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Since many people are either back in school this week (like yours truly) or will be heading that way shortly I wanted to talk about student lunches. Each person needs to eat and students need their brain-food to realize their learning potential. The U.S. National school lunch program provides close to 32 Million students with lunches each day. For some lower income students in grades K-12 this could be their only meal of the day. The free lunch program ensures that lower income students are provided a lunch and sometimes other meals while they are at school. When I was growing up in Northern Michigan I was one of those kids that received free lunch along with my two brothers and my sister. My mom and step-dad always seemed to struggle with money, however, my siblings and I never went hungry and that is something I am very thankful for, even if I wasn’t at the time (Silly kids don’t even know what’s good for ‘em) I remember being made fun of by some of my classmates because I received free lunch. Everyone knows why students received free lunch. It is because your parents meet the financial requirements of a low-income household. While I do not know those requirements, I am sure that many struggling parents with K-12 children do. For me, the school lunch was the meal I looked forward to the most every weekday.

That free lunch I looked forward to was also the most processed meal I ate everyday and full of sodium and many other not so good ingredients. The USDA procures meat for schools by allowing companies to bid on the contracts. That means, usually, the lowest bidder wins and I firmly believe you get what you pay for. In the past thousands of tons of chicken was supplied by the USDA from old birds that might otherwise go towards things such as pet food, compost, or McDonald’s chicken nuggets. To be fair, I made up the McDonalds part. Most schools can only afford to serve food that is highly processed. These processed foods have been stripped of many nutrients and antioxidants. Which are better; a chicken breast or chicken nuggets. A bagged salad or fresh chopped up head up lettuce with carrots? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. In addition to the quality of the food, the type of food served is often abundant in empty carbohydrates and other sugars, which often have little nutritional value. A little square of pre-packaged cheese pizza anyone? Pop it in the microwave and lunch is served! If students do get a serving of fruit it is usually a very tiny cup of processed fruit cocktail. Here is a little factoid for you: It costs approximately $6,000 to feed a child lunch during their K-12 education. Here is another factoid: It costs our health care system around $175,000 per adult, for illness related to poor childhood nutrition. Maybe this is why certain people think it is bad to have universal healthcare? Because doing so would cost so much money! However, if we would invest more in our children’s future then perhaps those unhealthy adults with diabetes, heart disease, and obesity would not be unhealthy but rather healthy working and contributing members of society. It is unfortunate the shortsightedness that creates these problems which, seems to me, could be prevented in the first place.

Of course when school districts get $2.68 for every meal served to a child who qualifies for free lunch it is difficult to buy healthy, organic, unprocessed foods. How is the parent of a child who receives free lunch supposed to voice concern about the quality of their school’s food when they are relieved their child get’s anything at all? They would sound like a complainer, like they aren’t grateful. But shouldn’t they complain if their child is receiving the equivalent of a fast food meal every day, even if it is free?! Kids may not know the difference but parents and communities should. We should stop trying to do the cheapest possible thing all the time. Quality food may cost more, however, the short and long term benefits of being healthy for outweigh the upfront monetary costs and provide a much greater value to our society as a whole.

So if you are fortunate enough to be able to provide for your children then give them a piece of fruit with their lunch. Make them a sandwich with avocado and tomato or turkey and lettuce. Provide them a reusable water bottle to fill up with water instead of soda or other sugary juices with high fructose corn syrup. Make some oatmeal for them with raisons and cinnamon for breakfast instead of frosted flakes, which are made from GMO corn.

As my position in life changes I will grow from donating organic produce to the food bank each week to supporting food activist groups that lobby and promote positive change in the food industry. I am slowly working to get the word out and to help make a positive change in our world. But first, I need to go eat my lunch.



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One big thing I want to share this week is that I have been messing around with YouTube and created my first Youtube account called goldengateorganicstv. Check out my first video below and please let me know what you think. I know the first video isn’t that great but I am learning!

I love how my face is frozen mid-sentence!

School is right around the corner. Summer is winding down and before you know it all the TV’s will be tuned to football on the weekends. I am sure most of you will be watching the Cal Bears, Stanford Cardinals, Oakland Raiders, or the San Francisco 49’ers. I am still a Detroit Lions fan myself but find myself rooting for the Niners or Raiders whenever they are on the T.V. Unless of course they are playing the Lions! Wayne is still a Denver Bronco’s fan but we won’t hold that against him. This week’s email goes “behind the scenes” and gives some insight into how Wayne and I came up with the name “Golden Gate Organics” when we started off last year.

I have been asked a few times how we came up with the name Golden Gate Organics. It seems that at first mention most people think we are some huge business or corporation, however, nothing could be further from reality! We wanted something that summed up who we were and what our business was about. We agreed that we had to have a web address of the same name so that we could easily be found online. This turned out to be the most difficult part and ultimately guided us to our final deciscion. We toyed around with a few ideas and the one thing in common was that they all had “organics” at the end. So among the initial candidates were: East Bay Organics, Alameda Organics, Oakland Organics, etc. However, we didn’t want to pigeonhole ourselves into one specific geographic location. For instance, if we called ourselves Oakland Organics then we didn’t want people from San Francisco or Berkley to think they were excluded or that they would get second-rate service to our namesake. Which would never be the case anyway. We narrowed it down to Golden Gate Organics and found that the website name was available. In addition, Wayne and I were both on a ship in the Coast Guard ten years ago and each time we got underway or came back to port we would pass underneath the Golden Gate Bridge which was always a special time for us. So after letting it sit for a few days to make sure there were no doubts we bought the domain name and registered our new business name. In hindsight, it may have been better to have went with Bay Organics or something similar but it is possible that we did think of that and it was the case that the website address for that was already taken.

During this same time we were also experimenting with different logos as well. We tried a cable car logo with old western style text and different cartoony takes on the Golden Gate Bridge.

This weeks message may be a little light so I wanted to pump it up with some produce tips we published on our Blog back in October of last year. A time when I am sure that not a single person even knew our blog existed, let alone, read it. Here is the link. I hope you are able to use some of the information that is in it. I know that I was surprised by some of the items in there when I created it such as “Do not refrigerate whole garlic.” I had no idea!

Thanks for reading!


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While traveling through Michigan and Ohio this past 4th of July I noticed lots of signs. Signs for car dealerships. Signs for Veterinarians. Signs for McDonald’s. Stop signs. I haven’t lived in Michigan since May 2, 2002 when I enlisted in the Coast Guard and was shipped off only to return a handful of times since. This time around I noticed some new signs. Signs that caught my eye. I saw signs for Farmers Markets, Organic Farms and CSA’s. I didn’t remember these signs from when I was growing up. There were also signs and stands for people selling Cherries. Cherries are a cash crop for Northern Michigan farmers who grow four-fifths of the nation’s tart cherry crop. I know, I used to sell them at a roadside stand when I was 14. Check it out in the picture below; I have some farm-cred.

Corey at 14 years old selling Michigan Cherries.

Upon arriving to meet family at my Uncle’s cottage in Silver Lake, Mi I completely drove by the driveway. It looked eerily familiar but nothing was the same. The old Apple orchard looked smaller. It wasn’t the same orchard, or was it? The driveway, and the road for that matter, were both paved. I doubled back once I got to the end of the road. I knew I had to be in the right place. The next day while walking with Jen and my Uncle. I asked about the orchard. He said that the apple orchard was dying and the owners decided to remove all the apple trees and replace them with the new Cherry trees I was seeing. “It’s all good”, I thought. They were all sour apples anyway! Uncle Donn went on to tell us that the Michigan Cherry season had been devastated by late frosts. Some farmers lost everything. Even fewer farmers had only partial crops. One estimate had 80-90 percent of the buds for tart cherries killed. Just horrible.

Throughout the rest of our trip I was seeing many, many more signs for farmers markets and CSA’s all over Michigan and Ohio. It is one thing to read about the movement of organic food and locally grown produce, however, it is another thing completely to experience it firsthand. So let me tell you; We are in the midst of a greater movement then we understand. At every corner there are people starting to question what is in their food. People who are catching on that there is a dangerous price to pay for the convenience of fast, cheap, and mass produced food. It was a slow realization. As slow as the replacement of our real food with dangerous chemicals. I think the turning point may have been reached. I think that the seed of curiosity is blooming from the poison of the foods we have been eating for so long without even knowing. “But why would we worry about our food”, we said before. It’s just food. It’s the same food we have been eating forever. That’s the thing though. The food we used to eat, the food that we have been eating since humans discovered farming in the fertile crescent of Mesopotamia 11,000 years ago, that food was slowly replaced. Chemical by chemical over the last 80 years. It looks the same now and that is about it. Fortunately we are starting to wise-up. We are starting to realize, as they say in Michigan; Something aint quite right here. That realization is the blossom. That realization was the start of the organic and healthy food movement and those of you reading this are the pioneers, the leaders, the one’s that know better. It is all of our jobs to lift the wool from over our friends and families eye. We need to set a good example for future generations. How can you expect your children to be able to cook and eat healthy if all you did was feed them fast food their whole lives because you were tired when you got home from work. We are all tired when we get home from work but we are hard working proud Americans! We can do better.

Of course we live in the real world. Grabbing a lunch or dinner from a fast food restaurant a few times a year will not kill you. We do need to improve our eating and living habits though and that starts in the kitchen. ‘Everything in moderation’ is a cliché that I throw around often but think is completely relevant. The future will be beautiful and we will be the ones who mold it, if we choose to. The choice is yours..

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Welcome back everyone! Jen and I had a great time at the Oakland Art & Soul Festival this weekend. It was a bit overcast on Saturday but Sunday was hot and sunny and there was quite the turnout with the good weather. I want to give a shout out to Forrest M. a customer who stopped by the booth to say hello. I gave him $5 off this week’s box for saying hi. I enjoy getting to meet my customers when I get the chance. I also want to say “hello and welcome” to Tramy N. and Jessica L. who joined GGO after their Plum District deal. Thanks for supporting local business and sustainable organic famers throughout California. Actually, I thank all of you who are customers and who take the time and effort to eat organic! You are all making a difference whether you realize it or not.

Jen working our booth late Saturday night.

I am not sure if many of you know but I just recently was Honorably Discharged from the Coast Guard in July after 10 years and 2 months of service. I decided that GGO is where my heart is and that I didn’t have enough time before to devote to all of our customers. So with my saved up vacation time I was able to start working at GGO fulltime back in May, two months before our one year anniversary, and we have come a long way already in just a few short months! I will be taking advantage of the Post 9/11 GI Bill and will be going to school in Berkeley starting in a couple weeks. This will not affect any of you as I will still be doing all the customer service and providing you only the best service and produce I know how but I wanted you all to know what I will be up to.

Important News:

I have noticed that for the last few weeks the organic bananas we have been receiving have not quite been stellar and this has been a concern of mine. Some of the bananas have had spots, some of them need to be eaten right away, and a couple of weeks ago I had to throw out an entire case because they were just nasty! I have had one or two people ask about this and I had to do some research but I was able to find out exactly what the deal is with the organic bananas.

It turns out that there are combinations of different factors that have affected this year’s banana crop. As many of you know, Wayne and I only purchase fair trade bananas and the primary source of these bananas is through Ecuador and Peru in South America. It turns out that just as the U.S. was hit with a very mild winter, which facilitated the extreme summer drought and negatively affected our corn crops; conversely, Central America was hit with an extremely harsh winter. The result: Ecuador’s banana exports alone have dropped 12% compared to last years yield. Additionally, a disease called Black Sigatoka has attacked the already weakened banana crop. The presence of the disease in Ecuador has reached heightened levels; so much so that in some places it has destroyed 30% of the crops. There are growers that lost their crops because they were unable to fertilize and fumigate their plantations. Other farmers have sold their farms to engage in other businesses like cocoa, which are more profitable. Three weeks ago a “Banana Emergency” was declared and announced by the Minister Javier Ponce. The emergency actions are expected to last eight weeks and allow growers to receive fungicides to control the disease.

Take into account that the organic fair trade bananas are most likely going to be hit even harder then the rest of the bananas since they have not been genetically modified to resist Black Sigatoka and will not be treated with synthetic chemicals. Even walking around the local grocery stores I notice the state of the organic and regular bananas and can relate that back to this crisis. With the demand not dropping and the supply in a choke hold the prices for bananas have been going up and the quality has been going down. We are all affected. I recommend subbing out bananas for the next few weeks unless you are ready to eat them right away. They may not look perfect but I assure you that they are fine to eat.

We get so caught up sometimes with what our produce looks like that we forget to ask, “Why does it look this way? How is it that this banana is perfect in the middle of a catastrophic disease?” You can always go buy Dole or Chiquita bananas that look perfect, are bright yellow and huge. However, you will taste the difference. You will be supporting corporations that pay farmers only a few cents a pound for their crop, far below the cost of production. You will be supporting corporations that violate human rights and employ children as young as eight to work on banana plantations. You will be buying genetically modified food. The choice is yours and I will respect that. I just want you to make an informed decision.

Please reach out to me anytime at either 510-982-3026 or for anything. Bad bananas? Items too ripe? Missing something? Let me know and I will fix it! Seriously! I am nice and don’t play games. I know sometimes things happen and that’s ok. It is apart of life.

  • Please leave your boxes out for your driver to pickup so we can reuse or recycle them.
  • Remember you can add or skip weeks anytime you want for the next three months right from your Account Settings.

That’s all. I hope you enjoy this weeks box!

Your organic ambassador,


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Welcome returning and new customers to another week at Golden Gate Organics!

Wayne has been on a much-needed vacation this past week but will be back Friday. Just in time to man our GGO booth at the Oakland Art & Soul festival on Saturday and Sunday. The festival runs from 2pm until midnight on Saturday, and from noon to 6pm on Sunday. There will also be a Family Fun Zone with carnival rides, face painting, interactive art and an obstacle course. Stop by and meet Wayne and me, if you dare! Muah hahaha! You can find us in the East Bay Express Zone between the Ferris wheel and the Food Trucks. I have a surprise for any customer that stop by!

Moving on, I want every customer to know that they can contact me anytime via I have heard a couple stories this week about some people having various concerns or questions with their orders and for whatever reason they let it go for a couple weeks and don’t say anything. I beg you to please call me on the GGO phone 510-982-3026 or email me with your worries. I have yet to come across a problem I couldn’t resolve for a customer and you will be much happier for it too. I promise to do my best to make it right!

This week we have some Giant Snow White peaches from Burkhart Farm in Dinuba, cucumbers from Alba Organics in Watsonville, and broccoli from Organica Fresh in San Jose. For sub this week we also have Mangos from Earthbound Farms and Sweet Seedless Green Grapes from VBZ!

That is all for this week. I must cut the email short in order to prepare for the Oakland Art & Soul Festival this weekend. Make sure to login to your account and sub out the items you don’t want and add more items you do want. If we run out of anything you can let me know on our Facebook page and I can make more available.

Have a great week. I hope to see some of you this weekend!



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The Great Drought of 2012


Noun:              A prolonged period of abnormally low precipitation; a shortage of water                                    resulting from this.

California is very fortunate when it comes to, as I am calling it, “The Great Drought of 2012”. Fortunate in the fact those farmers here in California are mostly unaffected to the degree that those in the Midwest are. One reason for this is that farmers who use irrigation are less affected, and most farmers in the Central California Valley use irrigation to keep their crops watered.

So, Corey, what the heck is causing this drought? Good question! There are several factors that have contributed to this drought. The first, and perhaps most obvious to scientists, is that there is a La Nina weather pattern in the Pacific Ocean that has caused lower than normal water temperatures. This has lead to drier weather conditions here in North America. This is the opposite of the La Nino weather event, which creates warmer than normal ocean temperatures. Causes mudslides, floods, and Sea Monsters to flee the sea. Both the weather patterns are just that; patterns. They are just extremes of the average and are cyclical in nature. Due to the La Nina this year there was below average snowfall and precipitation this winter. This caused the grown to dry out faster in the spring and summer, which only compounded the issue of record high-heat and drought because the ground dried up faster than normal. The first six months of this year were the hottest on record. Which seems weird to me because I thought scientists said the same thing last year, and the year before that, and so on. It just goes to show that the atmosphere of Gaia is heating up, year after year, record after record. Regardless of what “Climate Change Skeptics” think, the proof is in the organic pudding.

So we have colder than normal ocean temperatures, little-to-no precipitation, and extreme heat. All three are playing a role in this drought. However, the heat is still affecting areas that do receive precipitation. Corn is the crop that is worst hit, followed closely by Soy Beans. This year farmers planted the most corn since 1937. That is a lot of Corn! This led many to forecast the largest crop yield ever and for good reason. As of today only 26% of that record crop is in “Good or Better” condition, as quoted from USDA’s July 24 weekly weather and crop bulletin. While the Soy Bean crop is at 31%, ouch!

“Hot, dry conditions result in higher rates of photosynthesis, leading to higher concentrations of fruit sugars,” Jim Nienhuis, a horticulturalist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison told Associated Press. So this means flavors will be unusually concentrated in some crops. For instance, the hot peppers will be hotter and the melons will be sweeter! So, I suppose, it isn’t all-bad….

Another effect of the low corn yield is that there is a massive slaughter of pigs and cows right now because there isn’t enough corn-feed for all of them. Which I do want to remind everyone is not their natural diet, grass is. Unless, of course, they are Corporate Pigs and Cows, then, unfortunately, that is their natural diet nowadays. See the movie Food Inc. This means that in the short term, meat prices are going to plummet due to the over supply in the grocery stores. In the long-term though, the price will ultimately go up because there won’t be as much meat when the normal yield is harvested. I am unsure how this will affect the grass-fed cows, free-range chickens, and pigs that most of us already buy for our families and ourselves. I would imagine that in the short term with the abundance of conventional meat that the price for the healthy stuff will go down a tiny bit but probably not enough to make a huge difference in our wallets.

I am already starting to think that most of the organic/free-range/alternative & healthy foods are over priced. When I see what we sell our produce for and compare to the corporate and local “health food stores” I can’t help but pick my jaw up off the floor. It is outrageous the prices they charge! I honestly think that many of these businesses are gouging customers and it isn’t fair. The best way to gauge the potential health of you and your family nowadays seems to be the size of your bank account. Which, I think, is wrong. We can and should do better as a civilization. We should make it our culture to do the right thing and not just do the thing that will make the most money.

Anyway, getting back to the drought. We, as California Organic Consumers, I believe will be largely unaffected by the Midwest corn-belt drought. Almost all of the items we sell at Golden Gate Organics are local to California, Corn and Soy Beans included. If you look at the drought map you can see that California is largely spared of the extreme temperatures and dryness of the Midwest. This is just another reason of many that California is awesome, and has the opportunity to lead the nation in organic farming and progressive thinking. We are fortunate. I am fortunate. I know this and I don’t let a single day go by without realizing that and giving thanks for this opportunity to be alive, if even for just a short time. Thanks for reading! Share what you think in the blog comments section of our website. I will be posting a copy of our weekly letter there for everyone to see and I would love to hear other points of view and have a chance to discuss this with everyone!

Now, on to this weeks box!

This week we have a ton of subs and tons of produce for sale. Wayne did the best he could on all the requests and all but a few made it in. Thank you to everyone for chipping on that via our Facebook page. With it being the end of July we have a very sweet summer box this week!

We have Sweet Grapes for $1.99, Cherry Tomatoes for $2.99, and lots of Apricots, Pluots, Plums, and Peaches.

Things Corey thinks are important:

1. Last week we had a few bunches of bad bananas. I think I have already talked to everyone about it that were affected but I wanted to apologize again. It was out of our control and I did the best I could to sub in other items or talk to those people about me hooking them up in a future box. Thank you everyone for your patience!

2. Also, a couple weeks ago now we started delivering around 11:30 am instead of 7:30am in the hopes that the produce wouldn’t have to sit out as long each day before you arrived home from work, or whatever. The reception has been great so far and I just wanted to let everyone know that.

3. If you do not want a box please skip your delivery from your Account Settings> My Schedule. This helps us to only order what we need, keep cost low, and ensure that no food goes to waste! I SINCERELY appreciate your help on this one, as I would never charge anyone for a box they didn’t want and I will ALWAYS cancel your order even if the request is after the deadline, but it does affect our prices and our ability to bring you good value.

4. As always, please leave your box out when you are expecting a delivery so we can reuse or recycle them .

Special Thanks to Cheese and Squishy who helped me write todays Email/Blog!

That’s it! Thanks for supporting GGO, enjoy your box this week, and have a great weekend!

Corey 🙂

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Another week is in the books as we get ready to start a new one. Today we had requests via Facebook for Watermelons and Grapes, and we’re excited to have them on our menu this week! They are available for purchase and on a few of the menus this week. Thanks to Christina C. and Marina R. B. for their suggestions!

I also found a nice recipe for Rainbow Swiss Charge (Pic below) from the Facebook group “Mom! What’s for dinner?” we have a few friends who are members of that group and more often than not they have some fantastic recipes and story’s.

Swiss Chard Burek

Because of the great Chard recipe I asked Wayne about getting some and he said that it is available from Cal-O farm in Bakersfield. Check them out on our farm page! They are at the bottom of the page. The Watermelon and Cauliflower this week is from Cal-O farms too. You can find the Swiss Chard recipe on our recipe page.

Also among the items on the menu this week are Radishes, Romaine lettuce, Beets, Corn,Honeydew Melon’s, and my favorite; Heirloom tomatoes!!! Get your kitchens ready this week! If you are curious about what comes in our other size boxes then be curious no more. There is a link for that too!


As I was writing this week’s email I received an email from my friend Kasper at the East Bay Express. This week is their “Best of the East Bay” issue. Which is their biggest issue of the year. We had arranged with Kasper to have an ad in this issue. We gave him some pictures and some facts about what we do and they created an ad from scratch. It is funny and awesome! Check it out in this weeks issue and let us know what you think on our Facebook page. At the same time we also had an article posted by Luke Tsai on the EBX website. I’m not sure if it will be in the Best Of The East Bay issue though. Check it out here: “Organic Produce from the Farm to Your Doorstep, by Way of Alameda” Like it and Retweet it for us, Pretty Please! 😉

This is Wayne and my’s reaction to seeing the article on their website.

After I searched the East Bay Express website for ‘Golden Gate Organics’ I came across their ‘Categories We Didn’t Think Of: Goods and Services’ which is from their Best Of The East Bay feature. I found out that our longtime customer, Florence W., who is actually our VERY FIRST CUSTOMER, wrote us in for Best CSA (Consumer Supported Agriculture) for her patronage and loyalty to GGO Wayne and I decided that her box this week will be on us. It is the least we could do for one of our most devoted friends! Thank You Florence! 🙂

That is all for this week. I hope you all enjoy this week’s box.

I want to thank all of you for supporting Wayne and I here at Golden Gate Organics. Together we are making a choice to eat healthy and make a difference.



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My trail above the Lake Chabot.

What is an organic lifestyle? It could have completely different meanings from person to person. For me, an Organic Lifestyle is a choice. I choose to know what farms my food comes from. I make a choice to not ingest synthetic chemicals. I choose to support local farmers and keep my money in California. I choose to be as healthy as possible. I am choosing piece of mind and a longer, healthy, happier life. Organic Lifestyle is a choice. It’s your choice and it’s my choice. The next time someone asks you “Why do you eat organic?” ask them why they don’t? When they ask why organic food is more expensive, ask them why conventional food is so cheap. The most influential vote you can make is with where you spend your money and nobody wants to waste money.

While Wayne was working on this week’s menu we’re constantly analyzing the process and the choices of exactly what we will put in each box. Should we go with one giant peach or two smaller ones? Cantaloupe since they are the first we’ve seen this season or a head of lettuce since we don’t yet have any leafy greens? Many questions, tradeoffs, and choices to determine during the course of the menu creation.

How is our menu then? Overwhelmingly the feedback has been positive. However, our menu revolves around what is in season and changes week to week, month to month. Our menu revolves around You! Wayne and I want to know what you think each week. That is why he has created an extremely complex and confusing survey. It is a smiley face or a frowny face. We consistently try to create the BEST menu that is possible. A menu perfect for that time and place of existence, and we need your input to make it as perfect as possible. Thought the corn was less than spectacular or the best corn you have ever had? Let us know. Thought the oranges were to green? Let us know. Want us to create a box that is perfect for your juice diet? Let us know! This is a two=way relationship between all of you, and us, and right now it’s a pretty good relationship 🙂

This week we have our first California cucumbers of the season from ALBA Organics in Watsonville, CA. It is always exciting for us to get the first harvest of the season and to make that available for all of our customers. Also this week we have Calyx tomatoes from T&D Willey’s farm in Madera, CA. Now these tomatoes are expensive but I have high hopes and can’t wait to try them for myself.

Speaking of tomatoes, did you know the green pointy stem that sticks out of the top of the tomato and has the little green pointy leaves around it is called the Calyx? Wierd huh?

Site improvements this week include a new easy to use and much prettier on the eyes Marketplace. When you login it can be found just below your order on the home screen.

Another big upgrade, and one in which we are very excited to finally have completed, is our Farm Page. Now you can see info on all the farms we buy from, how many miles your food traveled, and their website info, if they have a website. I think this is just fantastic! The fruits and veggies for the week even show up on the farm page so you can easily see where your food is coming from. Simply Awesome.

If any of you are interested in receiving fresh organic fruit at your office please let me know. We have a few businesses that provide their employees with our fruits instead of donuts or junk food. We are happy to supply you what you need and we feel good to have a part in spreading healthiness around the bay!

REMINDER: Please leave your box out for our driver to pick-up. We reuse the good ones and recycle the not-good ones. Every little bit helps. 😉

Don’t forget that this weekend is SF Pride! A perfect time to show your support of human rights and do some unique people watching. Jen and I will be there on Sunday.

Thanks again to all of you. We hope you enjoy the menu and have a safe weekend!


Corey and Wayne

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What a great reception from everyone on our Cherryvale Farms easy to use baking mixes. So far the the responses have been very positive.

Longtime GGO customer Lauren Do was kind enough

to write a review on the Everything But The…Zucchini she received last week.

Here she is in her own words:

So good and so delicious!  Super easy to bake up.   I added a little
more zucchini that the box called for and still came out beautifully.

Box makes more than the 12 on the packaging.

If you decide to sell, you may want to make a note that the zucchini
mix is not sweet — like most zucchini bread recipes are — this one
is savory but really tasty.


-Lauren Do


Thank you Lauren for the review!


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What a beautiful week! The weather was HOT, records were broken around the Bay, and the summer solstice, also known as the longest day of the year, isn’t even until next Wednesday! Not a great thing considering the climate change crisis but great for a nice Saturday motorcycle ride with my girlfriend Jen through the back roads of Marin!

Jen and I at Point Reyes Station!

Please help by doing your part to cut emissions and conserve resources. Turn of lights and appliances that aren’t in use. Ride that bike to work, carpool, and wear those jeans two or three times before washing them! I would bet money that most of you are already doing those things anyway but we can always do a bit more to help the environment and our future generations by setting a good example for our friends, family, and community. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

I heard some good news come in this morning! and other groups have successfully collected the more than 500,000 signatures required to get the chance for California voters to vote on whether genetically modified foods should be labeled or not. The secretary of state certified the measure this week for the November ballot! Please pass the word and encourage your friends and family to vote to pass the new law in the Fall. If it passes California will be the first state to require labeling of foods that contain genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. Check out the full story on our Facebook feed here.

Also this week our buddy Kasper Koczab visited us from the East Bay Express to help us with what we have to do to be recognized in their yearly Best of the East Bay issue.

Getting a “Best Of” is quite an accomplishment and Wayne and I are working hard to get the word out to everyone to vote for Golden Gate Organics for Best New Business and also as a write in for Best Delivery Service. You can vote here. You are required to vote for 20 different ‘Best Of’ categories which at first seemed like a lot but after I voted I realized that there are quite a few businesses, bars, bartenders, coffee shops, barbers, Farmer’s Markets, parks, etc that I frequent on a regular basis and it was actually pretty easy. I was able to sensibly vote on many more than the minimum 20. So pretty please with organic cherries on top vote for us! It would mean so much for Wayne and I and GGO! We will not be able to do it without all our loyal and wonderful customers.

On a special note; I have a soft-spot in my heart for my dad and in honor of him and all the other dads out there I have a special Father’s Day coupon code THANKSDAD that is good for 20% off any box. Tell your dad he needs to eat better so he’ll be around for many more Father’s Days to come and have him sign-up! Not to mention that eating less red-meat and more veggies helps lower chances of heart disease!.

This week’s recipe: Grilled Zucchini and Squash

It is one of my favorites!

Thanks everyone and have safe and happy weekend!

Corey and Wayne