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How lucky to live in a state where fresh, local and sustainable produce is grown year ‘round.

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Here at Golden Gate Organics, we celebrate that abundance by offering weekly organic fruit and vegetable boxes, custom packed and delivered right to our Bay Area customers’ door. If you live in the Oakland area and love the idea of door-to-door delivery of your favorite, certified organic foods, you’ve come to the right place.

Between working and commuting, it’s hard to make the grocery store rounds to find and purchase the healthy foods you want to feed yourself and your family. Unlike most CSA’s – Golden Gate Organics gives you more control over what goes into your box. Don’t like a particular item in scheduled for the box that week? No problem. Simply substitute it for something you do like. Interested in adding more of something, or extra somethings? We’ll take care of that too. Have a question or feel a mistake was made? Just call us up (510-698-9446) or contact us online and we’ll fix it for you.

GGO – Providing Home & Office Delivery of Certified Organic Produce Boxes

With Golden Gate Organics (or GGO – gee-gee-oh), you can count on the fact that a fresh assortment of seasonal fruits and vegetables will arrive on your doorstep, on schedule, every single week. Plus, you can use our website’s Shop feature to add grocery store items to the mix, making time-consuming trips to the grocery store a thing of the past.

GGO delivers to both homes and businesses so you can pick up your box wherever it’s most convenient for you. We’re proud to have a host of business clients who use our certified organic produce to stock their break rooms, kitchens and cafeteria pantries. Our team is also happy to help you kick off an employee wellness program – or host an employee wellness fair – teaching staff and your community about the benefits of eating more nutrient-rich foods.

How It Works

All you have to do to get started is start shopping. There are all kinds of organic grocery items for you to choose from. You can select boxes that are Veggie Only, Fruit Only or a mix of both veggies and fruit. You also have your pick of box sizes.

·       The Solo Box. Living the single life? If so, the Solo Box is just your style. It includes approximately 18 servings per week.

·       The Small Box. This box contains approximately 24 to 28 servings. It’s ideal for couples or families of 3 or 4 with very small children.

·       The Medium Box. If you’re vegetarian, vegan or have a family with bigger kids, this is the box for you. The 35 to 42 servings of veggies and fruits per week will supply enough variety for weekly meals, lunches, snacks, and smoothies.

·       The Large Box. This one’s for the serious veggie eaters out there as well as larger families or co-operative living communities. It’s also the most popular box size for those use our organic vegetable and fruit boxes to stock their business’s kitchen. The Large Box contains 45 to 55 servings. It also works well for those who entertain frequently or are planning an upcoming dinner party.

These servings may sound like a lot, but when you consider you’re supposed to eat seven to eight servings of fruit and veggies per day, the boxes whittle down pretty quickly. You can always upgrade or downsize according to your weekly schedule, and GGO is happy to put your box subscription on Vacation Hold whenever you plan to be out of town.

Once you’re enrolled, you can begin using the Search Box on the Shop page to find organic grocery extras, including Farm Fresh Eggs (more on those later).

Organic Fruit for the Favorite Bowl or Blender in Your Life

Have a sweet tooth? Like a little something sweet after a good meal? Having fresh, locally sourced organic fruit at the ready will satisfy both counts. We love that fruit is both nutrient-rich and delicious – and that they contain the natural sugars your body likes the best – unprocessed and loaded with fiber.

Nutrition experts recommend eating at least four servings of fruit per day. To shake things up, we recommend eating fruit in multiple forms – from whole or sliced with peanut or almond butter, to thrown together in a fruit salad, added to green salads or thrown into the blender for a delicious smoothie (smoothies are a great way to sneak raw greens into your diet – or into unsuspecting children’s mouths).

If you’re on a diet or working to manage weight, fruit is one of the best ways to enjoy sweet foods because the simple sugars are easier for your body to process and the fiber helps to regulate the rate at which the resulting sugar enters your bloodstream. The result is a more satisfied and fit you!

Eat the Rainbow Through a Weekly Organic Vegetable Box

Even we veggie-happy folks can get into food ruts, eating the same veggies and fruits every day. That’s one of the reasons we love CSA boxes. When you’re getting a box a week, you can count on consuming vegetables in every color of the rainbow, which is just what your body needs to enjoy a wider range of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

Eating seasonally does wonders for giving your body – and your taste buds – just what they want. When most fruits and veggies are eaten “out of season” they taste blah to downright terrible. For that reason, we stand by the quality of our weekly, organic vegetable boxes – and we’ll happily replace any veggies that aren’t up to par and replace them with new versions or something else for you to try.


One of the best things about participating in a weekly CSA is that you’ll get to learn about and try all kinds of vegetables you’ve never tried thus far. For example, Romanesco broccoli or purple cauliflower (makes for a fun mash up with potatoes). Not sure what to do with a particular vegetable in this week’s box? First, we recommend searching our Recipe Pages, which are designed to feature some of our weekly organic veggie box contents. Google is always a handy tool. And, of course, our friendly customer sales representatives are always standing by to answer questions and provide suggestions if and when you’re in a rut.

Looking for Farm Fresh Eggs, Loaded With Color and Flavor?

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

Have you ever cracked a farm fresh egg next to a traditional commercial egg? The difference will shock you. First, you may notice that commercial egg shells are often quite weak compared to their farm fresh counterparts – and that goes for their membranes too. Secondly, farm fresh eggs have brilliant yellow to even orange yolks, evidence of their higher nutrient content. You can read our post on the Benefits of Farm Fresh Eggs for more specific nutritional details.

When you prioritize farm fresh eggs, you benefit from extra Omega-3s, lower cholesterol and boosted vitamins and mineral intake. Plus, you’re investing in a humane, cage-free lifestyle that commercially farmed chickens would fly-the-coop to enjoy if they had a chance.

GGO is proud to partner with local, family-owned California farms to bring you certified organic and humanely raised eggs – so don’t forget to add them to your next organic grocery order.


Have questions? Contact us here at Golden Gate Organics, and we look forward to bringing a box of organic health to your front door.

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