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Solo Box

Approximately 18 servings.

You always have just enough organic fruits and vegetables to always be snacking and eating healthy. Just what you need to stay healthy while never being hungry or wasting any food. Use our custom substitution system to trade out items you don't want for other items you do want.


Small Box

24 -28 servings.

Around 6 types of veggies and 5 types of fruit in the mixed box. Great for a couple. For a single person we recommend a fruit box because you can sub out some fruit for more veggies when needed. Click the link below to see what's in the small this week.


Medium Box

35-42 servings.

The perfect size for a small family or a couple who cooks often. Enough veggies for 4 to 5 meals plus fruit to snack on all week. Our Vegan and Vegetarian members say our Medium veggie box is the best fit for them. Stay at home Moms love our medium fruit box too as it provides them with healthy organic snacks for the kids to munch on all week.


Large Box

45-55 servings.

For families with big appetites, or vegans and vegetarians who cook 6 or more nights a week the Large box has an abundance of healthy organic veggies and/or fruit. The Large box is our premium offering and often gets items not included in the Small and Medium boxes.



Get some great ideas and inspiration for delicious dishes you can make with with ingredients found in our boxes.

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Farmer Markets Love Their Animals SO Much, and Here’s Why

How happy those animals are directly affects how happy you are! Well, at least your belly. And your health. It’s true: farmer markets pride themselves in organically treating their animals the best possible way — this includes chickens as well as cows. The science is clear: healthier animals results in healthier meats and other products — like…

June 17, 2017
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Organic Delivery for Businesses

Low Cost Fruit Delivery

Whether you are a single entrepreneur or a fortune 500 company, we have the lowest cost solution to healthy, happy, and productive employees. Let’s decide together what is best for you.

Health Fairs and Wellness Consulting

We visit businesses each month to discuss the benefits of organic food and eating healthy. We would be delighted to discuss your needs and custom-build a program to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you want to try organic samples for all your employees or organize a company wide health and wellness fair, we are here to help.
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