disappear. And, as sad as it may seem at the beginning, waking up early on Saturdays and Sundays will prove to be worth it. Not only because of all the extra pampering and fun you can do in your free time, but also because you will feel rested for the rest of the day.


Exercise as Much as You Can, but Be Careful When You Do It


According to studies, exercise is a natural remedy for sleeping problems, such as insomnia. Sedentary people have to deal with numerous health issues derived from their lack of activity, and sleep is one of the body’s primary functions that suffer.


Be careful, though. While exercise is linked to good sleep, scheduling your workout too close to your sleeping time or making it too intense, then you might worsen your insomnia.


Get a Separate Bed for Your Pet, No Matter How Cuddly They Are


Sleeping with your pets or with your children can seriously affect the quality of your sleep, as a Mayo clinic study demonstrated. Unless co-sleeping is helping your baby during infancy, it is time to claim your space back and gradually get them used to sleeping in their beds. Similarly, cuddly pets are to be sent to their mattresses and beds and not share your sleeping space.


Buy a Quality Mattress


We always blame our schedules or the influence of late night screen time for our sleeping problems. But, more often than not, a very simple factor that is right under our nose (well, our whole bodies) could be the culprit: the mattress.


Sleeping on a mattress that is too soft or too hard, or that does not let your skin breathe enough and makes you sweaty all the time can seriously affect your sleep. Choose mattresses that support your spine and are made of natural materials to get the best possible sleep.


Choose Your Bed Sheets Carefully


Similarly to the problem mentioned above, your bed sheets can affect the quality of your sleep if they are causing rashes and other allergic reactions or if they don’t help your body regulate its temperature. Again, the best choices for your bed sheets are natural materials, such as linen, silk or cotton. Linen, for example, seems to be the most popular choice nowadays due to its sustainability and hypoallergenic properties, breathability, and gorgeous look.


Eat Well, and Your Sleep Will Get Better


You are probably getting a bit bored with the same advice you hear every time: eat well, exercise, sleep well. We hate to break it to you, but it is the best way to preserve your health and help your body fight illness, stress, and aging as best as it can. A varied and balanced diet does not have many rules, but you should make an effort and stick to it every day, week, and year.


If you want to turn a healthy diet into an easy to follow habit, then you should try to get creative in the kitchen. There are so many meal plans, recipes, and apps that can help you monitor your diet that you will surely find something that fits your tastes and body characteristics.


Put the Screens Aside before Bed


There is a big chance that you are reading this very article on your smartphone or tablet while laying on your bed at night, wondering why your sleep is so bad. Checking your phone at night or spending time in front of the TV right before falling asleep will disrupt your brain’s activity, making your sleep inefficient and leaving you tired in the morning.


Blue light from our gadgets affect our sleep, so it is best to put them aside for at least an hour before bed and grab a book instead. The very least you can do to help your circadian rhythms is to use an app that modifies the light intensity and color of your screen, as your bedtime gets closer.


Quit Smoking. Now!


Studies show that smokers are four times more likely to feel more unrested after sleep than non-smokers do. Smoking increases your stress hormones levels, affects your breathing and increases the chance of sleep apnea and other problems. Quitting smoking will have a dramatic positive effect on your entire health and quality of life, including sleep, so consider a program that is likely to help you most.


Turn Down the Thermostat


Getting all toasty might seem pleasant at night, especially during the cold seasons, but heating the room will make you sleep worse. The general rule for both adults and children is to have a lower temperature in the sleeping room than the rest of the house.


You will immediately feel the difference in the quality of sleep if you set your temperature to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. If you feel chilly, adjust your sleepwear until you adapt to the new temperature. Also, don’t forget to ventilate the room properly and keep the air humidity level in check (at 50-70%).


All these rules above may seem overwhelming at first, especially if you are stressed, and you lack time to make dramatic changes in your routine. Take it one step at a time and start with the steps that best fit you as an individual.


If problems persist, you might need to schedule an appointment with a doctor who is specialized in the science of sleep. But, no matter what, prioritizing sleep will show results in all other areas of your well being. Good luck!

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A great addition to any School Wellness Program is a guest speaker. A guest speaker is a fun, engaging way to expose children to different varieties of fruits and vegetables and also where that food comes from.

Teaching kids about healthy eating habits can include getting them more involved in choosing, preparing and maybe even growing their own fruit and vegetables. Children are more likely to choose familiar foods over unfamiliar ones. It’s important to expose them to a variety of healthy options every day!

Everyone agrees that children who have healthy habits like eating well-balanced meals and getting proper sleep and exercise perform better in school. They are more alert and better able to focus. Schools that focus on kids’ health and wellness by implementing school wellness programs see improved test scores and decreased absences


Happy Kid Holding a grapefruit

An excited preschooler holding a Ruby grapefruit for the first time.

How can a Guest Speaker supplement a school wellness program?

 A guest speaker is a great supplement to any school wellness program. Speaking engagements are tailored to every school grade from preschool to high school. For example, preschool, kindergarten, and other students can touch, see, smell, and hear the difference between dozens of fresh organic fruits and vegetables brought to their assembly. All children love to hold and share the samples of their favorite produce. It is also an excellent opportunity to learn about new fruits and veggies their parents may not often cook with!

For middle school students beginning to learn the difference between organic and conventional produce is exciting! This can also tie back into an existing garden at home or school. Learning that fruits and veggies need to be part of a daily diet for good health is also essential. Older children can benefit from learning about why choosing organic produce is so important.



What are some ways to get kids more involved in their food choices?

Expose them to a variety of foods. This is what happens during one of our presentations! Kids are exposed to a wide variety of fresh organic fruits and vegetables, by having them available in the cafeteria or helping to prepare meals at home, kids are more likely to try new healthy foods when they are available. Consistency counts too! It takes on average 10-15 tries for a kid to develop a taste for a new food. 

Schools gardens. Spending time in the garden encourages kids to plant, grow and harvest their own fruit and vegetables. 

Show them where their food is grown. This can be through farm visits or guest speakers. Seeing produce in its natural form rather than already cut up and prepared is a fun learning experience and teaches about the impact farming methods have on the environment as well.

Cooking classes or cooking clubs. A fun way for kids to “play” with their food and learn how to prepare snacks and simple meals.



If you want more information about having a presenter come to your Bay Area school to talk about fruits, vegetables, organic farming, and healthy eating please call Golden Gate Organics at 510-698-9446 or email



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Many people in the California Bay Area receive CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) produce boxes delivered to their homes. But did you know that many more people also get CSA deliveries via Co-Op drop sites at their work, school, and other community organizations? There are a ton of great reasons to choose this option over a home CSA delivery.

Today we will discuss the basics about a CSA Co-Op drop site. This includes what to consider when deciding to establish your own program, how to start a CSA Co-Op drop site at your organization, and the benefits that come with hosting your own CSA Co-Op drop site program.

csa co-op drop site - office delivery - co-op - delivery - organic produce - organic food - csa - csa delivery - community supported agriculture - work co-op - how to set up a co-op

The Basics About Starting An Organic CSA Co-Op Drop Site


What Exactly is a CSA Co-Op Drop Site?

A CSA Co-Op Drop Site is when a community of people organize to receive a group delivery of local organic produce from small organic farmers at their organization.


There Are Two Types of CSA Co-Op Drop Sites

CSA Co-Op Drop Site deliveries come in two modes and are determined by the goals of your group. These two types are fundraising Co-Ops or discount Co-Ops.


Fundraising Co-Ops

A fundraising CSA Co-Op is great for non-profit organizations like schools, community centers, or churches. With this type of Co-op your organization can raise funds towards a fundraiser of your choice. Some common examples of fundraisers your CSA Co-Op can support are sports teams, student councils, charities, or for someone in need.

Participants usually pay regular price for their CSA delivery and a percentage of those sales are then donated back on a monthly basis. If you are a school then parents of students should be encouraged to receive their deliveries at the school too. This helps increase the fundraising. For more fun you can even have different teams within the fundraising CSA Co-Op that can compete to see who can raise the most money.

Discount Co-Ops

On the other hand, a discount Co-Op is usually what a business elects to host. These are also the most popular type of CSA Co-Op drop sites. This is because businesses often intend their CSA Co-Op drop site as a free and low maintenance part of their greater wellness benefits package for their employees. In this case, employees receive a discount on seasonally local organic produce. This is in addition to the many other benefits listed below.

The type of CSA Co-Op drop site is determined when you start the Co-Op. However, you may be able to switch back and forth as your goals evolve. For example, if you have a discount Co-Op for your business and one of your employees falls on hard times. Then you could temporarily convert your discount Co-Op to a fundraiser to raise funds to help out your colleague.

Which CSA Co-Op drop site you choose will depend on the goals of your organization. A CSA Co-Op provider like Golden Gate Organics will be able to work with you to help determine your goals and ensure you are set up to help your organization achieve its goals.


Determining Your CSA Co-Op Drop Site Privacy Settings

Your privacy and security should always be a priority for any CSA Co-Op provider you work with. If you need a private Co-Op and that option isn’t available then steer clear! Always ensure you have the option to make your CSA Co-Op private to ensure the safety of your organization and its members. Most CSA Co-Op drop sites have two options for you to choose from: public or private.


Private CSA Co-Op Drop Site

Most CSA Co-Op drop sites are Private. This is especially important for organizations, like schools, or laboratories where security and safety are paramount. When you set up your CSA Co-Op drop site you will be asked if you want your drop site public or private.


Public CSA Co-Op Drop Site

A public CSA Co-Op drop site is great for a business or local community group who wants to build awareness of their brand or simply wants to expand their community. For example, a hardware store or dentist office may setup a public CSA Co-Op to bring people to their store more often. On the other hand, a church group may also have a public CSA Co-Op drop site to help build awareness and promote their mission of inclusion. Either way, there are many options for you to consider to best meet your goals!


General Requirements For Hosting A CSA Co-Op Drop Site

No matter if your Co-Op is public or private, a fundraiser or discount, all CSA Co-Op drop sites will need the following structure in place to be successful. A successful CSA provider, like Golden Gate Organics, will be able to assist the onsite coordinator with setting all of this up.

csa co-op drop site - office delivery - co-op - delivery - organic produce - organic food - csa - csa delivery - community supported agriculture - work co-op - how to set up a co-op


An Onsite Coordinator

All Co-Ops need to have an onsite person to act as a coordinator and designated point of contact. This can be anyone at your organization and is usually an office manager. A replacement should be able to be designated at any time if your organization requires. Make sure to ask your CSA provider about this when setting up your CSA Co-Op drop site program. If your organization will be closed for a holiday, summer break, or any other reason, then your CSA provider will need to be notified by your site coordinator. Also, if your CSA Co-Op is a fundraiser then your CSA provider will need to know who to send your funds to each month. Onsite coordinators sometimes get additional surprises too!


Plan For Non-Pickups

You will need a plan for when a box isn’t picked up. Most successful programs have an end of day pick up policy. In these cases, the onsite coordinator will donate the box if not picked up. Alternatively, the onsite coordinator may call the person and organize a pick up with them.


A Drop-off Area

You will need a designated drop-off area. This can be a lobby, waiting area, shipping and receiving department, or other convenient location. It is important that this area is easily accessible to your employees without being too obvious to the public. Moreover, any insurance requirements and security access will need to be worked out ahead of time. Your CSA Co-Op provider should be able to effortlessly guide you through this process.


Get The Word Out!

Your organization will need a champion to disseminate information to new and existing employees. Successful organizations post fliers at the drop-off area with the onsite coordinator’s contact information, send out periodic newsletters with info about the program, and introduce new hires to the program.


Benefits of A CSA Co-Op Drop Site

From discounts on your healthy eating lifestyle to supporting local farmers and the environment, starting a CSA co-op drop site has some great benefits for all involved! Below are the benefits of the Golden Gate Organics CSA Co-Op drop site program. However, many other CSA Co-Ops should have similar benefits for you to enjoy! For more information on the benefits of joining CSA’s in general click here.


Save Money

When you start a discount Co-Op you get a discount on your weekly produce. Some CSA providers, like Golden Gate Organics, work with small organic farms and offer 50% off the first box for people joining your Co-Op plus 10% off regular prices for each subsequent box. Contact your local Bay Area CSA Co-Op provider to see what cost savings they can offer your organization.


Earn Free Fruit For Your Office

If your Co-Op achieves a pre-established goal of participation then your office can earn free rewards. Ask your Co-Op program provider how to earn free office fruit deliveries or discounted office fruit deliveries as part of your business wellness services. To learn more about the benefits of having organic fruit in your office Click Here.

csa co-op drop site - office delivery - co-op - delivery - organic produce - organic food - csa - csa delivery - community supported agriculture - work co-op - how to set up a co-op

Support Local Organic Farms and Fight Climate Change

This may be perhaps the most important reason to to join a CSA Co-Op. When our hybrid delivery vehicle can drop off 40 boxes of organic produce to one organization that means 40 cars are staying off the road and producing much less carbon emissions! Additionally, all Co-Op members receive local organic produce grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. This results in less soil runoff, less toxic algae blooms, and helps strength and support your local foodshed. But there are even more reasons to eat local.


Live a Healthy Lifestyle

When you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle, eating locally sourced organic produce is the biggest and most important step anyone can easily take. Fresh organic produce is packed with nutrients which your body needs on a daily basis. Also, while many local CSA’s are 100% organic, some are not. So make sure you ask! In the Bay Area, Golden Gate Organics only delivers 100% non-GMO organic produce that is as local as seasonally possible from small farms. They were even ranked the best CSA and box delivery service in the Bay Area among their ten best peers.


Customize Every Order To Get Just What You Want When You Want It

Everyone who is part of the Co-Op and receives a CSA box will be able to customize each order. This includes what produce you will receive in each order as well as your delivery date. It is super easy to add or skip deliveries ahead of time if you know you will be out of town. Consequently, everyone gets exactly what they want, when they want it. And with convenient email notifications, you will always know what is in your order ahead of time so there are no surprises.


The Highest Quality Produce and Convenience

When you receive seasonal organic produce at your own CSA Co-Op drop site program you will immediately notice the difference in quality when compared to any grocery store. Because CSA providers get their produce right from the farm their produce is much fresher when it gets to you. Likewise, many people like to keep fruit at work for healthy snacks between meals and take the rest home to share with their family. All of this is delivered, usually for free.


Have Questions or Ready to Set Up Your Own Program?

If you have any questions about CSA Co-Op drop sites send us a message on our contact form. Or, if you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and are interested in setting up your own Co-Op drop site program please contact Golden Gate Organics by email at or +1 (510) 698-9446 to start your 100% organic CSA co-op drop-site.


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Welcome Climate Corporation Employees!

Golden Gate Organics is proud to partner with the Climate Corporation to offer you a CSA dropsite wellness program to all employees.

The dropsite program allows Golden Gate Organics to deliver locally grown organic produce to your office each week, at a 10% savings to you. Participating in this program is easy, just follow the steps at the bottom of the page to sign up.


How It Works

Your sustainable produce orders are delivered to your co-op location every Monday. Before that, on Thursday, we will send you the weekly email with the story of seasonally local organic produce available for your delivery on Monday. You will have Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to log into your account to make substitutions and customize your order so you only get exactly what you want.

During that time you may also add or skip an upcoming delivery. In fact, you may add or skip deliveries from your account calendar up to three months in advance. For example, if you will not be at work during a vacation or work travel then you can easily skip deliveries during that time and schedule to begin receiving them again on a specific week. Moreover, when you create your account you will have the opportunity to add items to your do-not-like list. This way those items will automatically be substituted out of your order before you even receive the weekly email.



How to Sign Up

To take advantage of your savings and begin eating healthy go to and enter your zip code. Then enter your name, email, and address. Make sure to click that you are joining a co-op. Then select your Co-op name: The Climate Corporation. It will look like the following:


Finally, on the next page after that choose your box size and delivery frequency. But don’t worry, you can change these options and many more at anytime from you account. And, if you have questions on which size or options are right for you and your lifestyle please give us a call at 510-698-9446 or email us at We would be delighted to provide some extra care and help you choose the right option for your lifestyle.


We Are Here to Support Your Wellness

If at anytime you need help, assistance, or have any questions please feel free to contact us through our website, 510-698-9446, or email us at and allow us to give you the care you deserve. For onsite support please contact your co-op leader Katt Clark at 415-363-0739. Thank you for helping us support local organic farms!


With Care,

Corey Tufts, Founder/CEO Golden Gate Organics

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Just last week Golden Gate Organics discovered that they had been ranked the best CSA & produce delivery service in the Bay Area! A Healthy Shelf blog author and certified health coach Jenna Lipkin, thoroughly reviewed and ranked the 10 most popular CSA’s and produce home delivery services to determine the best in the Bay Area.


What The Ranking Means To Golden Gate Organics

As a small company in Oakland, CA with only six employees if meant a lot to Golden Gate Organics to be recognized for how hard they’ve all worked striving towards excellence. Earning the #1 ranking is an amazing accomplishment when considering all the other fantastic businesses out there supporting local organic farming in their own way. In the end it was the quality, variety, no-contract, and ease of communication that helped make Golden Gate Organics the leader of all the Bay Area CSA and home produce delivery services.


The Rankings

There are so many great CSA’s and organic produce delivery services in the Bay Area. Here is the full list of the rankings from the A Healthy Shelf blog. Also included are links to the full reviews of each service and the personal experiences of the reviewer.


  1. 1. Golden Gate Organics – Read the full review
  2. 2. Greenhearts Family Farm –Read the full review
  3. 3. Eatwell Farm – Read the full review 
  4. 4. Full Belly Farm – Read the full review
  5. 5. Good Eggs – Read the full review
  6. 6. Tara Firma Farms – Read the full review
  7. 7. Imperfect Produce – Read the full review
  8. 8. Say Hay Farms – Read the full review
  9. 9. Albert & Eve – Read the full review
  10. 10. Farm Fresh To You – Read the full review


Want To Know More?

If you are curious about Golden Gate Organics you can read more about them on their About Us page. Or feel free to email them with questions or requests via email at

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Golden Gate Organics was proud to offer Rockside Ranch Eggs. However, the farm stopped offering their eggs. Consequently Golden Gate Organics decided to also stop offering eggs to focus on providing an exceptional produce experience.

Straight From The Ranch

Rockside Ranch Eggs come from Rockside Ranch nestled on a small 100 acre farm in the Scott Valley of Northern California. As a pasture-based farm their animals live outside with convenient access to shelter as they need it. On their ranch over 1,000 chickens a year are fed a soy-free diet which is amazingly healthy for them. Multiple times each week the chickens are moved to a new pasture to keep them clean, healthy, exercised, and safe. The difference can be tasted in Rockside Ranch Eggs too. You can see their moveable chicken coops in the picture above and also a Llama! What!? In the winter the chickens are kept cage-free with access to the outdoors whenever they feel like venturing out.

The Apprenticeship Program

One of the most caring aspects of Rockside Ranch Eggs is their youth apprenticeship program for homeless, incarcerated, or rehabilitating young men. At Rockside Ranch they receive care, are removed from negative influences, and are given a chance to start over. Additionally, their apprentices learn how to live on a farm and work hard learning how to take care of animals, wash eggs, and many other valuable experiences. Learn more about their program by watching this video.

When you purchase Rockside Ranch Eggs from Golden Gate Organics you help support their apprenticeship program and the life changing work Rockside Ranch does for young people.

Ready For Rockside Ranch Egg Delivery?

Click here to order Rockside Ranch Eggs from Golden Gate Organics in the Bay Area or please give us a call at 510-698-9446 or send us a message.

Visit our Northern California organic farms page to learn about all the local organic farms we support throughout the seasons.

A bowl of farm fresh eggs.

For more information or to arrange a visit at their farm please contact Rockside Ranch:

Rockside Ranch
2421 N. State Highway 3
Etna, CA 96027

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Many companies have implemented a company-wide wellness program already and the trend is growing. Are you a Bay Area business thinking about hosting a Health and Wellness Fair for your employees? Which vendors should you invite? What are the benefits to your employees and to your company? To learn more read on or contact Golden Gate Organics for assistance.

Keep Your Wellness Fair Informational, But Also Fun!

-A Health Fair should have a relaxed environment where employees learn things about general health and the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

-Consider having health screenings of all kinds available: including hearing, eyesight, blood pressure, etc. This will go a long way with getting employees interested in your fair.

-Make sure there are some fun activities available to boost camaraderie: yoga class anyone?

-Provide healthy snacks: free food is a must!


health and wellness fair - employee wellness - corporate wellness program - healthy workplace

What Kind of Vendors Should You Invite?

-Make sure you take into consideration what kind of interests your employees are focused on. Do you have a company softball team? Is anyone training for a marathon? Do your employees like yoga? These are the kinds of questions you want to consider when deciding which vendors your employees would benefit from the most.

-Vendors like massage therapists, chiropractors, and spa beauticians can make corporate Health Fairs not only worthwhile for employees but also really relaxing and enjoyable. Who doesn’t want a free massage or a mini-facial?

-Organic food vendors like Golden Gate Organics not only provide yummy snacks, information on local organic farms, cooking tips, and health education at your Health and Wellness Fair but also can encourage your employees to continue healthy eating habits by informing employees on how to use an organic produce delivery service. Also, studies have shown that people’s eating habits are greatly influenced by the people around them. Using company-wide camaraderie and contests to inspire healthy eating and greater wellness makes those choices easier for everyone to make.

health and wellness fair - employee wellness - corporate wellness program - healthy workplace

Benefits of holding a Health and Wellness Fair

For Employees:

-A Health and Wellness Fair is a great way to introduce your employees to some new or creative wellness activities that they might not even be aware of yet.

-Fairs help educate your employees about the newest trends in wellness such as the Organic Foodie Lifestyle.

-Local, organic produce vendors teach employees about their local Bay Area foodshed. Knowing where your food comes from provides security in knowing that someone reputable grew that food that you are putting in your body.

-Vendors will often offer discounted services to employees beyond the fair.

For the Company:

-Showing employees you care about their well-being is a great way to boost morale.

-Fun activities during business hours boost a sense of camaraderie and strengthen a company’s culture.

-Employees who eat healthily and exercise regularly are less likely to call out sick.

-Employers can learn about the benefits of wellness services that can support employee wellness year round with little or no cost.


Need help planning your next corporate Health and Wellness Fair in the Bay Area? Golden Gate Organics can help assess your current wellness programs, and/or design a wellness program with you from the ground up. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to identify your definition of a successful event and how we can best ensure that your needs are cared for. At your fair, we can provide seasonal organic fruit and veggies from local organic farms to show your employees how delicious and rewarding wellness can be. Contact us today!

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Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash


Could organic food provide benefits for people with a disability?  There must be something pretty special about this type of food as its popularity continues to rise with worldwide sales of organic food reaching a staggering US$90 billion in 2016 as recorded by Statista.  It is thought organic produce may protect against some disabilities.  In particular, there has been a link with the consumption of pesticides, found in non-organic food, and learning disabilities.  This is of great significance as an estimated 8.7% of US children aged 8 to 15 have a learning disability.  Young children and pregnant women are thought to be especially sensitive to the consumption of pesticides.  The developing baby may be affected, leading to learning disabilities caused by the impairment of neurodevelopment.  Consequently, you may wish to improve your family’s diet by consuming fresh organic vegetables perhaps by signing up for a regular organic produce box.


Organic foods fight degenerative debilitating diseases

Degenerative diseases, e.g. Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease, can eventually progress to a disability but can be mitigated by a healthy diet that’s rich in antioxidants.  These can slow down oxidative stress and subsequent neurodegenerative disorders.  Organic vegetables are higher in antioxidant value than their non-organic counterparts, due to being grown more slowly and without the use of pesticides.  This leads to the plants making extra antioxidants as a defence against pests.

For example, kale is particularly beneficial being a good source of the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin.  Children may prefer equally beneficial but sweeter veggies such as beetroot, which can be roasted into chip shapes, and homegrown peas.   Those who have degenerative disorders will find that the nutrient-rich organic vegetables delay the need to use a wheelchair or scooter.  Furthermore, organically grown vegetables have been found to contain 48% less cadmium than their conventionally grown counterparts.  Cadmium is a metal which is carcinogenic so is best avoided as far as possible by us all.


Organic diet controls autism in children

Organic food has been found beneficial to children on the autistic spectrum, with Down syndrome or cerebral palsy.  Studies have shown that the biochemical pathways function sub-optimally for those with autism.  The digestive system, detoxification and immune function are all linked with the pathways.  For example, gastrointestinal symptoms are often encountered by those on the spectrum.  The biochemical pathways can be supported by a nutrient-rich diet such as organic and this can have a very positive effect on children with autism.  Choose organic, grass-fed animal products as these are more nutrient dense.


Organic is naturally the best way forward for all

With the known health benefits of organic food, everyone would benefit from a diet of organic produce.  It is hardly surprising that consuming little to no chemicals or pesticides and a higher level of nutrients, including disease-fighting antioxidants, is a better way for your health.  In addition, it certainly seems likely that the benefits could also be helpful for preventing or slowing down the onset of some disabilities.  With all these food facts to hand, organic has to be the best and most natural choice for everyone.

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There are many great benefits to having organic fruit in your office. For starters, it’s a great way to increase job satisfaction and company loyalty, while decreasing absenteeism. Potential employees, especially millennials, are greatly influenced by a company’s job perks. Oh, and in case you didn’t know: a millennial is anyone born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 22 to 37 in 2018). Free snacks at work is a perk that has become increasingly essential and commonplace in today’s workplaces. Having healthy snacks like organic fruit delivered to your office will have a huge impact on employee productivity too!

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Delicious Granny Smith Apples

Having healthy snacks like organic fruit in your office is good for employees, good for business, and saves money.

According to USA Today, “56% of full-time employees are ‘extremely’ or ‘very’ happy with their current job. That number jumps to 67% among those who have access to free food.” Additionally, studies have shown that higher worker satisfaction directly contributes to increased productivity and improved morale even in the absence of pay raises.


Free, healthy snacks at work are very important to Millennials.

Millennials make up 33% of the work force and will make up 46% by 2020. According to, “Millennials place a lot more value in what they put into their body, educating themselves on the benefits of natural and organic foods.” Offering organic fruit in the office instead of candy might be the perk Millennials need to choose to work at your company, and to stay working at your company. But it’s not just about healthy food. Many millennials living the organic foodie lifestyle respect the earth, supporting local organic farming, and living conscientiously. Because of this millennials prefer to work for businesses aligned with their values.


Organic California Mandarins

Why should you have organic fruit in your office?

The foods you eat during the work day are a significant factor in your ability to concentrate and work efficiently. Glucose is important for proper brain functions because it facilitates the constant firing of signals between neurons. The brain is unable to store glucose and therefore requires an almost constant supply of glucose during the day.


It’s not just when you eat, but what you eat

Your brain consumes large amounts of glucose when dealing with mentally challenging work and low glucose levels can lead to cognitive impairment. If you’re not providing your brain with the energy it needs to function properly throughout the day your productivity levels can be seriously impaired. Keeping organic fruit in your office is a great way for your employees to have quick, easy access to the healthy source of glucose they need to stay happy and productive.


Simply having snacks available is great, but the type of snack is important as well. 

Grabbing a bag of chips during that afternoon slump can give your brain a needed energy boost, but not all energy sources are created equal. For example, organic apples, oranges and bananas are not only portable and easily stored on a countertop, they also have great nutritional benefits. Fresh raw fruits are full of vitamins and fiber and are also mostly water, which helps your body stay hydrated. Providing organic fruit in the office allows employees to make better choices when it comes to reaching for that mid-morning or afternoon snack. This leads to decreased absenteeism as employees who maintain healthy diets are 27% less likely to call out sick.


Make it a no-brainer

See pricing and options for healthy office fresh organic fruit deliveries from Golden Gate Organics. Providing organic fruits as an office snack makes your employees happier, healthier and more productive. Who doesn’t want that?