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The idea of buying and preparing healthy, local organic foods sounds great, doesn’t it?

However, when that idea rubs up against real life - long commutes, hectic workdays, chauffeuring children to extracurricular activities – that lofty goal can disappear in a puff of well-intentioned smoke.

Golden Gate Organics

In fact, that frustrating reality is the reason Golden Gate Organics was started in the first place. Founder and owner, Corey, had long been a supporter of local CSA boxes but found he was still spending too much time driving to different locations to get all of the organic grocery items his household prioritized. He decided to do something about it - and Golden Gate Organics (GGO) was born.

Enjoy Seasonal, Certified Organic Produce & Grocery Items Delivered to Your Doorstep

Now, Alameda and other Bay Area residents can have their healthy (quinoa)cake and eat it too. By this, we mean you can subscribe to a CSA box with all your favorite fruits and veggies, AND you can order additional grocery items to add to the mix. We deliver to both homes and businesses, so pick the one that’s most convenient for you. And, we feel our prices are about as affordable as they come.


All you have to do is Sign Up, and we’ll get all the info we need to make weekly organic fruit and veggie box delivery a reality. Welcome to the family!


Once you’re a member, you select whether you want your boxes to be Fruit Only, Veggie Only or a combination of both. You can also use the Shop page’s search function to find all the staple grocery items - from European-style butter and farm fresh eggs to pasta sauces, meat and poultry and everything in between. Once you’ve added the items to your cart, they’ll be loaded up and delivered to your doorstep, along with your CSA box.


Our boxes come in a range of sizes so you can find the just-right fit for your household:

  • Solo Boxes: These are a nice “starter” size if you’re new to the whole CSA concept and aren’t sure how much organic produce you’ll use in a week. With only 18 servings, it’s also perfect for singletons or households that want to round out their backyard garden harvest.
  • Small Boxes. The small box option takes it up a notch, with approximately 24 to 28 servings. This is a popular option for couples, or individuals/couples with small children. It’s enough for meal planning, soups, and smoothies, but you’ll rarely have extras left over.
  • Medium Boxes. The medium box is the most popular option, especially for vegetarian households or families with older children. Containing 35 to 42 servings, the medium box has enough fruits and veggies for smoothies, lunches, snacks and hearty meals.
  • Large Boxes. Not for the faint of heart, large box subscribers tend to be bigger families or devoted vegetarians/vegans. The 45 to 55 servings, carefully packed inside, also work well for co-operative housing communities, restaurants or businesses that want to stock their break rooms, kitchens or cafeteria pantries.

Not sure which box size is the best one for you? Contact the team here at Golden Gate Organics, and we’ll help you pick. You can always downsize - or upsize - whenever you want. And, don’t forget to put your box on vacation hold, so you aren’t billed for a box you never use.

Use Our Home & Office Delivery Options to Make Healthy Eating Part of Your Daily Culture

Home delivery is the preferred delivery option for households, but GGO also offers office delivery options for those who keep late or irregular work hours or for companies that want to make healthy living a part of their business’s daily culture.

There are several ways Golden Gate Organics can facilitate a healthier workplace - and a healthier work force. First, you can start a company GGO box subscription to make sure your break rooms offer bowls of fresh fruit in addition to the junk food-laden vending machines. Have a company kitchen or a cafeteria? Consider switching from commercial produce sources and let us bring you certified organic fruit and veggie boxes. Your cooks will love you for it – and your food will taste better as well.

Finally, our passionate team is happy to set up a booth or display at your companies next wellness fair, spreading the good news about the many benefits of healthy eating habits. Or, we’re happy to be the speakers at a wellness program event, educating employees about organic foods and providing great recipe and menu ideas for incorporating more vegetables and fruits into their lives. Let’s face it – a healthy employee roster is healthier for the company’s bottom line.

Organic Fruit Boxes for the Fruit-itarians in Your life

Americans are encouraged to eat at least four servings of fruit per day. The GGO certified organic fruit boxes make that possible by providing you with a week’s worth of ripe, or soon-to-be-ripe, fruit that’s seasonal and grown using healthy soil, sustainable farming practices and a commitment to a healthier planet. While we admit that we throw in a few non-local items (like bananas, we love them!) but for the most part, we want things to be growing in their preferred season because that’s how they taste best.

The fruit from our boxes is a welcome addition to any diet. If you’re one of those people who associates eating fruit with eating unhealthy carbs, you’ve been fed misinformation. We recommend reading, What’s the Skinny on Fruit and Dieting, to learn more about how eating fruit helps– rather than hinders – your ability to reach and maintain target weight goals.

Fruit is loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and lots of fiber – good for your heart and your digestive tract. If you’re not getting enough fruit in your life, try making smoothies each morning – and tossing in an extra handful of greens to boot. You’ll start your day more energized and be ahead of the fruit serving game before lunch time. Fruit is also good chopped and tossed into green salads or thrown on top of yogurt with a little local honey and granola.

Life Is Better When You Find an Organic Vegetable Box on Your Porch

What’s great? Finding a box full of certified organic produce sitting right on your doorstep. What’s even better? When that box is accompanied by a whole bunch of grocery items that keep you from having to run to the store. That’s how subscribing to GGO’s vegetable boxes will help to make your life amazing.

Our organic veggie boxes ensure that your family can “eat a rainbow” every single day. Vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues are the norm when you make it a practice to eat seasonal vegetables, and all those colors mean your body is getting the nutrients it needs. If there’s a vegetable you don’t like, we let you substitute it for the one you do. If something arrives a little over-ripe or is damaged during delivery, just give us a call (510-698-9446) or contact us online and we’ll make it right.

Optimally, the FDA recommends that you eat about three to four servings of vegetables per day – in as many color variations as you can. Your organic veggie box makes this easy, and you’ll also have the opportunity to try vegetables you’ve never seen before (perhaps a Romanesco broccoli or a kohlrabi, for example…), or a new recipe we offer on our Recipe Page may turn you into a fan of a veggie you used to loathe (think you hate Brussels sprouts? Try them like this).

When you join the Golden Gate Organics family, you’ll have all the support you need to get everyone in your family on board the healthy vegetable train – without complaints!


Anybody Looking For Some Farm Fresh Eggs?

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

Well, we got ‘em. Our farm fresh eggs are the next best thing after having your backyard chickens. When the latter isn’t possible, all you have to do is shop for Free Range Eggs on our website, and they’ll be delivered along with your produce.

Unfortunately, most of the egg cartons in the grocery store are misleading. They use all kinds of tricks to make you think the eggs inside were laid by healthy, happy chickens. Alas, that’s usually not the case. Our farm fresh eggs are laid by chickens raised at family-owned, California farms that are certified organic, and a Certified Humane Raised & Handled badge. The chickens have never been in a cage, and they get to peck around outside as they were born to do.

That lifestyle and a healthy diet make for richly colored yolks and eggs with a higher nutrient content than the ones you find in grocery stores.


What are you waiting for? We can’t wait to meet you. Sign Up with Golden Gate Organics and get started living a healthy and more vibrant life.

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