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Isn't it awesome that we have access to fresh organic fruits and vegetables from small local farms all around us?

You bet it is! For those of us who live and work in San Jose, there never seems to be enough time in the day. Shopping for groceries and dealing with traffic can take up valuable time you could be spending outdoors or attending a yoga class.

Golden Gate Organics

Here at Golden Gate Organics, it's in our roots to deliver seasonal farm fresh produce from the most local farms around San Jose. We save our customers a ton of time every week with organic produce deliveries to their doorsteps. Plus, it's super easy to support organic farms and eat local. Just shop, pick a box that fits your lifestyle, and enjoy eating your favorite seasonal produce every week.

Once you've checked your zip code, you are on your way to a new healthy organic lifestyle. Your benefits include a rotating menu of local seasonal fruits and vegetables, uniquely customizable weekly orders, helping fight climate change, and greater health & wellness.

On top of that, you also get free local delivery from the best ranked CSA & produce delivery service in the Bay Area! So, you can rest easy knowing you are getting the love and care you deserve. Contact us here at Golden Gate Organics or explore our website to start shopping for local healthy foods you should be eating.



Enjoy 50% Off Your First Delivery Of Seasonal Produce

We give you the love and care you want delivered with the healthy local produce you need to be your best self. That is why we are happy to offer you 50% off your first delivery of organic produce. This way you can see what it's like to live organic while enjoying an incredible value. Now you can easily get the recommended four servings of fruit per day you need to live at your healthiest and happiest. Use discount code sharks to get 50% off your first delivery of seasonally local organic produce from Golden Gate Organics.


Local Fresh Fruit Office Delivery

Did you know, there are many great benefits of having organic fruit in your office? Having healthy fruit for your employees to snack on helps keep their energy and productivity high. You know that feeling just after lunch when you are so tired. But you have 30 minutes until you get to clock out. It would be so great to have a perfectly ripe banana or a super crunchy and sweet apple to snack on, wouldn't it? Well that is what you get with office fruit deliveries from Golden Gate Organics. We have options for offices with 3-8 people, 8-15 people, 15-24 people, 24-40 people, and more. Simply check your zip code below, select a fruit box, then select the size that is right for your office. If you have questions please contact us through our website or call us so we can provide our unique care to support you.

But we don't just provide deliveries to homes. We also support healthy offices with fresh organic fruit snacks, health and wellness fair exhibits, and many other premier services for forward thinking businesses. Explore our wellness services for Bay Area businesses.

Fresh, organic fruits & vegetables delivered!

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There’s no better feeling than eating a home cooked meal, prepared using fresh, seasonal organic vegetables from local farms.
How lucky to live in a state where fresh, local and sustainable produce is grown year ‘round.
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