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Don't Tell Anyone But You Just Found Our Super Secret Coupon Deal Page For New Community Members!

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Ok. So here is the deal. My name is Corey and I am the founder of Golden Gate Organice, or as I call it "Gee Gee Oh" (GGO). I am so confident that you will love our service that I am going to give you a super secret coupon code deal just to try us out.

The Super Secret Coupon Deal is worth 50% off your first delivery from us. This includes free delivery and NO hidden fees whatsoever. I hate hidden fees and I think you do too. Plus, it just seems like the right way to do business.

The Super Secret Coupon Deal Code Is: pastie

That is it! Copy that code and paste it into the discount code area when you Sign Up with us. Then you will get 50% off your first box delivery with us. Of course, that discount is only good for the produce delivery. Any extra groceries you would like to get are on you. But I know you will like our service because we are the best in the Bay Area.

If you don't believe me then just check out our reviews on Yelp or on our Facebook page to see what our members and clients think.  

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

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There’s no better feeling than eating a home cooked meal, prepared using fresh, seasonal organic vegetables from local farms.
How lucky to live in a state where fresh, local and sustainable produce is grown year ‘round.
The idea of buying and preparing healthy, local organic foods sounds great, doesn’t it?
Wish Fresh, Organic Fruits & Veggies Would Appear on Your Doorstep?
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