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Hi. My name is Corey and I am the founder of Golden Gate Organics, or as we call it here in the warehouse: GGO (gee-gee-oh). I founded GGO back in 2010 because there was no CSA I could get only 100% certified organic produce and groceries delivered to my family's doorstep. As a very busy Bay Area person working/commuting 50+ hours a week there just wasn’t enough time to shop at all the different places for all the healthy organic produce and groceries my family needed.

While the CSA I was with at the time was organic, the grocery add-ons were definitely not, the variety was lacking (no bananas? Seriously?!). I couldn’t cancel my account without getting a guilt trip on the phone, and I couldn’t make any changes to my order. And when my orders were messed up, which seemed to happen often, the service was horrible and there wasn’t even a phone number to call. How frustrating. I knew there had to be something better but there wasn’t. I knew I could do better and in 2010 founded Golden Gate Organics.

The Produce Philosopher
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I do it for you and every family who wants to eat and live organic, has time constraints, but wants a more pleasant shopping experience that is customized to their lifestyle. When I started this business I wanted my customers to feel like family and that is how I treat every customer to this day. Our customer’s testimonials here and on Yelp reflect this.

Charles David, aka "Produce Philosopher Jr"
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I am a real person just like you. Sometimes I eat fast food on long road trips when no other options are available and I am starving. Everything in moderation is an idea echoed by many great philosophers. I know because I studied philosophy at UC Berkeley after my ten years of service in the military. People often ask me what I plan on doing with my degree in philosophy. I usually just say that I will continue exceeding my customers’ expectations for what a 100% organic delivery business can do for them. After all, you don’t need a specialized degree to treat people like family. You just treat them like you want to be treated.

 Shouldn't You Be Treated Like Family?

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