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There’s no better feeling than eating a home cooked meal, prepared using fresh, seasonal organic vegetables from local farms.

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That precise feeling is the reason why Golden Gate Organics (GGO) is in existence. While local CSA options were good, GGO’s owner was disappointed that he had to run hither and yon, rounding out the CSA box coffers with his other favorite organic grocery items. With an already hectic work and family schedule – not to mention hours spent in commute time – he wanted a way to eliminate the runaround necessary to feed his family using the food items he knew were best.

Being the energetic entrepreneur he is, Corey decided it was high time Walnut Creek and other Bay Area residents had weekly access to both abundant CSA boxes and certified organic grocery store items, without all the time-consuming runaround. Thus – our revolutionary CSA program was born.

GGO is Your Family’s Source for Organic Veggies, Fruits, and Grocery Items

When you start shopping at GGO, you’ll gain access to a fresh assortment of organic vegetables, fruit, and other grocery items – including farm fresh eggs – all of which are delivered right to your doorstep. You have the option of selecting Fruit-Only, Vegetable-Only or Fruit-and-Vegetable options, and there are several box sizes to choose from:

·       Solo Boxes. Our solo boxes are especially designed for singletons or for couples who want to give this CSA thing a try for the first time. Stocked with approximately 18 servings, there’s just enough to get you started or to round out your own backyard garden’s harvest.

·       Small Boxes. The small boxes are typically used by couples and households with younger children. You’ll receive between 24 to 28 servings. If you have leftovers, don’t forget how easy it is to whip up a quick veggie soup – great as a side or main when paired with local bakery bread and a hunk of cheese.

·       Medium Boxes. Our medium boxes are ordered most by families of four, and mostly older children. At 35 to 42 servings, there are enough veggies and fruit inside to create creative dinners, delicious lunches, and snacks to fill in the gaps.

·       Large Box. Large box customers are typically big families, vegetarian and vegan households or business clients who use the contents to stock employee break rooms, kitchens and/or cafeteria pantries. Co-op housing communities like them as well for planning communal dinner nights.

You can always scale back or upgrade the box sizes as your needs fluctuate, and we’ll be happy to put your account on vacation hold when you are out of town.

We Deliver to Your Home or Office

Our delivery drivers don’t discriminate between residential and commercial doorsteps so sign up with the address that is the most convenient for you. Work in an office with a communal break or lunch room? Consider ordering our certified organic fruit boxes, so employees have access to healthier snack options.

Does your company have a cafeteria or kitchen? Think about switching out commercially-sourced produce (typically pale and devoid of flavor) with our reasonably priced organic boxes. In addition to providing more nutrient-rich food options for your employees, you’ll be supporting local California farmers as well as eco-friendly farming practices that make our world a healthier place to live. It’s a way for your local business to honor other, small, local businesses.

Interested in hosting a wellness fair? The GGO team loves to educated people about the importance of eating seasonal, organic fruits and vegetables. Has your company started a wellness program? How about letting us “host” a GGO presentation at one of your meetings? Healthy diets are a cornerstone of weight management and healthy bodies, which go a long way towards preventing long-term medical conditions that lead to workplace accidents, sick leave, and disability.

Our Seasonal Organic Fruit Boxes will Help That Sweet Tooth to Stay on Track

Have a wandering sweet tooth? Who doesn’t like a little something sweet at the end of a meal or while watching a favorite show? That’s why GGO works so hard to put together (mostly) seasonal fruit boxes that give our customers access to ripe, seasonal fruit.

Notice the emphasis on seasonal? That’s because fruits and vegetables taste best – and sweetest – when they’re in the season. We admit we’re prone to throwing non-local items in from time to time (hey, we love bananas year-round; what can we say?) but for the most part, we keep it pretty darn close to local and seasonal.

The FDA recommends that you eat about four servings of fruit per day. A daily allotment of fruit looks like one of our errant bananas slathered in peanut butter for breakfast, a whole apple or pear at snack time, a few grapes or pomegranate seeds thrown in a green salad and a bowl of fresh strawberries with a dollop of cream splashed on top for dessert. Breakfast smoothies are a powerful way to pack in more than one fruit serving, not to mention a healthy way to start your day, and you can make smoothies even better by throwing in a handful of raw greens.

Have you sworn off fruit as the result of our culture’s “carb-phobia?” We recommend reading, What’s the Skinny on Fruit and Dieting. The natural sugars and high-fiber content found in fruit is exactly what your body needs to help you reach and maintain your target weight goals.

Eat the Rainbow Inside Your Certified Organic Vegetable Box

You’ve probably heard the term, “eat the rainbow…” or something like it. This phrase is created on the premise that by filling your plate with vegetables of all different colors, you’re maximizing vitamin and mineral intake. For example, bright orange vegetables are loaded with vitamins A and E, while most dark green vegetables have higher quantities of iron, vitamin K and calcium. Blue fruits are high in anti-oxidants, and red fruits and veggies often contain lycopene and powerful antioxidants called anthocyanins.

When you sign up with GGO’s organic vegetable box program, you’ll enjoy a rainbow on your doorstep – every single week. When you gobble up the contents, you can be assured you’re getting your RDA of vitamins and minerals – and then some.

Not happy with your box’s contents? Just give our customer service team a call, and we’ll replace the damaged items at no cost to you. Want to order more of your favorite items, or sub something you aren’t fond of for something you love? That’s fine too. We recommend look ahead each week to view your box’s contents and then make the substitutions online.

Don’t know how to prepare a vegetable that’s new to you? First, search our recipe page to see if there’s something that strikes your fancy. Otherwise, Google can be a wonderful tool for looking up the nutrient and flavor profiles of organic box contents. Recipe sites like Allrecipes and Epicurious are also rich go-to resources for looking up new recipes so you don’t get caught in the weekly menu rut.

Are You in the Market for Farm Fresh Eggs?

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

If you like eggs, farm fresh eggs are the only way to go (short of having your own backyard coop, of course). Contrary to popular belief, farm fresh eggs are not the same as organic eggs. Farm fresh eggs take their sustainable visions a few steps further, humanely raising chickens that have plenty of access to outdoor space so they can scratch and peck the ground as they were meant to do. As a result, these family-owned farms (we source our eggs right here in California) raise chickens – and eggs – that are grown using a much more varied and natural diet.

Not surprisingly, free ranging chickens lay eggs with better nutritional value. Plus, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your dollars are voting for the type of animal husbandry your conscience can support. Plus, we’ll be honest, the flavor of farm fresh eggs is way better than store-bought counterparts, so selfishly - you’ll be glad you switched over the light side.

Are you ready to enjoy the benefits of certified organic vegetables, fruits, eggs and grocery store items delivered right to your front door? Then jump on board the Golden Gate Organics train and start shopping. Your body-mind will be the better for it!

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